Free Aesthetic Design Resources To Brand Your Business

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I'm definitely a FREAK when it comes to aesthetic design resources. What says 'freak' when you take the whole day to go on Google to search up to sites that give way to the best designs for your blog?

I know that there are plenty of sites out there that give away free design packs for designers and entrepreneurs, but I'm going to showcase sites that I usually use to get my resources from. Even half of these resources were used once on this blog and I loved it!

They will be listed in categories so you can go to the links that interest you or find your need.

I'm going to be listing aesthetic design resources that would be useful for branding out your business.

Grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right onto it!

Free Aesthetic Design Resources to Brand your Business

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Stock Images or Design Tools:


Have you seen those beautiful aesthetic stock images used from other bloggers on Pinterest?

Pixistock is an awesome place to get clean and feminine stock images, photographed and edited all by Alicia Powell.

I found Alicia on a Facebook blogging group forum and have been following her site ever since I found her. Definitely go sign up to her wonderful email subscription to get the latest monthly free stock images and the latest updates from her.

What more can I say? Her stock images are spot on and gorgeous!


Creative Market

Creative Market is the place where I got my current site theme and logo template.

I got my old theme - Aria from there (the theme template is no longer on Creative Market).

Update 21 September 2019: My current theme I got from CreativeMarket is called "Laura's WordPress Blog Theme".

This site has pretty much all the resources to pimp up your blog and business with the latest typography, site templates, images, themes and so much more!

This site is unlimited for all designers and if you can get some items for free when you buy anything on this site.

creative market


Design Love Fest

This is my most favourite site to get all my desktop wallpapers from.

Bri has desktop wallpapers from talented graphic designers and artists.

For the people who are Artsy or love abstract on their desktop/phone backgrounds once in a while.

design love fest

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Candidly Keri

Keri release wallpapers every month that includes quotes (to keep you motivated), aesthetic images and small calendars that keep you up to date on your desktop. Which means, no need to buy any more physical calendars anymore! (Just kidding).

candidly keri

Flip And Style

Even though Vanessa doesn't post a lot of resources or free wallpapers often, I would still use these freebies anytime!

Beautified with the colours of pink, gold, black and white, you can also use these wallpapers for both mobile and desktop.

The patterns include floral, simple plain and marble designs, all within the femininity design.

flip and style

Instead, I made some free desktop/phone wallpapers back then. Certainly, check them out:


I hope you enjoy these gorgeous resources for your business and remember to support the owners because, without these resources, we won't even make our life stunning!

These awesome free feminine design resources will help you brand your business. Use them now! #freebies #freestockimages #freeresources #graphicdesign #designresources #designer #design #branding #business #entrepreneurs

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~ Ellen