Moments That Basically Sum Up My Primary School Memories | Part 2

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Have you got embarrassing stories during your primary/elementary school years? Well I have and here's my funny and hilarious stories to share with you guys. Part two #school #embarrassingstories #hilariousstories #storiesfrommychildhood #childhood #primaryschool #australia #education #class #embarrassing

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Locking out the teacher next door

Our class was doing a project and everyone in my class was walking around the room a lot.

Since my classroom was connected to the next door classroom via the teacher‘s office, we were able to walk through without having to go around the long way.

Apparently, the next door teacher had locked her office in, so she was slamming the door for someone on the other side to open.

I stood up to look at what was making that sound and I saw the other teacher (and some of her students) slamming on the door to get someone from my class to open the door.

That time, I didn’t know what to do or how to open the door so I stood there staring for 5 seconds… Then walked back to my seat. Then some kid from my class got up and went to unlock the door to the other classroom.

That’s when the next door teacher walked over to our classroom and blamed me for not opening the door. Glad I didn’t get in trouble though.

Being left out during a sporting event

In grade 5, I had one day absent during a sporting event. Just my luck, I didn’t even get a chance to pick a sport I wanted to play.

Whenever the sporting event was on, I would be walking around the school doing nothing. And also trying to not get caught.

It was then that I told a teacher that I didn’t have a sporting event to go to so I just sat out or help pick up cones.

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Best server, easy game

In grade 6, we held another sporting event. I was in Newcomb ball this time. We were versing another school and I was the server (the person who throws the ball from the back lane). I served hard and the other team missed which scored a point for our team.

Got another serve which hit the ground again because the other team kept missing it. Kept serving, gaining lots of points for our team. Wondering if they were actually bad or my serving was powerful.

It was one of the funniest moments of my lifetime.

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First time seeing a fit

It was nearly the end of grade 6, the end of the primary year to go up to high school. It was our normal class day and suddenly one kid from my class started to have a seizure at an unexpected time.

The kid was shaking on the ground like a fish out of water, his eyes were far up showing only his white eyeballs and he was foaming at the mouth.

It was the first time I saw someone having a fit and it terrified me. I didn’t know what was going on because it was the first time seeing someone have a fit in front of me.

Our teacher told us to go to the library and so, I was excited because I loved going to the library. So my friends and I were skipping to the library.

I can still imagine the moment and it still disturbs me.

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Whoops, I ripped my dress!

During our grade 6 graduation, I was so excited and bubbly that day because one, I’m finally going up to high-school (which in fact, took my expectation the different way) and two, I won’t be seeing these b*tches again.

I was running with my friend to wait for my other friend when the end of my dress got caught on the door’s handlebars and ripped.

I ended up panicking but it wasn’t the end of the world. Since I won’t be seeing half these people again, I just couldn’t care less.

Even till now I found it so hilarious! Although, I should listen to my mum to wear the other silky dress so this wouldn’t happen!

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Lucky pick???

At the end of year 6, my school held a concert event. There was a prize winner with everybody in my whole school entered in the draw.

I told my friend who sat next to me that I would never get picked out and that it was impossible.

The moment the teacher picked out a random raffle ticket, my full name got called out. I was like in my head “wait… what??” and so the teacher called out my name again and my friends were trying to get me up so I could get the reward. I was totally gobsmacked that I even got picked out.


So that’s the final parts I could remember from my embarrassing primary school stories. Do you have similar childhood stories you can remember?

Have you got embarrassing stories during your primary/elementary school years? Well I have and here's my funny and hilarious stories to share with you guys. Part two #school #embarrassingstories #hilariousstories #storiesfrommychildhood #childhood #primaryschool #australia #education #class #embarrassing

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