Create Holiday Goals to Celebrate the Season

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It's nearly the end of 2019 and what better way to spend your time this Christmas holiday by creating holiday goals!

Have you heard of holiday goals? Let me clarify to you. In a sense, you have heard of new year's resolution, right? But of course, nearly every new year's resolution ends up with you forgetting all about it and never conquering those goals.

That's why I purpose to you a "holiday goal reacher". In this post, I'll tell you how you can easily set up your holiday goals.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

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Step 1 Learning How Holiday Goals Work

Before we get into creating your holiday goal, here's what you need to understand when planning your goals.

  • Holiday goals can only work between December and January, which is the holiday season.
  • Holiday goals can only end at the end of Jan - mid-Feb (pretty much when your holiday ends).
  • Once you created your list and finalise it, you can't change your mind when you start.
  • Holiday goals are not like new years resolution! These goals are time-limited (unless you want to continue with these goals, then do you).

Step 2 To Creating A Holiday Goal

When coming up for ideas on your holiday goal, you need to be aware of what YOU want to achieve within the time limit. These goals can be identified as "limited goals" because you're hoping to achieve them in a short amount of time.

For this, you're thinking of goals you want to achieve in 2 and a half months. So make sure you think of something good!

Also, you might also need to be clear and concise with what you want to achieve within those short months. It gives you the motive to know what you want to do. For example, "In these 2 months, I want to travel to Italy for 3 weeks and have a great time. I want to be able to experience the architecture and taste delicious foods like pizza and/or spaghetti".

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Step 3 Finding Ideas for Holiday Goals

If you can't think of a list for your holiday goals, then I got your back! I'm going to be listing some ideas that might inspire you to add to your list.

  • Go on a one day trip with your friends
  • Self-care for 5 days
  • Complete Christmas shopping before the time comes. If you haven't gotten a gift for someone yet, feel free to get them a special self-care gift at Simple Truths. They offer a range of self-love and productivity books as well as cards and more. Know one of your members wanting to start out a business but feel unmotivated to do so? They got that too!
  • Treat yourself with holiday treats (cookies, cakes, eggnog, etc…)
  • Travel to your favourite destination for 3 days - 1 week
  • Learn a new hobby within 12-14 days (or whatever your choice as long as it doesn't past the date)
  • Create 2-3 blog posts for the month
  • Journal until your end date
  • Try waking up early for a week
  • Meditate the moment you wake up until your due date
  • Spend time with family and friends during the Christmas/holiday break
  • Start hitting the gym or exercising for 30 days
  • Install healthy food into your meals
  • Volunteer. You can do this by donating your old clothes or looking to help the community
  • Take 2 days to organise your wardrobe

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Step 4 Finalising your Ideas

Now that you started a list and having a bunch of goals you want to achieve, you need to look through them and keep ones that you can do and take out the ones that you think you can't do.

The reason why I say this is people get overwhelmed with a large number of goals on their list and end up not achieving them at all! This is why I say, try to max your list with 6-8 goals.

Now that you decided to throw in the yes goals and throw out the no goals, you can choose 2 options on how you want to attend to your holiday goals.

  1. Start by organising your list in order from "what I want to do first" to "ending it with a sparkle!". This way you know where to start.
  2. Take it as a bucket list. Tick off the goals whenever you achieve that said goal.

You can use this planner to keep track of your holiday goals.

Once you completed the list and stick/cross off everything that you have achieved, it's time for...

Step 5 Treating Yourself

I know it's hard to keep goals and I know that some goals you can't exactly achieve. But the point of a holiday goal is to put your mindset in a place where you believe that you can achieve your goals (pretty much like a new year's resolution warm-up).

So you deserve a treat to yourself for completing your holiday goals. These treats could be self-care, shopping, yummy treats or just being in the moment and enjoying the time with your family and friends.


What are you waiting for? Christmas is nearly coming so start making holiday goals for the holiday season! Follow the tutorial steps in the post and start right now.

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~ Ellen