Dear Me A Year Ago

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Hey guys

A few weeks ago, I did a post called “A letter to my younger self from my past self” with a secret plot twist. Now, I got that from my private journal so now, I’m taking out something that I have been very subconscious lately. And it is this page that I wrote a “dear me” which was written in 2017 on the 1st of August to my 2016 self.

I’ve been afraid to let to post out to the public since it’s very personal to me but you guys seem to enjoy my letter to my younger self-post so why not share this one? We’re one big family after all!


Grab your tea or coffee, a snack and let’s get right on to it!

Dear Me A Year Ago


“Hey, Ellen? How are you? I’ve known you had some good times and some really rough times. But let me list some reasons on why those events happen.
1. You’re gonna leave public school. Not necessarily getting kicked out. No, you’re leaving for the better. You had your tough times during your years in senior. But you left for the better. Ellen, it’s been countless years trying to persuade your parents. You even skipped school to try and not pass. It’s your depression and anxiety but that’s ok. Being independent on your education is the best choice you ever made on yourself and I’m happy you didn’t give up your passions to pursue online school. Even though there would be noisy neighbours and noisy parents but it’s so well worth it. You get a flexible schedule and now you have higher grades and pay attention to class subjects.

2. You might have thought that the guy you were dating would be the guy you were going to marry but you did the right thing on breaking up with him. You thought that you were going to stay single forever right. You may have thought that but you, however, found the guy for yourself. A longtime friend of yours. You may have mistaken his sexuality but he has been crushing on you forever. This is the guy you feel comfortable in sharing your dark past, a guy so loving and tries to make you happy. A guy that can have a future with. He is the guy that you feel like marrying.

3. You may feel introverted and unsociable. You may feel sadden that your old friends from school are feeling more distance than you think. But you feel ok because you don’t have to deal with drama anymore. (*cough* sorry guys *cough*)

4. A change of heart in life. Remember times you were procrastinating a lot? Or the time you thought that life has no purpose. Well, you start to do research, your heart changed from bad to good and now you are grateful and happy. You’re doing you and you’re grateful for the things that you have in life.

But Ellen, today is the first of August right? The month where your birthday is coming up. You’re no longer 17 anymore. 18 is not as big as 20 but you feel old. This is the age where you turn into a young adult. A year where you can have your own debit card, drive by yourself. A year where you can be independent and follow your dreams.
So younger Ellen from 1 year ago, I’ll say happy birthday (for 21st) and achieve your dreams!
Help with the house chores, hang out with your family and work hard each day.

Remember, everything is possible.
So dream little and go for it!

From Ellen”


Hope you guys enjoyed it!

I want to bring in my 16-year-old self who was passionate about creating a blog and writing out a personal journal aka online diary. I’m still doing tips and advice on self-care, relationships, and blogging but I also want to expand my own wellbeing here and be more real with you guys.

79 - Dear Me A Year Ago

Anyways, if you enjoyed this, leave a comment and share it because sharing is caring right?

~ Ellen






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