Reasons Why 2018 Was A Good Year

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2018 was an alright year. I could say it was mostly bad but overall good.

And I had a very nice break at the end of the year. More refreshed and ready to improve my blog.

Let’s go back and take a look at the good and bad, the achievable and unachievable of my life that I want to share with you.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

Look, every year has it's up and downs. But 2018 was the year where I decided to change my life. Good karma! #2018 #highlights #yearinreview #highlightsof2018 #bestyear #newyears

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1. I graduated from online school (Year 12)

2. I hit over 100+ blog posts

3. I started taking self-care more seriously.

4. Gratitude journaling every day

5. Improving my makeup skills (kind of).

6. Finally completed my final exams (thank god!)

7. My blog is growing (and so is my Pinterest).

8. Start living the minimalistic life (but really, I mean my room decorating).

9. Start becoming more confident and unfollowed people that give me negative vibes.

10. Not giving a shark fins on what other people think.

11. Dying my hair red and embrace different.

12. Going out more during the weekends.

13. Exercising


1. I didn’t end the season in Platinum (League of Legends).

2. Spending so much money on unnecessary things.

3. Not going out and socialising as often.

4. Keeping my thoughts to myself instead of just saying it (like compliments).

5. Binge eating and eating unhealthy food.

6. Missing out on Dentist checkups.

7. Not going out of my comfort zone.

8. KpopKpop community or just Kpop in general.

9. YouTube (worst year for YT tbh) and YouTube Rewind 2018.

10. People in my life personally. Not them but what they are doing.

11. My ATAR score.

12. A lot of rejections.

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So those are my pros and cons for 2018. What are yours?

If you’re a blogger, definitely write a post of your year and link it in the comments if you want so I can read it!

You can also check out my 2017 year in review here.

I hope 2019 will be a great year to achieve your goals or hope for something new and positive.

Happy New Year guys!

Look, every year has it's up and downs. But 2018 was the year where I decided to change my life. Good karma! #2018 #highlights #yearinreview #highlightsof2018 #bestyear #newyears

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~ Ellen

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