Habits To Increase Productivity

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Ever wonder how you can increase your productivity? There are times when you have a lot to get down but then there are other times where you just don't feel like doing it or just have an addiction to a TV show you've been binge-watching on Netflix from the weekends.

You know that nearly everyone has been in a situation where they've check their phone and think that they might be missing out on some juicy news.

I've been in this situation just moments ago where I was expected to illustrate some more print designs for my store but then I looked up an old channel I use to watch and the next thing, I used my battery percentage of my tablet as an excuse (it was on 49%) to charge while I binge watch these videos for 2 straight hours!

Either way, you want to be able to get those things done but you have the habits of distracting yourself instead of just going ahead and doing your productive thing.

Here's how to increase your productivity habits.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Habits you should Choose to be Productive

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1. Eliminate Distracting Things

The first part to increase your productivity is eliminating distractions. If you don't eliminate these things, you could end up going on them for hours on end and the next thing you know, you haven't even been close to finishing your important stuff.

Get rid of things like mobile phones (especially mobile phones), tablets or pc (unless you need them, then read the next part), magazines, mirrors, video game consoles or your pets.

Now put those items out of sight where you can't reach or see it (note: not for pets) like on top of your cabinet, in your closet or bedside cabinet or out of your working space. For pets, you can close your door or if you have a smaller pet, you can go to a different area to be productive.

What if you're a phone addict?

I recommend using a blocking app such as Forest: Stay focused. This app can be used on your phone, tablet or your computer.

Forest is an app where you grow your own little plant and set a timer to NOT use your devices. If you successfully did NOT use your device, then your plant grows. But if you use your devices before the timer ends, then your plant dies. The more you use this app, the more trees you'll grow in your forest.

Another way is to turn off your notification and put your devices to silence. Based on your phone, you can do this by going to the tab and tapping on "Do Not Disturb" or just go to the settings of your device.

2. Don't leave your Social Media tabs on

I think one mistake that I did when I was going to do my schoolwork is leaving social media and sites like YouTube on in the same tab as my research tab. The next thing you know, I'm literally on that tab for about 5 minutes scrolling through and trying to find a new music playlist.

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So exit those tabs when you want to focus on your work or if you're playing music in the background and make sure you drag that tab out and minimalise it so you won't see it on your screen.

Remember, don't think about the "fear of missing out" on social media because it will make you want to open a new tab and go on it. Like the first step, if you can't help it, make sure to use an extension app that blocks those social media sites for the time limit so you won't be able to get on it.

3. The Pomodoro Method

Francesco Cirillo created this Pomodoro Technique method in the late 1980s. It is a technique where you set a long-timer length and add in short-timer breaks by using a tomato clock (jk) or an alarm.

I've been recently using this technique more often to keep me productive. As a person who is easily distracted and look up random things in order to waste time, I like to use this technique so I can feel much more productive and keep myself discipline while getting work done.

I kind of think of the time as a running time bomb (not intentionally). I do things in the short time span before the bomb blows up.  But yes, this is the way to be disciplined as well as using your time wisely.

4. Remove the "I will do it later" thought and just do it NOW!

Your mind might be thinking but, your body sure knows how to do things on their own. It's like waking up. Your mind is still in sleep mode but your body is getting up and walking on its own to the bathroom. Does this happen to you? So one advice is just don't think about it, do it.

If you're not motivated enough, you can always look up inspirational quotes, listen to those motivational podcasts, read motivational or successful books or watch motivational videos.

I think I said last time in one of my post that if I want to study, I always look up "studying videos" and that always makes me want to go and study ASAP!

Another way is to try and print those quotes or write them down on sticky notes and stick them on a surface where you can see it daily. That way, it's a reminder for you to do something and also it makes you feel good and grateful.

5. Schedule your Deadlines

How do productive people be more organised? Organised people are more likely to have a planner on their fingertips.

There are plenty of free or paid apps you can use to schedule your deadlines. Those apps I use to schedule my deadlines or make lists are Power Planner, Wunderlist & Trello. These apps are the most important and most-used apps that I use daily and they're a lifesaver when it comes to pinning down my blog ideas, groceries, school, essays due date etc.

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If you're not into the technology thing, then you can always use physical planners by Erin Condren. They're planners for anyone such as teachers, students like me and also bloggers, workers, and entrepreneurs like you.

The most important thing about these planners is their stability, organisation, easily fitted and prettified. All of this in one spot. Read my review on the Erin Condren planner here.

And what I recommend is setting the deadline one week earlier and keep a working routine. That way you're more likely to have ideas on what the deadline is, do the deadline earlier and finished before the real date. And the best part? you can have all the free time you want (who doesn't love free time?)

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6. Play Background Sounds

Lastly in this list to increase productivity is play ambient sounds. Some people I know have said that when they study, they get bored easily because it's so silent and it makes them want to fall asleep. That's why background sound apps exist!

If you're a person who hates silences (like me) or gets triggered by random background noises, try adding in instrumental music or white noises to your work routine. Make sure it doesn't have any lyrics or you won't be able to focus!

But hey, did you know that people are more likely to get their work done when they are in cafes or libraries? Research has shown that a moderate level of ambient noise, such as the clattering of plates and the whir of a coffee machine, improves performance on creative tasks as well as perform better when we have someone to compete with. I can see why I always get my work done when I'm in a library. I love a little competition!


These are 6 ways you can increase your productivity.

Do you have ways you increase productivity that helped you not procrastinate?

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