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Earlier in April and at the end of March, I definitely went on a shopping spree for 3 days straight. I even posted a picture on Instagram on my last shopping spree during Easter and WOAH, was it exhausting!

Have you ever shopped for a long time until you get cramps on your legs and all you ever wanted was to find a nearby bench or a place to sit?

After that shopping spree, I decided to just let the whole week rest since it's the holidays now in Australia (just kidding! I'm literally in the library typing this post up! Tell me about a break. Although I am happy to be feeling productive after a horrible night sleep).

As far as I know, I haven't done a haul on my blog before and I'm happily able to share what I got with you guys.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

The Reasons why I love Stationery and Beauty Products

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First stop, Sunshine Market.

My first-day shopping was at Sunshine Marketplace. We went on Good Friday of the last month, so the stores were closed except for the Asian markets so we weren't able to buy anything.

The only stores that were open were McDonald's, Village Cinemas (movie theatre) & Intensity (next to Village Cinemas where you got all the arcade games and win tickets etc).

My brother and I decided to stop by Intensity and play some arcade games and win tickets. Those tickets ended up with me buying 2 Wicked Fizz sticks (Cola and apple flavours) and a small bubble wand.


For the second day, we went to Costco. I'm pretty sure you guys have Costco in your country right? It's large merchandise full of products and services where you can find items even from different countries that are sold here in large quantities.

For Costco, I bought a Puma hoodie, buffalo chicken and crispy croissants (I ate them all, sorry!) I'm pretty sure my mum also bought other items from there but I literally forgot what they were.

Puma Hoodie

Third-Day: Highpoint

Lastly, the third day, which I will be showing you a haul of what I got. On the third shopping day, we went to my favourite mall in Australia, Highpoint.

Now here is where you can pretty much buy any luxury products or shops where you don't normally find near your hometown. Every time I come here, it's literally crowded!

It even has my favourite stores Samsung. This is also a great place to just hang out with your mates and chill as well as have a good time (kind of reminds me of that scene in Mean Girls).

You'll end up coming home with a handful of bags and your hard-earned money out of your bank account as quickly as drinking two cups of coffee (maybe that's just me on mornings where I don't feel like being productive).

Anyways, my mum, brother and I went exploring through different stores and looking at things like jewellery, handbags, clothes and more.

I'm going to show you a haul on what I got and from what shop as well as an honest review of each item (yes I did, however, test them all out once I finished taking photoshoots with them).


My first stop was at Typo, a stationery and gift store. I love going to Typo because of all the vintage and wowing stationeries there. Ok, just think of it like... Watching those artsy vloggers on YouTube with their special effects, handwritten subtitles while playing lo-fi music in the background.

A4 Blank Buffalo Journal ($19.00 rounded to $20).


I like the hardcover of this journal since it's pretty much leather-like material.

The paper is acid-free and light brown. It's great for sketching, writing, journaling and pasting in images (pretty much like a travel journal). Although, it's quite thin and if you're planning on painting or doing watercolour in it, then it's not the right type of paper to use it on.

I tried using watercolour in it and it makes these weird dots aka the paint digging through the thin paper (well duh Ellen, it's a journal after all, not a special paper to paint on).

I tried out sketches and using highlighters, and with the highlighters, you can pretty much see through it from the other side of the paper so I suggest using only one side unless you can cover the other page.

The journal also comes with a stick-on ribbon lace bookmarker so you'll be able to bookmark your latest page as well as the banner so you can lock in your book.

It's great, I'm quite happy with it although the problem was the cover which I find it rather plain (so does my mates). This was the only a4 blank journal that was sold in store along with other colours like pink but I think a suggestion would be to have like some kind of design on the cover like a floral pattern or a quote with a picture, you know what I mean?

Typo A5 Blank Buffalo Journal

Big W

Next store I went was to Big W, a store where you can get products like clothes, stationery, kitchen applicants, toys and much more. I bought pretty much 2 beauty-related stuff.
I got the:

Blushes Nudes by Maybelline eyeshadow palette ($15.00 special) (regular $25.00)

eyeshadow palette

Now, I do however have other makeup palettes but they were pretty much all bright, colourful, glittery and low cheap quality (I'm not the type of person to add really bright colours on my face). I saw this palette in the makeup section in Big W and thought "sure, why not?".

I prefer to use nude or natural colours because it matches my face and I do highly prefer settled colours. One thing I didn't realise was that it has glitter in them once I got home and opened them. I know, it's my fault for not checking them carefully but as long as they're nude colours, what could go wrong?

Tried it out and it blends well but not as well as those really expensive eyeshadow palettes. Oh yeah, the top light colour on the top left column is a great way to use as a highlighter so that's a bonus!

20 Foundation Wedges ($8.50)

FD wedges

I had to buy another bag of foundation wedges since I was running out of the wedges. The first time I bought them was also at the same store but at a different location. Definitely recommended item since I use them every time I'm applying foundation on my face.

It's a great way to be more controlled when applying on the foundation. It's small and can be compacted into your handbag without having much trouble trying to fit it in.

I'm not much of a person who likes to clean my makeup sponges after I use them so I use these instead so that I can just throw it away after I've finished using them.


The next stop was at Daiso, which was a Japanese store with everything that cost $2.80 (I'm not kidding!) Every single item in the store cost $2.80. This is one of my favourite stores to go to because I love Japanese stationeries and items as well as how cheap it is.

The first thing I got was:

Masking Tape ($2.80)


The masking tape was an inspiration from one of the past students in my art subject in school. She used cute and adorable masking tape to decorate her visual diary and I wanted to use masking tape to also decorate my visual diary.

There were adorable ones but I had to pick one that I was going to stick to. It was a comparison between the cats and the cactus and literally, cactuses are my favourite (so are my boyfriend) so I picked those ones.

When I first tried it, it didn't stably stick well on the paper. It was kind up peeling off by itself and I'm not sure if that happens with all masking tapes (this is the first masking tape I bought that has designs on them) so that was a kind of negative thing.

Another thing was that it can easily tear apart if you ain't slow enough when tearing it. But the positive side was the design and how it looked cute, especially the cactuses, polka-dotted backgrounds, and pastel colours. I wouldn't recommend buying these at Daiso but as long as you're careful when peeling the sensitive tape, then go for it.

Marker Pen- Pastel ($2.80)

pastel highlighters

Recently, I bought vibrant highlight markers from Officeworks but they kept drying out quickly. I saw these and thought they were really cute because they're pastel coloured highlighters and you know how much I love pastel colours!

So I picked them off and bought them. I mean, no one can have enough of highlighters, right? They're small which makes it easier to highlight my study pages and my small writings. I did some swatches in my journal and they looked like pastels to me.

However, the aqua highlighter looked like the blue highlighter so as long as you have good eye sights, you can pretty much tell them apart but from afar, it looks like blue and blue put together.

I definitely like using them and will be using them often when my exam studies come up or just highlighting things in general.

Eyebrow Pencil - Black ($2.80)

eyebrow pencil

My mum has an eyebrow pencil but the brush was like a sponge applicator applied on with eyeshadow or something that came with a small eyeshadow palette. Until I saw this, I was literally thinking "that's the one. That's the one I'm looking for!".

As you can see, the end is a swirly brush so that I'm able to shape my eyebrow shape. I was thinking of taking brown (for some reason) but I needed black to match my hair colour. I'm not one to fill in my eyebrows (I have once in the past and I looked awfully horrifying!) but I decided to start filling in my eyebrows because you know, my eyebrows are not naturally shaped.

Easily can rub off if you ever make a mistake when filling in the eyebrows and the brush is great for shaping your eyebrows to make them look like they're on fleek. Definitely made the right choice of buying this.

Art & Craft Riot

Lastly, I stopped by the store next to Daiso because I couldn't find a watercolour palette in Daiso. It's called Art & Craft Riot! so it's filled with art supplies and equipment.

The last time I went there, I saw this watercolour set which I was looking for to match my watercolour brushes but I was like, "umm maybe another time". But you know, if I needed it, I might as well get it.
I got a;

24 Watercolour Pan Set ($24.99)

watercolour palette

Filled with 24 colours, I don't think I'll need to be ever mixing pigment together and trying to find that exact colour! (just kidding).

I really didn't need the paintbrush in the middle of the set but it's all good. I'll just add that to my paintbrush collection. I tried my watercolours with the watercolour pan set and I definitely made the right choice in FINALLY getting this. Much easier than having to add a tub of watercolour paint and then having to clean up the mess I made afterward.

I haven't done a full experiment with it or did a comparison with my other watercolours so I'm not sure whether it's a nay or yay. However, I'm planning on using this set with my watercolour brushes.

Update: I tried the full set and am absolutely amazed at how well it blended together. I love how it looks than when I used the watercolour tubs. The set is great because you can just pick a colour and swatch it once to get the same amount of pigment on the brush. It made my watercolour paintings more realistic.


So that's pretty much my haul and what I did during the start if the fall holidays.

How was your holiday? Did you buy anything good? Let me know in the comments.

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