How Hating Sports In High School Changed My Active Life

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Do you love or hate Physical Education (aka sports) back in high school? I never liked PE when I was in school. Even in primary or secondary school, I always had an excuse to not do it.

I wasn’t fit either but I had a high metabolism that made me skinny even when I eat a lot hence why people thought I worked out.

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I want to tell you the reasons why I never liked physical education back when I was in school and also tips that you could probably tell your child who’s in school and hated gym class. Maybe you can relate to this stuff too if you hated sports.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

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I know the point about doing sports is that you will be sweaty and you absolutely need to change because then you’re going to be stinky in your school clothes (if you did it in first or middle period). But here’s the issue: I was absolutely lazy back then.

For me, I hated getting change in school. At my old high school, we didn’t have a “changing room” like those schools in America where you got the showers and locker rooms.

The thing is in Australia, we only had toilets and sinks in my public schools. It was horrible! It would be full and those who are self-conscious about their bodies would have to change in the toilet stalls which, half of them don’t have the toilet lids on it (disgusting!). If the stalls were full, we would have to wait and be late for class.

Tip: So if you have PE that day, make sure to wear your PE clothes underneath your school clothes so it will be much easier to change in under like 1-2 mins (and also not have your clothes fall in the toilet bowl eww).

My PE teacher would tell us that you’re not allowed to wear sports uniform underneath as it was not uniform policy. So if that happens to you, you can always wear a school jumper/jacket over it.

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Even though I was chubby back then, I was always self-conscious about my body (isn’t that a teen girl’s problem?). I felt paranoid thinking that my classmates judged my body and because I had more boys in my class than girls, it was more than a problem.

I wasn’t very comfortable with wearing shorts and t-shirts that showed my bare skin as I always wore a jacket or jumper every day to school. Although, I really wished I knew earlier not to care about people judging my appearance.

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Tip: No matter what your body image is, don’t care about what your classmates think. If your classmates or anyone else attacks you for your body image, you should ignore them or tell someone you trust about it.

Getting the last pick

Oh boy, I’m probably going to be embarrassed by this but whatever. We’re honest here, right? Even during primary school, I was always last pick (or my friends were) because we weren’t good at sport.

Well, to say the least, I couldn’t really care less about sports but it was also because I was a shy introvert who didn’t socialise well. So when it came to being picked in sports, I would always be picked last or 2nd last.

My classmates in high school were like friends with each other in the whole class except me and my friend at the time where we acted like we’re “better than everyone else”. That’s why I didn’t have that many friends in school because I am, of course, a high-end bitch lol.

Fun story: at the time we had a substitute teacher and it was a sports day, I was like the last person (yet again) to get picked but they didn’t pick me! (How sad was that?). I would be forgotten and I would just fake sickness just to get out of there and go home.

That’s why I hated sports. I was so embarrassed and my mind would tell me these ridiculous things like “no one likes me” or “I’m horrible at sports that no one wants me to be on their team”. It was suffering as a teenage girl with terrible self-esteem.

Tip: No matter if you get picked first or last, it is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD! I wish I had told myself “who cares if I got picked last?” because in reality, being the last pick will not do anything to your future. Tell yourself this and know that even if you got last picked, you still got picked into a team than not be picked at all! It’s sports, not a job interview.

Doing all the sports is a pain

Sorry but being extremely physical is hell! I hated it because I wasn’t fit so my bones and muscles would hurt so much after this period was over (soon to realise that that’s a good thing and should happen when you’re not fit).

Overall, I think my whole class was active so they loved sports except for me and my friends as we would always end up being a dead fish at the end. For example, we had to run around the entire school in 4 laps. The entire boys in the class and some of the girls would run the whole way, no stopping and my mates and I would literally walk the whole 2 laps.

Tip: Try to exercise as often as possible outside of sports. Even during recess or breaks. Go for a walk with your mates/classmates/employees or do it before you wake up. Try taking up a sports club after school.

Exercise is good for your body and makes you fit in the long run. If you don’t exercise often, you could end up suffering from illnesses and injuries in the future (and it’s great for your mental health!).

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That’s my experience back in school doing sports. Please don’t think of me as a victim in this situation as I am just telling my experience of why I hated PE so much (I’m over it now).

But you know what’s funny? Ever since I turned to online school, I decided to become more fit and active. I would practice some home exercises and even go out for long walks around my neighbourhood. We have an exercise bike that was given to us by a family friend and still use it to this day. Even until now, I still keep myself active.

So yeah, do you have experiences back in high school where you hated/loved physical education? Let me know in the comments.

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