How To Avoid Blogger Burnout

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Blogger burnout can be rough. So is running out of ideas! No one likes being burnt out. Not only bloggers receive this treatment but also artists, designers, entrepreneurs, businesses and anyone no matter how old you are can get burnouts.

Great timing because last week, I wasn't feeling like creating new content due to running out of ideas. That moment, I knew that I had to take a break and boy, did I come up with new inspiration for creating more contents. Just for one break! Whoops, I already gave you a solution.

If you're burnt out like candlelight, then here are my tips on how to avoid blogger burnouts.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Avoid Blogger Burnout

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Take a Break

It's ok to take a break from the blogging life (not for a long period of time though). A person cannot be consistent with blogging or they'll get really overwhelmed or lose motivation and ideas.

You could just spend a vacation or travel to paradise. Or be like me and just remove blogging from your life to focus on other stuff.

I took a break from blogging in March for two straight weeks to focus on my school work. Once that's done, I felt more refreshed with new ideas on topics I should write.

Just think of it as a relationship. A couple needs a break from each other once in a while or they'll drain! Same with studying. If you study too much, you'll end up getting headaches or stress leading to a bloody nose! I did a post on how to reduce stress.

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Say NO

Don't say yes all the time. Even if you feel guilty saying no, it's a good thing for your own health. If you're going to keep saying yes, then you'll end up stressed with a lot of things on your plate. And that is not a good thing.

Say you had a deadline to post 4 times a week but you run out of ideas on what to write or you have this important project that is due next week.

What would you pick? Trying to panic and find ideas on what to write or leave your project near the deadline? Try saying no (but not too much or you'll end up procrastinating) when you already have a lot of things in your life.

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Explore Nature

Bloggers like to stay at home in their office and write, write, write! If you're like that, then try going outside for a while. Go and walk in the neighbourhood, suntan in the sun or go to a café.

We surround ourselves at home in our small hut and never get out anywhere, leading us to be stressed or lack inspiration.

I found out that exploring the world around us helps us find inspiration for ideas as well as simply being grateful for the world around us.

You can also use this time to be mindful and take deep breaths while you walk (ignore the other people who stare at you and look at you weirdly).

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Go on Pinterest and get Inspiration

With Pinterest growing, the site has so many creative things on there that it is unlimited to not find something inspiring.

You don't have to go on there to find new blog topic ideas but you can also find other things like DIYs that you want to try out, fashion ideas, new recipes you should try out and so much more.

Every time I'm burnt out from writing new posts, I would always stop by Pinterest to look for new art ideas I want to explore and try out. Next thing you know, I'm fully happy and refreshed to go back to writing a new blog post again and also draw new things.

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Spend Time with Friends or Family

Don't try to isolate yourself when you're having a blogging break. Time is limited so make the most of it by spending time with your loved ones. You could always have a deep conversation, have a day out with your friends or just voice call them.

Whenever I feel alone, I always message my friends and ask to hang out or just play video games with since you know, I don't go to public school anymore. The feeling after that is unbelievably tiring (I'm an introvert, I know) but I always end up getting this adrenaline of relief.

You can also ask them for moral support about your feelings and emotional state if you feel like it's getting a hold of you.

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Try something New like a Hobby

If you're overly obsessed with making your blog a success, then you should defiantly get yourself to try something new. Why not do something different like finding a new hobby.

Cooking a new recipe could be an example. One of the hobbies that I like to include that doesn't consider blogging is drawing and playing video games.

I know blogging is also a hobby but try to find something else that doesn't include writing or doing research.

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Take a moment to realise Competition and Comparison is NOT an Answer

With many blogs out there, you know that it's going to be a competition. But realise that comparing your blog with other blogs is not good for your mental health.

You're trying so hard to be successful like them can cause you to go into a state of being burnt out and stress. Try thinking for a moment that comparing yourself to others isn't the answer. Again, the key to success is time but what is more important is your health and wellbeing.

You won't fall behind if you took a little break. Once you feel refreshed again, you're more likely to inspire new ideas and go on your way to where you left off.

I'm one to sometimes compare my blog to other successful blogs and I would end up working so hard that I end up getting burnt out. But I took a thought about what that is actually doing to my brain and change it into a positive way of inspiration.

Be Organised

Lastly to avoid bloggers burnt out is to be organised. Use a planner to set updates on when you should write, schedule or edit your blog post.

I use a physical planner by Erin Condren. If you're going to let loose and write whenever then you'll more likely going to get stressed out.

I like to use Fridays and Saturdays for blogging and always keep a schedule of the posts I need to write as well as when the scheduled post will be released.


Again, breaks are important. Try out these tips and once you feel refresh and replenish, you'll be able to go back to blogging!

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