Find Authentic Happiness With These 6 Tips

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Sometimes, authentic happiness can struct the moment you force yourself upon it. But you're reading this because you're unhappy right?

If you're feeling like you can't bring your authentic happiness to life, then continue reading as I will list 6 helpful tips on how to overcome sadness.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Bring Happiness to your Life in 6 Tips

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Meditation is one of the keys to self-care. Even if you tried to fit in a few 5-10 minutes daily, surely enough, you could feel 10 or 100 times better when you release the tension and stress in your system.

Meditation helped me so much during the days where I was really stressed with school and family-related problems. I'm a very tempered person so I get pretty angry easily but with the help of deep breathing, I can feel relieved, relaxed and calm.

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Who says hobbies don't spike your happiness?

There are so many fun things to do out there that it's impossible to run out of things to do. You could either have hobbies like travelling, writing a story, poem or letters, playing a type of sport (or many sports actually. You do you girl), playing video games, trying out new makeup looks and the list goes on.

My favourite hobbies are drawing, playing video games, listening to music and even writing blog posts.

You can also make your hobbies your profession and love what you do.

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It's awesome to let go of negative thoughts on paper. By journaling, it helps with putting all negative thoughts down on paper. I mean, I couldn't rant all that information to my friends since it was really personal to me.

I use to build up so many emotions and negative thoughts in my head that I really didn't know what to do with all that information. So I bought a small cheap journal and started to write everything that was on my mind, down on paper.

And guess what? All those negative thoughts and emotions started to turn into positive thoughts and relief which spiked my happiness. I was glad that all that information that was scrambled all onto that one journal, had left my mind.

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Who couldn't live without music? I hear many people don't listen to music and it just makes me wonder how they can live without it.

Music is one of those things that have a powerful effect on a human. A single lyric can affect a person's happiness and mood.

Everybody has a different type of genre they like. Even ones that have relatable lyrics can affect a person.

Whenever I feel down, I listen to upbeat Kpop or Lo-fi and it always makes me smile even when I don't want too.


Whenever I feel down, I always talk to my family or good friends who I trust. My family and I ain't really close but I like spending time with them since they like to chat about their past life and what they had experienced.

It makes me feel better when I have someone there to feel comfortable and enjoy life with but also there to listen to and comfort me. Even just spending a little time with them can turn your day from bad to good.

Give it a try. Talk to a family member or your really good friend and see your happiness spike.

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Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up! - Ann Bradford

I made a page in my journal that collects a bunch of inspiring quotes and whenever I feel unmotivated or depressed, I read it over and over again until I finally get to my senses.

There are so many quotes out there that suit your taste. You could even print some out and post them on your wall so that way when you wake up, you can always start out your day feeling like you're on top of the world.


All I want to say is, I hope you're having a good day no matter what happens. Try out these tips when you're feeling down.

You can read, watch, download more motivational quotes at SimpleTruths. They bring out the best in everybody, especially your own happiness and others' happiness. Send these as gifts and spread the love!

What's your tip on how to be happy?

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~ Ellen