How to Overcome Obsession with 6 Tips

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Is obsession a bad thing? Yes, it is and I'll tell you why in this post.

It can be really toxic when obsession takes over. I say this because chances are, it's taking over your reality. The more you isolate yourself with being obsessed with something that doesn't affect you personally, the more you become depressed and distracted from life.

When I studied Media back in online school, I learned about how media works and how television shows add "perfect and flawless" characters whilst magazine covers with photoshopped models makes it appealing for the audience's ideal crushes.

The more appealing and popular it is to the viewer, the more views, audience falling into the obsession stage and the more revenue they get.

Hence when you become addicted to a tv show. You want to learn more about them, fantasize about them and even create your own fan versions (fanart or fanfiction) of the tv show. Or even making it your social media profile pic and joining fan pages.

It doesn't have to be a tv show or a type of media. You could fall in love with someone, your ex or a celebrity for example. That's why it's best to only obsess for a while but then go back to focusing on reality.

Here are my ways on how I personally got over my toxic obsession and how you can too. Also, because you can obsess over anything, I'm going to restrict it as "subject".

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Conquer Obsession with these 6 Steps

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The week I spent sick with a dry cough or flu, I decided to take a break from blogging (I'm still sick but it wasn't worse than that week).

I didn't know what to do during that week. All I was doing was sleeping, taking medication and staying in bed binge-watching YouTube or reading webtoon comics.

It wasn't until I decided "Why not get back into Kdramas and Kpop?" During that time, I still listened to Kpop and watched some Kdramas from time to time but it wasn't hugely taking over my life.

Now I stopped obsessing over Kpop when I was in my last years of high school. I happened to forget about it after I transferred to an online school at the age of 16.

And for that whole week, I became really obsessive over Kpop.

But this isn't the first time I started obsessing over stuff. I did the same thing in the past with Tekken, Steven Universe, RWBY and so much more.

But, it wasn't until Sunday that I knew I had to snap out of it and focus on reality. So here's what I did.

Talk to friends who aren't involved in the subject

I found out that it was more helpful to text or talk to a friend who isn't into the subject. Literally, talk about anything with a mate helps you distract yourself away from the subject and puts you back into reality.

Whilst at the time I was being obsessive, I isolated myself and avoided contact with my friends (but that's because I was sick and had a mega headache at the time).

I snapped out of it after the break and began texting my friends. I talked with them about my obsession with Kpop/Kdrama and they understood and told me their story of being obsessed.

Then we decided to talk about something else and it really helped me get my mind off the subject. It helped me feel relief for telling someone about it.

Focus on different hobbies

As I said, I did take a break from blogging that week. Even though it's good to take a break from blogging, I really did miss writing blog posts.

As of now, I'm focusing more on my blog rather than the subject itself. When I write, I decide to stick to lo-fi background music instead of Kpop.

The thing is, it's best to try different hobbies as a good way to move away from the subject. As well as making it a distraction.

It's like trying to get over a breakup. The best way to get over it is to try new hobbies or continue back to the hobby that you use to enjoy.

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Watch different videos on YouTube

I have over 200+ videos in my watch later list that I need to watch. It really helps to also watch different types of videos that don't involve anything to do with the subject for example, for me, I watch cooking, makeup or just drama commentary.

For me, Kpop or Kdrama was one thing that I needed to avoid. But also, it was hard to avoid it because coincidently.

Emiru posted a video called "The K-Pop Hole" which related to my own situation (how do YouTubers even know my life?).

Try deleting the videos related to the subject in your history list. When you see it on your homepage, you should be able to click the 3 horizontal dots next to the title of the video and click "Not interested".

Go out

The thing is, you can't just stay in all day trying to avoid thinking about the subject. You know, because the only thing you can do when you're alone is isolating in your house, thinking about that tv show or ex.

When you're outside or in a different place, you're away from where the subject is. What I mean is, you're in a different location where it doesn't remind you about the subject. You're also surrounded by different people and also become a part of reality where you're aware of your surroundings.

The fastest way for me when it comes to avoiding Kpop is going out and spending time with my fam or hanging out with my mates. I can't stand staying in my house all week.

I feel like I've said this before in another blog post, but I often go out shopping on weekends with my fam because staying inside my house became toxic for me. Shocking right? (Ambivert here with social anxiety!).

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Write everything down about the subject in a journal

Writing your thoughts down help with pretty much anything. With many of my past posts, I always mention that journaling is like a self-care routine.

It "declutters" your mind so that you don't have to think and get overwhelmed about the subject.

For me, I wrote everything I could think about down in my daily journal (not so daily anymore since I tend to skip days).

Once I jot down my thoughts and feelings about the subject, I close the book and feel a sense of relief. Plus more space for newer thoughts.

You try it out and see how you feel afterward. And remember, you can pretty much write about anything and not feel ashamed because you're not sharing it with anyone!

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Avoid the subject

This last part is important. Avoid anything related to the subject. Unfollow the subject on any type of social media and/or site (or just avoid social media for a couple of weeks).

If you have posters of them, take them down, bookmarks on your browser, delete it, photos of the subject, move them to the "achieve folder".

Try your best to avoid it. Sometimes, it's impossible to avoid it when it keeps popping up. The best thing to do is shut your laptop, turn off your phone and do something else that can be physically done like cooking, decluttering, reading a book, taking a stroll or self-care.

You can always try out my 30 Days Love Yourself Challenge if you're new to self-care.

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I want you to stop and think, focus on reality and your life. I need you to make a goal on what you want to achieve for the future. You can also write your goals in your planner, that way you can focus on it daily.

Try out these tips I've mentioned and don't forget to check out Simple Truths for more ways on how to stay motivated and self-love yourself.

The real truth behind obsession is scary. It's alright to become obsessed once in a while but can you really face taking away reality? Find out now. #obsession #mentalhealth #mentalillness #selfhelp #truth #dark #reality #obsessed #interest

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