How to Handle The Noisy Neighbour Problem

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Have you ever suffered from noisy neighbour problem aka nightmare neighbours? I mean, if you stumbled upon this post then you know that you're trying to find a way to block these noise nuisance.

But let me exclaim you the types of  noisy neighbour problem out there depending on your circumstances.

There are neighbours who are the type of people who are not aware that they are creating unreasonable noises.

I am not saying every noisy neighbours is disrespectful but if you have bad luck, then you'll probably end up with those who are aware and just don't care like my ones.

Anyways, here are tips to workaround the noisy neighbour problem.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Disadvantages of Noisy Neighbours and how you can Workaround it

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So I have a reason why I'm writing this 'noisy neighbour problem' post. A few weeks back, my neighbours have been playing karaoke nearly every week. Just imagine yourself at home, trying to study or do your work until a blast of Asian Vietnamese music starts coming through from the left side of your house. Yep, that's me.

Every time I try to study for the end of the year, I constantly hear the thumping of the floor and the loud music in the air (ah don't forget their horrible singing).

I mean, nothing against my own culture (I'm Viet if you haven't known yet) but I bloody hate Vietnamese music. I would absolutely be fine if it was something else like Kpop, American music or even Indian music for all I care of. But hearing Viet music every single time (from my parents who put their music on blast) is absolutely nerve-wracking.

I had so much to deal with them that I couldn't take it any longer. My anxiety was getting the best of me because I hate having to think about the future and having to listen to their awful loud music.

So what did I do?

I decided that I had to call the police and the local council on the 21st of June and they were spot on about it (and polite) because I felt like calling them was overboard. However, I did mention in my older post that we tried talking to them but they were so ignorant about it.

One embarrassing thing I knew that I did wrong was incorrect the house address of both my neighbours on the other side of us. Which I then realised and had to call them back to tell them that I accidentally said the wrong location of the awful people next door to me on the left.

Anyways, the local council will come back and do an inspection on them so I hope that works out or I'll be very pissed off about it. I have a right to live in my house without any disturbance but apparently, they don't know what "disturbance" is when they clearly just think of themselves instead of others.

So that's my 'rant' or story about my noisy neighbour problem. Thanks to them, this also gave me an idea on how to deal with them in a situation like this if you're suffering like me.

1. Talk to them in person (if they're not ignorant)

Before going overboard as I did, try walking over to their door and asking them to turn down the music or make a schedule on when or when not they can their thing.

If they're kind and understanding about it, then they will agree to what both of you've discussed. If you live in an apartment, you can also slip a note under their door to keep it down.

Some advice when trying to talk to your neighbour is to try and understand as well as be mature about it so you don't make an enemy out of the next-door neighbours (my parents clearly didn't do that). If they're ignorant and start cursing at you or you both get into an argument, then try these other options.

2. Wear noise-cancelling headphones or ear pods

Can't stand their music? Try considering into buying noise-cancelling equipment so you don't have to lose your mind.

I have my gaming headphones and always used them when my fam is being noisy or the neighbours continue to blast their karaoke music which always helps way better but not a lot when you want quiet.

Here's an advice, when your neighbours are noisy during the day, wear your headphones or ear pods and do things that will distract you. That way, you can forget that they even blasted their music or machinery and afterwards, you get through that whole situation.

But what about when you're trying to sleep at night and they blast their music or make noises at 3 AM? The same situation but by using white/brown or pink noises, you can block out those sounds.

3. Blast music back at them or screw with their stereo

Ok maybe if you're techy, you can have a bit of fun by connecting their speakers with your pc with some type of Bluetooth or technology equipment and play around but I wouldn't suggest that unless you're evil.

But, if you're already evil and already fed up, then you can return the favour by opening your window and blasting your music back at them. See how they like it.

One problem about these situations is that you may be disturbing your other neighbours, you might get the cops on you or you'll probably be the one embarrassing yourself in front of your fam.

So, if you want to blast your music, hold a party with the other neighbours. (But I wouldn't recommend this option unless you're well aware that you're giving back karma to them).

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4. Go someplace else away from the music

My neighbours usually blast their music in the daytime (when I'm working) or in the afternoon. So, sometimes when they do that, I usually change into my workout clothes and go out, take a breather (away from them) and go for a walk.

It's pretty clear that this is much better than staying inside the house listening to their obnoxious music while you can either listen to the quiet, nature and traffic noises or take your mind off them by chilling with a friend. It's also an excuse to get out and leave the house for a while.

If it's in the night, you can go for a night jog, go to the GYM or stay out at a friend's place.

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5. Call the police or your local council

Just to be sure that if none of these pieces of advice work, then I suggest calling the police or your local council. Be sure to do your research online to which number to call and also check the noise rules/laws in your state.

Even if it's out of the noise law and it's still causing a disturbance to you and your mental health, then I would still recommend calling them.

When I called them, they were very friendly about it and the cops did come to check. So don't be alarmed that you're "overreacting" because you're not. You're doing this for your own benefit as well as their other neighbours so be grateful of that.

But, there are some cons to this. Sometimes, like my neighbours, the police only check on them once and off they go, leaving the neighbours to go back to blasting their music. They only care when the cops are there and they don't care when they leave.

However, if the police do here them blasting their music once they're about to leave, then they get a fine on a spot (the currency is based on your location). And girl, I heard my neighbour complain about a $100 - $200 fine which gave me a small smirk.

For the local council, they will write down your problem and reasoning as well as give you a reference number then call you back in a few days to see how you're going.

They will recommend you to keep a log so you can give them some evidence on how long they've been doing this for etc. Next time they come, they will want to check your log and monitor the sound check for the neighbours.

6. Go to court for complaint (and bring evidence for your log)

My parents have been going on last year about going to court with them due to their consistent machinery and loud karaoke. But still, it will cost a lot and you have a 50 in 50 chance of winning or losing.

But if you're willing to do it just to keep them quiet, then I really would do the research first before taking it up to the courts.

More evidence and good reasoning = a higher chance of winning your case.

7. If all doesn't work out and they don't give a fudge, then move to a new place

I would prefer this option if you're losing sleep or you're already given up on them as your mental health has already gone to the top of the meter.

If you're not financially stable to move then there isn't really that much of a choice of just dealing with them. But, if you're lucky enough like me back then, they will move out (I'm still waiting for this one to move out) and you would be free from all those nuisances!

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So there are my tips for dealing with noisy neighbour problem. If you got noisy neighbours or in the same situation as I am, let me know in the comments so I don't have to feel alone in this situation.

Also if you're the noisy neighbour, what's your side in the situation? I want to hear it.

What's it like to live with a noisy neighbour? Hell. Here's my experience with living with multiple noisy neighbours. #noisyneighbours #neighbours #neighboursfromhell #lifestyle #storytime

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