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Hey guys

It’s hard when you’re starting your own business from the beginning.

You have questions like “how do I find my audience?” “How do I get my products seen?” or “How do I get my audience to click and buy the product?”

That’s where Pinterest comes in handy. Pinterest is the best search engine site to get your products to where your customers are. I love using Pinterest when it comes to sharing my brand-new print designs on Redbubble and it’s also helpful for those Etsy sellers too!

But, what is Pinterest? Well, don’t mistake Pinterest as a social media site because it’s actually a search engine like Google (WOW). That site is a place to share new ideas, blog posts, helpful things, recipes, beauty, fashion, DIYs and so much more! Ok, let’s just say that place is like a fairy tale full of bright and pretty ideas. I use this site to get my art ideas pretty much (thank god for sites like this amiright?)

But how will you be able to share your brand-new products on Pinterest? Well, I’m going to be sharing with you my SECRET tips when it comes to letting your product be known as well as selling them off.

Get your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right onto it!

How to Drive more Traffic to your Store using Pinterest

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliates. I earn a compensation if you purchase the product. I do not add affiliates that I do not like or approve on. You do not have to purchase the items but I would absolutely appreciate it if you do!*

Simple and Beautiful Pinterest Graphics

Who would want to click on a product that is all dark, dull, complicated and has nothing to do with the product? That’s why you simply create beautiful and outstanding images to get your audience’s attention.

Pinterest is all about the beautiful, pretty & neat images and if it doesn’t stand out, then your audience will just scroll past it.
Also, if your image is full of random objects while your main product is small and hidden away, then what is the purpose of selling your product in the first place?
Make sure to make your product be seen as well as putting it as the main focus to let your audience know what they are clicking on.
Maybe try to be minimalistic and use a light pastel or white background so it wouldn’t become a distraction.

Don’t know how to create beautiful Pinterest graphics for your post? Definitely check out one of my post (after you read this of course) “How to Create Pinterest Graphics”.

Descriptions and Hashtags

Recently, I found out that descriptions and hashtags are important to get your audience to repins or make them click on it.
Well, for one, you need to let your audience know what the pin is going to be about! For example, if you pin an image that has food (with no description) but in the actual post, it is actually something to do with well fashion (does that even make sense?) then you may get lots of views and clicks but you wouldn’t get any sales for that product you’re trying to sell.

Make the product something that you want your audience to buy like a solution that needs to find an answer. Something that will bring in a reason for your audience to buy it.

And remember, if you want it to get noticed, add a few hashtags like “home decor, mug, stationery” etc so they can see it when they search it up.


Consistency is key when it comes to wanting to sell your products. You got to have the passion to make it work or you’ll end up having to quit and waste your invested money.

If you have more products and items, then your items will be easily seen since your audience know that your brand has more products rather than just one.
With consistency comes with hard work, time, effort and a lot of sharing. However, you might be shocked because you have other things like a full-time job, children to take care of, studying for exams etc. Don’t worry, there’s an easier way to be consistent but in a cheap and easy way.

Tailwind is your key to business success.
But what is Tailwind and how will it bring you to getting those customers?

Tailwind is a scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram where you can set up a date and time that will automatically post on the date you chose.
Oh yeah, did I forget to tell you that their Smart Scheduling Tool makes sure they suggest the best time for you to post to get your audience’s attention AND they also have a browser extension to make it easier for you to quickly post and queue in your post without having to take the long route of going on their website and having to manually add in the page.

If you really need help on Tailwind, the Tailwind crew is really there for you (and no, they’re not robots, they’re real people!) So, you get the full support on your questions that need to be answered.

Get Tailwind here

So, how do you use Tailwind to help you with your business?
1. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox or any type of browser, make sure you have the Tailwind extension installed so you can easily schedule your pins.
2. Now make sure you pick a pin from your store that you want to sell that looks pretty.
3. Add a description (solution or your story on what made you create your product) to get your audience hyped on the product
4. Pick a group board that has a large number of followers or lots of pins but also check if they allow product and affiliate pinning as well!
5. Now click on “schedule” to pin automatically based on the time you set.

6. You can set a time by clicking on “Add / Remove Time Slots” under your schedule and customise it however you want.

You can also schedule other pins under “Drafts” so that you don’t pin only your own ones!

And that’s it! You’re on your way to getting your product out there and being Pinterest smart on your products. And good luck with succeeding your store!


99 - How to Drive more Traffic to your Store using Pinterest

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