How to Face Hurdles in Our Lives and Overcome Them

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The fact is, life hurdles is never going to be easy. And that's the truth. It may look like everyone is having the time of their lives on social media, through TV shows you watch or your friends and family.

However, the problem is, we only show people what we want them to see, and the reality is that the struggles people face inside remain hidden and close to their chests. Many issues you may be facing right now are likely to be more common than you think.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can overcome hurdles or other common issues in your life.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

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Here are life hurdles you should be aware of. Addiction can be something that we all face from time to time, and so you may be more aware of this than you might want to admit.

It can be something very harmless, for things like chocolate or sweets, but addiction can develop in other areas such as sex addiction, alcohol, drugs, etc.

It often has more to do with your current state of mind and that you may have an addictive personality where you want to experience these things more.

If you or someone else that you know feel that you are fighting addiction in any area, it is always worth seeking out for help and advice to come up with the mental tools to deal with them.

Depression and anxiety

Your mental health is something that can be affected when you least expect it. You can struggle with different things going on in your life such as grief, traumatic experience/s, or problems that can lead you down the road of depression and anxiety.

It may start with more negative days than positive ones, but it can progress into not wanting to leave the house and lead to a very pessimistic approach to life.

Thankfully, there are so many tools and methods that you can try to help you overcome anxiety and depression in your life.

Here are some posts that can help you overcome these negative psychological disorders and other related posts:

Financial problems

Financial strain can hit us anytime in our lives. And sometimes, you think to yourself that you can't avoid these financial hurdles. It can be brought on with a sudden change of circumstances like a pay reduction or a loss of a job, and it can bring into your life incredible stress.

I know what you're probably thinking. Money can't make us happy and that is true however money is essential to life, there is no hiding from that fact. We all need money in order to survive in this world.

It doesn’t make you happy, but it makes life easier. Look at what happened to Christopher McCandless? (If you haven't watched or read the book, Into the Wild, you probably should).

Instead of worrying that you are under financial strain accept that it is more common than you realize. There will always be an answer and a solution to overcome it, but the worse thing you can do is bury your head in the sand with it.

Relationship issues

Finally, relationship problems can also be a big issue for you and as this person is a big part of your life it can impact you in many ways.

Relationships are there for you to enjoy, feel supported and loved. But they can also be bad for you if you are with the wrong person. For example, being with a person who can manipulate you in a relationship in order to doubt their own sanity (aka gaslighting).

If you notice that things are not right, make sure you take the time to work on it or make the big decision to walk away from it. It can be hard to do that as you are under the impression. Get some support from that outside of your relationship (such as friends or family).


Let’s hope to highlight some of the common issues we all face will help you to feel less alone when you're going through life hurdles. Whether it's addiction, depression or anxiety, financial problems or relationship issues, always find a solution and have support.

How to Face Hurdles in Our Lives and Overcome Them #lifechallenges #lifehurdles #overcomingdifficulties #lifestyle #challengesinlife

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