Free Ways To Find Content Writing Ideas

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Since we're ALL humans, we can sometimes come to a stumble when it comes to finding ideas for writing content.

To tell you the truth, pretty much all writers end up being unmotivated to write. This doesn't mean we're not passionate, we're just burnt out of it.

The ideas we had? Well, we still have em but we're just not thinking right.

So let me ask you something...

  • Are you stuck in a writing block?
  • Are you burnt out from writing content that will lead you to the lack of motivation?
  • Do you feel like you need more exploration ideas for new blog posts?

If you're 1 or more of those things, then I want to share with you a pretty decent plan on how you can find the motivation to write again.

Oh! Did I mention that these resources are free too?

No need to spend money out of your pocket to find motivation when there are plenty of ways to get inspiration for no money at all.

Let me share with you content ideas for writing your next post.

Note: Please don't try to copy other content writers. Use these ideas as YOUR inspiration only!

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to find Motivation to Blog for Free

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Pinterest is a wonderful site where you can find ideas for writing content. This site is my number one thing to go to when looking for new post!

If you know me, I'm pretty much a 'Pinterest obsessed' (ok not really). But, this is my number one thing when it comes to finding motivation.

I get nearly all my ideas from here. Yes, it's actually true. Since I manually pin (sometimes) every night, my feed is filled with many different posts that are in the same niche as me.

Of course, like Google & YouTube, Pinterest recommends the posts that you might be interested in from the things you pin. And even the people you follow as well can give you great ideas for future posts (just make sure you don't copy their actual post)!

I've also created a post on Pinterest Groups you should join to grow your traffic (I promise you that I will update that post once I completed other blogging stuff!) Link Here.

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Facebook Groups

Without Facebook Groups, I wouldn't be able to gain new readers who are in the same niche as me but also communicate and collaborate with other content writers.

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But you're probably thinking "how do I get motivation from FB groups?" Simply like Pinterest but without the mega visuals, you can join threads and look for ideas from there.

Here's how to do it

  1. Apply for an FB group (and make sure to read the rules).
  2. Wait until you've been accepted and join a daily thread, for example, Click Through Threads.
  3. Wait a few hours or the next day if you want more ideas.
  4. Then read the thread rules, and do what is expected of you.

But here's the click. While you're clicking through other threads, you can gain inspiration and ideas from different types of post. You don't have to click-through it, for example, you can read the post, comment and share it as well.

Here are some FB Groups I recommend you join:


I'm not really a big fan of forums but they are useful for finding ideas and new topics to discuss. Sites like Reddit, for example, can be a big help when it comes to looking for content writing questions and other related topics.

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I use to use sites like Reddit for sharing my blog post until I released that you can't just spam your blogs. So if you're using Reddit, make sure you share other blog posts as well etc and like FB groups, follow the rules. They're also a great way to create discussions and communicate with other bloggers.

Here are forum sites that I recommend:

And because I'm not a pro at forums, here's a site where you can find more forums:

Quora or Q&A sites

I use to answer so many questions on Yahoo answers.

yahoo answers Ellen

Here's the proof

No shame to say, Yahoo answers was my thing back then… like 7 years ago. I should probably make a future post on my cringest Yahoo answers Q&A but that's not the point here on this post.

People have questions and if you have the answers, you can take advantages of those questions and make it into a blog post. This is the quickest way of finding ideas.


I just recently made a LinkedIn account for business, job and blogging purposes. But since you can join other niche groups and share blog posts, you can look for ideas from there on out.

Once you use LinkedIn a lot, you'll get used to using it (not like me though).


Ah, the historical way of finding motivation and still is today. Reading helps you gain knowledge of information but also gain ideas and learn from what you're reading.

I was reading an ebook on social anxiety in the last month or so and got my inspiration to write 5 Things You Should Do When Coping With Rejection from just a simple passage about rejection.

Simply, when ideas pop into your head on a new post, just highlight the passage and get back to it when you run out of ideas to write. You could also use the information like your backup sources for your post.

Personal Life (Friends & Family)

Not just friends and family can spike inspiration, but also the people around you and the things you do in reality. That's how I ended up writing content about my neighbours, ex-friends & bullies back in primary school.

Things that happen to you in real life can spike up a reason to write. That's probably why lifestyle and travel bloggers exist.

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But when you're writing something that happens in real life, just make sure to NOT include sensitive information that you don't want to share on the internet.


Every time I listen to music, my motivation always spike up. With what someone else has created could be a reason for you to create and relate.

For me, music like Kpop and Lo-fi helps me write blog posts but also gain ideas from it.

Try lying down on a bed, listen to music, podcast or an audiobook and let your ideas come flowing in (just make sure you don't fall asleep).

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Try these out in any order and see what helps you create a fresh batch of evergreen content.

You can also find out how you can find motivation within your life.

And, if you want to find out more about motivation, check out these other sites:

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~ Ellen