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Hey guys


Ever feel like you lack that energy to not want to do anything?



All you ever want to do is lie down in your bed, with your phone next to you, your laptop on your stomach and a bag of chips next to you?



I gotcha back!

Here are some motivation tips for anyone who needs to study or work (and it’s Zyrakuma approved!)


So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

10-how to get motivated to study or work

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Go on Inspirational Sites

These sites/apps have many beautiful images to get you feeling inspired.

Go and look up motivational quotes.

If needed, print some out and stick them in front of your desk or around your room. Pretty much somewhere you can see it clearly, every day.

Or even try to make a photo display on your wall?

You can also try looking up dream jobs or goals.

Search suggestions: office, desk, study, motivational quotes, life quotes, goals, dreams, vintage, bright.

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Make a Vision Board

What is a Vision Board (you may ask)?

It’s a group of images, affirmation, photographs & pictures related to your goals or dreams. It will make you motivated to reach your goals.

This is one of the top things that make me feel motivated to study.

You can make it however you like. It can be colourful, pretty, neat, minimalistic etc.

You can also be extra and add fairy lights around your board.

As long as it doesn’t distract you or make you feel stress, then you do you girl.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to make crafts or don’t have a printer, you can also use Pinterest and create your own vision board. Make sure you set it to “private”!

zyrakuma's vision board

If you need inspiration & ideas, search ‘vision board’ on Pinterest, Google Images or Tumblr.



Watch Videos

Once you see someone’s success, you feel the need to want to do something (depending on the person).

Try watching videos by Be Inspired or Ted Talks if you need motivation or inspiration.

These channels will help you bring your spirits high and learn experiences from successful entrepreneurs.

Another way is watching something that inspires you like Casey Neistat or vlogs that relate to your dream career (filmmaker, scientist, teacher etc).

Imagine you trying to be in their spot.

I like to watch teacher vlogs since they are so informational and colourful. Even though I don’t want to be a teacher, I still watch them anyway since they’re so bright and positive.

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Who says you have to stay inside and try to get yourself to do work?

Exercising is important for your mind and body.

Go for a 15-minute walk or do some yoga.

Get your muscles moving! It will surely wake you up.

Every time I come home from a walk, I always feel wide awake and motivated with the adrenaline still racing in my body.

Plus, who wouldn’t want a fit body?



Read a Book

If your mind is dead (sarcasm), wake it up by reading your favourite book.

It will help you expand your knowledge & creativity.

An app or site I use to read free books creative by anyone is Wattpad.

But mostly, I read my books from Kindle. Android | IOS




Being messy is a no-no when you want to actually sit at a desk and work or study.

Did you know that if you have a messy study space, you feel more stress?

Did you know that if you have a messy study space, you feel more stress? Click To Tweet

Try to declutter your space once or twice a week using your spare time.

It will totally make you feel like you really want to do something productive.

And hey! At less, you don’t how to waste your time looking for something you really need under those piles of paper and books.

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Lit up Candles

I suggest getting your favourite scented one.

The smell will make you feel relax and stress-free.

Plus doesn’t it look so cool flaming gently?

I currently have apple + vanilla and Fig & Papaya scented candles on atm (my favourite is the Fig & Papaya).


Play Music

If you feel that silence can cause you to fall asleep, have no worries!

There are different sites and apps like YouTube and Spotify to keep you awake.

Listen to music that has different lyrics (like kpop or Spanish music), lo-fi or instrumental/classical music.

It might not be your style.

I’m going to be honest, here, listening to music in your language or bopping music will make you distracted.

Search Suggestions: chill, study, café, jazz, bossa nova, relaxing, piano, BGM, jazz, instrumental, lo-fi hip-hop

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Schedule a Planner or Timetable

Do you know how a person becomes successful?

It’s planning.

You get to see what is on schedule, when your project is due and what the time you have to spend on that project.

You can create a habit out of it, consistently being productive and planning early.

It is also helpful for you bloggers out there trying to post on a specific date for your audience.

The app I use for my timetable is Power Planner.

This is a great app to keep track of what I need to do and when my school work is due, what day I need to post a blog or YouTube video.

Check out the Erin Condren or Emily Ley physical planners if you want to have something pretty to look at when you wake up! It’s a great way to keep productive and motivated.


Set a To Do List

Setting a To Do List is great so you can see what you need to do today.

I use apps like Trello & Wunderlist to organize a To Do List.

I use Trello pretty much for ideas for blog, digital drawing, YouTube videos & school week tasks.



For Wunderlist, I keep a weekly scheduled To Do List, goals and a grocery list.


Two of the apps can allow you to add other people if you’re doing the same projects or pretty much anything!


Drink Coffee/Tea

I love drinking my two favourite beverages in the whole entire world.

#coffee & #tea is the best thing in the world! Can't live without. Click To Tweet

Especially in the morning, when the sun is out and you’re sitting in front of your desktop.

Have a snack along with it if you feel the need to crunch something along with your favourite drinks (because it’s bad to drink coffee alone). 

Don’t crash yourself on coffee!

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Take a nap

Feeling tired?

Try taking a 15-30 nap and have an 8-10hr sleeping schedule.

The time you wake up, your brain will feel refreshed and ready to do some work!

I use the app SleepyTime so see whenever what time I should sleep and when I should wake up.

Plus, once you pick that time, it sets an hour right into your alarm!

sleepytime app


Think about your goals

Try visualizing your goals.

Ask yourself “why do you want to achieve that goal?” “What is the purpose?”

You need to be aware of what you’re doing is going to affect what you do in the future ahead.

So don’t give up!

Sometimes we may burn out or you feel exhausted. That’s Ok!

Try exploring something new that you might enjoy.

Be that person out of all the unproductive people to be successful.

Be that person out of all the unproductive people to be successful. Click To Tweet

Everytime you do your work, it will effect your future!

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Reward Yourself

Don’t try so hard on yourself.

Give yourself a little reward in the end after you finished the day of work.

Not everything can be completed in one day.

Examples are watching your favourite movie, eating fruits or chocolate, relax in bed, draw a picture.

Anything that you feel hopeful and excited for.


Take breaks

Remember, don’t overwork!

Overworking will get your more unmotivated to go on and will mentally drain you.

Try to take breaks from time to time. At least a 5-15 minute breaks every 25mins -1 hr work.


Be Disciplined

Try and always discipline yourself.

Put away things that distract you and stop procrastinating.

If you want to get out of the habit of procrastinating and achieving, be responsible and take action in your own life. Think to yourself “I need to finish this. If I don’t, I won’t get to where I want to be”.

“I need to finish this. If I don’t, I won’t get to where I want to be” Click To Tweet


“Just Do It”

Yes, sometimes you make excuses “oh I’ll do it tomorrow or later” which means you won’t.

The moment you do it now, then you wouldn’t have to worry about being collapsed in a bunch of work.


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10 - How To Get Motivated To Study & Work - BONUS Free Helpful Apps & Sites

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~ Ellen


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