How to Make Extra Income from your Blog

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If you want to make a quick extra income from blogging, then sorry mate, I'm going to tell you the truth. You won't be able to make quick money when you start a blog.

I didn't start making extra income until I was in my second year of blogging. From my experience, I only made a single cent from ads but it was still something.

You've probably stumbled or read blog posts that say "how to make money on the side" and they include "make a blog" on the list. But if you've read ones that add a "make money quick!" to the title, don't fall for them easily!

To make money, it takes time and a lot of hard work and patience.

So continue reading if you want to make extra income from your blog the REAL way (and not the quick way either).

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to make a Side Income from your Blog

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Caution Note

Out of the blue, I'm gonna ask you something.

You've done surveys, right? If you haven't, let me save you the time. Doing surveys can only give you little income and it will take months to reach the $5 or $10 threshold. Then, there are surveys which will cancel you out and give you no points because you don't reach their "potential" respondent.

Now let's get back to the point. Blogging will NOT make you an extra income quick fix (I'm only saying this to install it into your brain).

Maybe if you're experienced at entrepreneurship and have experience in selling to your audience, probably.

But if you're a newbie blogger who just wants to make money quick, then blogging isn't the right thing.

But that doesn't mean you CAN'T make money blogging. It just takes years of blogging and years of improving your blog.

I will show you how much I make from AdSense when I first started until now.

Do you want to make a side-income from blogging? Here's are tools I use to make an income.

This isn't much to pay out your rent and bills. This is only as a EXTRA-INCOME. You can make over thousands if you start focusing on your blog and putting time into it.

Not just from ads but from different monetization (like affiliates, selling your own course or an e-book, etc). But again, it will take YEARS and hard work (as well as love and passion).

So here, I will list a bunch of my blog posts that will help you want to improve and help you earn an extra income from your blog:

As well as these blogging tools that I use that will help you gain impression and traffic to your blog that will earn you at least something.


Canva, PicMonkey, DesignWizard

I decided to add these three tools together because they work the same way. Used to create Pinterest graphics and social media posts. I use these tools in order to create my Pinterest graphics to share on Pinterest which could lead to more traffic and exposure.

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Adobe (Photoshop, LightHouse, etc)

I know many bloggers who use Adobe Photoshop in order to create their social media posts and Pinterest pins. If you know what you're doing on Photoshop (which I hope you do), you can absolutely customise your posts and add your own fonts and image graphics.


This is where I got my current theme (the one I'm using at the moment by the time I post this). I really like my current theme as it's much easier to navigate and simple to customise. It's even neat and organised. There are plenty of more themes from MyThemeShop so check that out.


Again, a wonderful WordPress theme site to get different themes (like Genesis Framework, etc) for mobile-friendly and desktop-friendly users.

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Social Sharing


I use this tool to automate my Pinterest graphics. Since I have full-time school, I don't really have much time when I get home to manually pin. So with this tool, it makes it so much easier to schedule my posts to Pinterest. You can also schedule your post to Instagram as well.

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I use Hootsuite to automate my Twitter or Facebook posts. Again, so much easier to schedule when you don't have time to do it.

Viral Content Bee

This may or may not be a tool but I wanted to share it with you anyways. This is a cool site that I've recently found out about sharing your post content with people who don't even follow you! It's a great way to share your content widely.

The only rule you need to follow is to share other contents in order to receive points. When you have enough points, then you'll able to credit those points and add it to a post you want to share. If you run out of points from people sharing, you have to refill those points up or your post will be paused from getting shared.

Writing Editor


If you have bad grammar or punctuation like me, then you should download this tool. Once you install the extension to your browser, it'll be able to correct you on your writing. I've been using this tool since the day I started this blog and it's really helpful when you're terrible at editing lol.

Hemmingway Editor

I use to use this tool but I haven't really because it takes away my personality from my writings. This tool will help you with your writing length, complex sentences, and errors.

SEO Pressor - Blog Title Generator

If you're someone who is stuck at figuring out good title headings for your next post, this tool will help you generate ideas for good headings that will skyrocket your click rate. Not really accurate but you can use it to transform it into your own ideas. I only use this tool when I'm actually stuck on figuring out a really good blog title.

CoSchedule - Headline Analyzer

You can use this tool with SEOPressor blog title generator. But I usually just jot down blog titles and put those into the analyser. If your heading is scored over 70+ (or turns green), then that means it's a great title for your post.

WordPress/Hosting (For those who haven't created a blog yet)

WP Engine

A WordPress hosting site if you want reliable hosting with WordPress. Start-up plan will cost only $35/monthly.


A free site creator (like WordPress, Squarespace, and Blogger). I use to use this website builder when I first started creating my very first "high-school" online journal. They have really made a big improvement to their tools since then.


Another hosting company like WP Engine. I'm currently hosted with them and I must admit (not to be biased) but they have great customer service and website speed.

StartUp plan will only cost you $2.95/monthly for the special price and GrowBig plan will only cost you $4.95/monthly. Hurry before the sale ends soon.

Do you want to make a side-income from blogging? Here's are tools I use to make an income.

If you need more insight on SiteGround, you can check out these two posts:

Affiliates Marketing Networks/Ads (How you can make money from your blog)


Affiliates marketing network that works with popular brands like Erin Condren, Tailwind, Redbubble, CreativeLive, etc.


Affiliates marketing network that works with popular brands like Samsung, Target, Fiverr, Nike, Canon, etc.


Affiliates marketing network that allows you to create your own custom affiliate links as well as works with eBay, Adobe, etc.

Amazon Affiliates

Everyone probably knows that Amazon is a trusted online shopping site. The commission rates may be lower than the other Affiliate marketing networks I've listed but can still make a good income when your items get sold often. As well as people are more likely to buy from your Amazon link.

Google AdSense

Ad company is known for using ads for blog posts and YouTube ads.

What now?

So if you really want to make a side-income from your passion, then work for it!

Use these tools to help your blog grow and starting earning. Again, it will take years to get something out of it.

Do you want to make a side-income from blogging? Here's are tools I use to make an income. #sideincome #makemoney #makemoneyblogging #blogging #blog #bloggers #money

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