How To Recover From The Cold And Flu Quickly

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It's the start of March and it's the start of another season. You know what the means? Everybody's favourite season Autumn. With Autumn being around in Australia, it's gonna lead to some chilly fest (hah I made a pun even though I hate chilly). Which in all cases, leads to the cold and flu.

4 Days ago (by the time I'm typing this), I caught the cold flu from my family. Funny thing was, I had a conversation before those 4 days with my mum (who also had the cold flu at the time) in which I said: "maybe I won't get the flu because I'm taking these vitamin supplements". In mum's reply (translated in Vietnamese for you lot) "Don't count on it".

So here I am, suffering from high fevers, icky sneezes, block noses, sore throats, chest coughs and the minimal other types of sickness.

So why am I writing this post when my blog is all about mental health? Even though my blog is more about self-love and mental health, that doesn't mean I can't write on physical help as well. Self-love also mean taking care of yourself physically and mentally.

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But with the cold flu, you want to recover quickly (unless you want to have an excuse to stay home from classes or work). But no one likes being ACTUALLY sick really. You got all those other duties that you need to do and you can't do them when you're sneezing into a tissue every 10 seconds.

Note: Please be aware that I am NO doctor. If you're really sick, I do recommend you go to visit your doctor. And also, these flu tips only depends on your BMI (body mass index) so it will work quickly for you or take a longer route.

Here's how you can recover within the time span of under 8-10 days.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Recover from the Cold and Flu quickly

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Do you love sleep? Well good because sleep is really REALLY important (hence why I put it on the top of the list).

Ok, as an insomniac (is that even a word?) and a workaholic like me, I tend to get very little sleep. This means that I stay up as a night owl and work until I actually feel really tired.

Apparently, that doesn't work in a situation where I lack the energy to do stuff whenever I am sick. So don't be me.

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Do you ever wonder why you feel drowsy whenever you have the cold flu? That's because chemicals called "FLP-13" is released (when you have an illness) to signal your "worms"' brains (not actual worms in your garden) to make you feel tired.

Look, you're probably be confused as I am to what you just read so let me just put it in a somewhat not-understandable sentence. Worms when they are sick, stop working to find food for their relatives and great great grandparents. So when a snail (FLP-13) knocks on worm's front door, the snail tells the worm to CHILL OUT and go to sleep. Simple.

All you need to do is after you have taken your medication or natural herbal remedies, just collapse in your bed, snuggle up with 3 blankets and sleep it off. It's best to sleep and rest the whole 1-2 days for a quick recovery.

DON'T bother getting out of bed to work. It's a great excuse to pick up on your sleep schedule.

Stay Hydrated Yo!

Water is made of you by 60% and you drink water in order to survive. But anyhow, water is still important and you should drink it daily, not just on your flu days.

While you're sick, you should help your illness-fighting proteins fight off the bad guys by intaking liquid. The bonus when it comes to drinking water if you're strengthening your body's immune response system, less likely to feel nauseous, flashing out the disgusting toxins in your body, reducing mega headaches and on your quick recovery to not being a zombie.

Do NOT drink caffeinated drinks (coffee, energy drinks, coca-cola, caffeinated tea) or alcohol. I highly recommend drinking tea (you can try drinking black, herbal, lemon, green, ginger or honey tea), coconut water, and of course, water that can be filtered with fruits (if you hate the taste of normal water. I mean, water doesn't even taste like anything?).

Whatever suits your taste as long as you intake water.


Honey, lemon & ginger. Have you heard of these 3 ingredients before? If you hate wanting to add medication or drugs into your system, you can try these natural remedies out. Or be like me and do both (for a quicker recovery process).

You're probably wondering why I separated this from the "Hydration" tip. But the thing is, these 3 ingredients are remedies to help you recover from your cold and flu symptoms and they're pretty popular on the internet. With these 3 combined, it can help you boost your immune system, hydrate you, prevent you from spilling up your stomach, reduce diseases and many more.

You can literally search recipes up and you'll find it. I'll save you the trouble and add the top 2 popular remedies here:

Every 3 flavours have their own benefits :

  • Honey - is used to relieve sore throats and horrible coughs.
  • Lemon - Are high in vitamin C. It also strengthens immune systems and has antiviral/antibacterial properties.
  • Ginger - Shu away the feeling of nausea or throwing up that often features influenza (a contagious infection that spreads from person to person).

I like to drink my favourite Lemon & Ginger Herbal Infusion Tea and sometimes add a few teaspoons of honey in it. All 3 flavours in one drink without me having to homebrew. But you can homebrew it if you want.

Medicine & Vitamin Supplements

We all know that you won't recover faster if you take it once for the rest of the day and then leave it there. I highly recommend following the instructions on your medicine.

Medicines here in Australia that involve cold & flu require at least recommended intakes in 4 hours or 6 hours depending on the medicine.

If you take prescription medicines or tablets, always follow your doctor or pharmacist's recommendation on how much you intake.

Please note that if you go over the recommended amount, you will suffer symptoms of an overdose and I recommend that you don't go over the limit because it won't make your cold & flu go away. More likely, you will suffer near-death experience.

My family takes Codral Day And Night (X 48 Tabs) while I take Demazin Cold Relief Blue Syrup (100ml 6 Years - Adult) Vanilla Peach (and it's blue too).

A bonus is to take some vitamin supplements in between those hours such as Vitamin C or Multi-Vitamin gummies. You might have seen the vitamin supplements I take in my Wellbeing Routine but I'm going to list them down here anyway in case you're curious.

Soak in some Vitamin D

The sun can be a burden sometimes but other times, it's more beneficial than cloudy days. But during seasons like Winter and Autumn, for example, the sun is hidden away, which could probably be the reason why you're sick. Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is important for your overall health, immune regulation, strong bones, and muscles.

Even if you can't get it from the natural sun (and suffer from suntanning yourself), you can intake it from Vitamin D medicine like I do and eat the recommended foods such as fish, cheese, mushrooms, beef liver, and eggs. Vita D is also included in margarine and milk.


You can use a humidifier to create a moist atmosphere in your room before you sleep. Or, try steaming up with face with steam from a bowl of hot water or hot soup if you have a blocked nose. Another steamy way is hot showers to unclog your nose.

In Kate's post, she recommends adding a bowl of water next to your bed whenever you're about to go to sleep. I find that a bowl is too much for me and I can end up spilling it.

So I decided to use my water bottle (opened) instead. Did it work? Well, I'm not sure because I had my windows open for fresh air.

Types of Food You Eat

"What you are is what you eat". Did I say that right?

I suggest eating food that is warm or hot, like chicken soup, rice porridge, pumpkin soup, noodle soup, vegetable soup, etc. I ate pretty much beef and beetroot soup (homemade from my lovely mother) and mushroom soup for the days I felt sick.

Other foods that are great for relieving cold and cases of flu are fish, eggs, soup broths, yoghurt, meat, fruits, vegetables and foods with vitamin C like oranges, strawberries, grapefruits etc. If you can take spicy food, then try those. It helps relieve blocked sinuses.

Other things you can try...


I went out for a walk and don't get me wrong, I'm getting fit and in taking the sun's vitamin D but sadly, I still felt sick and had to same flu as to when I was getting ready to go take my daily dose of exercise.

Maybe it will work differently for you if you go to the GYM for example.


All in all, try these tips out if you have a cold & flu and remember, if it goes longer for two weeks, I highly suggest you visit a doctor asap! Or just go to the doctors.

This post was inspired by my own sickness (thanks to my family).

Who hates being sick with the flu? These cold and flu tips will help you recover fast. #coldandflu #remedies #cold #flu #treatment #coldremedies #commoncold #coldcure #mentalhealth

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