Improve your SEO by Updating Old Blog Posts

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You know you're missing out on passive traffic and income from SEO if you're not updating your old blog posts. And you're probably thinking to yourself "ain't nobody got time to edit old blog posts".

Well, let me tell you. By editing your old blog contents, you're actually reviving your posts which will leave to you gaining newer readers who stumble upon your post and more income streams with no work at all!

That's why I'm gonna give you tips on how you can make more newcomers come to your blog with your older content (and no extra work on your hands afterwards).

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Revamp your Old Blog Posts

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Before we get into the tips, I want to tell you a fabulous tool that helped me gain traffic to my posts but also automating my posts so that I can do other stuff while it gets the job done.

This secret tool is called Tailwind. Now you can read my other posts on why I highly recommend you to snatch it.

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Update your SEO

The most important thing when it comes to updating your older posts is your SEO (search engine optimiser).

Make sure you're updating it to ensure the best results for Google and all the other search engines that you probably don't use (like Bing, Yahoo, etc).

I know for a fact that my SEO keywords weren't "SEO friendly" back when I first found out about this. Like for example, I created a post on my priorities as a teenager and used high volume keywords but more competition like the word 'priorities'.

I mean, what even is that? It's probably lost among the sea of posts.

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It's best to use a keyword tool like KWFinder to find keywords which help you find keywords that suit your what gets you less competition whilst still gaining volume for those posts.

But since KWFinder is limited to free users nowadays, I use a Chrome Extension to find keywords for my blog posts called Keywords Everywhere.

Updating older blog posts can make a big difference for your blog. #blogposts #revamp #blogcontent #seo #content #updateoldposts #optimize #wordpress #blogger

It's probably going to be annoying for you like it does for me with keyword volumes popping up everywhere when you search but trust me, it does the same thing as every keyword finder tool.

You can edit the settings in their settings and it's free!

Updating older blog posts can make a big difference for your blog. #blogposts #revamp #blogcontent #seo #content #updateoldposts #optimize #wordpress #blogger

If you are still new to SEO, I suggest you check this post out where I give you a beginner-friendly basics on what search engine optimizing means.

Academy Pro Theme

Make new Pinterest Graphics

You probably already know the current 2019 Pinterest algorithm by now but if you haven't, then let me tell you.

Pinterest prefers "newer images" rather than older images. So if you're spamming the same old blog post graphics to the same group, then over time, Pinterest will likely drop you like a feather duster.

So try creating at least 2-4 newer pins for your older posts and once you upload those pins, make sure you hide them (just so it doesn't fill up your post or slow your site down). Check out this post on how to hide pins.

Updating older blog posts can make a big difference for your blog. #blogposts #revamp #blogcontent #seo #content #updateoldposts #optimize #wordpress #blogger

Note: Just because you're hiding your pins does not mean it's completely hidden. It's just not shown on your blog post. But it can still be shareable when your readers click the share button.

After you have done these steps, I highly suggest you manually share all 4 of your new pins to your main blog post board and add them to Tailwind for automation.

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Test out out-of-date links

Remember that old link you use to hyperlink but all of a sudden, it's gone? Well, it's time for you to start checking old links and updating them with new links.

Known fact, if you're leaving older affiliate links that have been expired and someone clicks on it to purchase but leads to an invalid link, you're losing compensations for that affiliate link.

That's why it's best to so often go back to older posts and check if these links still work or not. No shame, you could even update or replace the links.

If you're using WordPress, you can instantly install a free plugin called Broken Link Checker or use the site browser to check those broken links for you (and it's so much easier too!).

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Add newer backlinks

If you've made newer posts in relation to those older posts, it's best to update them and add them to the post.

You should do this because it's gonna be the best thing you've ever done: you'll gain more new readers and your bounce rate will grow.

If you have a related post that links to the topic you're writing about, make sure to add it! I like to add "related posts" (as seen below this paragraph) whenever it's related and links to one of my older posts. I also like to link the post within the paragraphs if I'm suggesting an older post that might be helpful.

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Oh, and it's very Google friendly because we all know Google likes it when you make it easier for them to crawl through your site using backlinks.

Add more information or details

Throughout your blogging journey, you're gonna be learning more expert advice than before. So if you have new information that is likely going to help your readers, add it in!

You could add in new factors about your own personal experience that happened.

In the current blogging world, people read blogs that actually helps them and relate to them. You want to make sure the information is up to date and also, will help your readers learn something once they leave your site.

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If you've got hundreds and thousands of blog posts of your site, spare the free time to go back and edit those posts with the tips I've included (make it evergreen content)!

Updating older blog posts can make a big difference for your blog. #blogposts #revamp #blogcontent #seo #content #updateoldposts #optimize #wordpress #blogger

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