How to Stop Procrastination in 7 Ways

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We all have those days where we feel like procrastination. You've been trying to finish things off with a project or an assignment but nope. You can't when Netflix or YouTube gets in your way.

I'm going to be giving you a list of how to stop procrastination and being lazy in 7 steps.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Stop Procrastinating in 7 Steps

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1. Just DO IT

Remember that clip of Shia LaBeouf giving a motivational speech "JUST DO IT"?

Well, he's right you know. You only got one life and time is running out. Don't complain and makeup excuses just so you can have it the easiest way out. To be fair, I'm pretty known for making up excuses just so I can binge-watch YouTube (shhh don't tell mum!).

Do you want to get a good score on your test? (unless you're already smart enough to get it without studying) then study. Do you want to ace that project? Then do it WEEKS before the due date.

If you don't do the things that you need to do, you won't be able to achieve anything.

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2. Breaks, breaks & BREAKS

Ok, even though you may be working your ass off on that project, you can't just be continuously doing it until you get all stressed and exhausted.

Set yourself a time to do that project, for me, I set about 45 mins to an hour. Then give yourself that 15-minute break. It is called the Pomodoro technique. It will definitely help you reduce the stress and give you time to detox yourself to be more motivated to get back on that project. But don't overdo it on the breaks!

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3. Exercise

Come to think of it, exercise helps you boost yourself to make yourself focus and work hard.

Now, I didn't know this until I came upon a "how to stop procrastinating" video that says that exercising helps you stay awake and give you more energy. It will stop you from procrastination and get you fit too.

So whenever you're tired or exhausted, go to the gym for an hour or do 5-10 minutes of home exercise or even go for a 30-meter jog or walk can get you back on your tracks.

4. Motivation = Key

"Urgh, I don't feel like doing this or that, it's too hard-" No. Again, don't even THINK about trying to escape that route.

Watch motivational videos on studying, goals or anything that relates to your topic? Watch something that gets you out of procrastination jail. You can also read motivational books if you like reading.

Whenever I feel unmotivated to study, I always watch study videos on YouTube and get that motivation back again to study. For me personally, I'm more likely productive when I watch someone else study (may sound creepy but it's true) while I study. When someone else does it, you do it too.

just do it

5. Give yourself a reward at the end

Who wouldn't want a reward for completing your To-Do list? (I know I do!)

Try setting up a reward when you have completed your big project. This could be like binge-watching your favourite series, chocolate cake, sweets etc. Or even self-care!

If you leave a reward at the end after you completed your task, you're more likely to get that task done and dusted.

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6. Think of the future...

By this, what I mean is, try seeing yourself in the future. I'm going to give you an example: "If I don't study for this exam, my mum will discipline me, I won't be able to go to university or college and I won't be able to get a degree for a good job." Same goes for your job as well, "If I don't get this project in on time, I will get fired, I won't get paid and I won't be able to support my family."

By doing this, it gives you knowledge of what is going to happen if you don't do that task and gives you motivation for success.

That's why you should think of using a planner to help you plan for the future.

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7. Think differently than what is expected.

What do I mean by this? Well, here's one for example: "I can't do this, this is too much work." to "Even though it's a lot of work, if I get this done now, I won't have any more work to do."

By thinking like this, not only are you giving yourself positivity, you're actually having faith in yourself to WANT to do it than fall into the procrastination hole.

It's a psychology trick. Try this method if you have a lot in your hands.




Now stop procrastinating and go do what task you need to do! If you want to learn more about how to be successful and achieve, check out Simple Truths.

Let me know in the comments if you found this helpful or if you have any tips for overcoming procrastination.

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