How To Successfully Take On Your Day As A Pro In 2019

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Start off the new year by making 2019 your biggest year yet! Start taking on your day as a pro this year with advice from Alex from theRigas!

He will be talking about how you can be motivated to succeed in your own goals & dreams in the new year with daily everyday habits.

Don't worry, if you haven't started your productive day-to-day routine, you should probably start right now!

Oh! Don't forget to check out this fellow blogger out if you enjoy more post from Alex. Links at the end!

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

How to Successfully take on your Day as a Pro in 2019

It's 2019 and you have grown up, overcame failures, learned something new last year and want 2019 to be your best year ever and become pro.

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Everybody desire’s positive start each year but ends up with an average start because they change their mindset but leave out on routines of a pro.

The world is changing with a fast pace and yet there are those of us who are just staring at their cell phones, procrastinating, even sleeping during precious daytime.

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Success demands work in action. You can’t succeed even if you have the brightest minds or family heritage. You need to put things to work to be a pro. So, let me share with you how to use your mind and body to full potential.

Like switching to the sixth gear of a Ferrari, just by changing your daily routine.

Maybe you are just about to graduate and will start to face life on its way or you are a parent trying hard to make ends meet or even if you are ahead of starting up your business to new heights.

Whoever you are, this article will help you in achieving the goals or the resolutions you set for yourself in 2019 as a pro.

Top 4 Daily Routines To Win Your Day Like a Pro

How to take on your day as a Pro in 2019

Get your Morning right

So, how would you start your successful day? With a win? Hell yeah.

The first thing you should do is make your bed. It sets discipline in you, finishing off one thing from your checklist in the early morning.

n the contrary, the worst way to start your day is to face an uncertain life of random. If you are unprepared then you’ll probably have an average day or even the worst day.

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We waste a lot of useful energy thinking about stupid things. Some people just start off by turning their phones on and cluttering their mind with useless stuff.

We all know successful people don’t waste time thinking about things such as "what to wear today?" That we often do. Mark Zuckerberg wears the same coloured T-shirt every day.

I would like to add a few things to your routine such as, recalling your dream, drinking a glass of freshwater (most people are dehydrated at night), and breathe fresh oxygen.

There are a lot of breathing techniques that you can put into practice. Oxygen gives you positive energy and also freshens your mind. How about planning your day ahead?


Mindfulness is very important as meditation is the trump card for success. There are so many benefits just by simple practice.

Successful people meditate twice most in the morning and some in the evening as well. Meditation just gives you the energy to win your day like a pro. A 15-20 minutes meditation just declutters your mind from any unwanted thoughts and gives you laser focus in life.

90% Of people on earth today have the ability to get depressed by themselves. Something beyond our control. We think about this like our future & family. In other words, we ourselves build Fear Anxiety and Depression and there’s no escape.

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Let me prove this. Just leave whatever you are doing right now and stop thinking about anything for 1 min. Absolute silence builds a vacuum in your mind. You can count to 60 if you want.
How was it? Were you able to escape life? What about counting to 60?

Well, you can’t just turn off your thoughts. Even if you counted to 60, you were still counting in your mind.

So the point here is, we think most of the time. And the irony is that most of our thoughts are negative and useless. Meditation just brings rhythm to your life an inner peace that keeps you positive no matter what.

Learn why you must experience the benefits of meditation at least once in your lifetime?


Successful people read a lot. People like Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, & Oprah Winfrey all read daily or weekly. The most vital and only routine that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones, is learning.

Let’s do some basic math. If you read one good book, let’s say 500 pages, you’ll probably need two-three days to complete it. You’ll gain a years’ worth collective knowledge that the author put into words. How fascinating is that!

You can choose a plethora of genres to pick from. It could be technology, philosophy, politics, romance, arts, fiction, non-fiction, and religion.

Reading has a lot of benefits. It sharpens your mind as a pro, gives productive peace, and gives way to liberal ideas.


Most people start off by reacting to their social media with likes or comments. I prefer to be in a proactive state where you set goals and work towards it with your to-do list.

Along with it, you should have a to-be list as well. Why leave on Self Care and Self Love?

There is a difference in setting goals and putting it to action. The game-changer where most people are convinced to quit.

A strong mind knows “Tough times never last, Tough people do” and hence you should always work on your mind to not to give up. Make a hard-core day plan for yourself with these top routines.

While setting a goal you should ensure it’s in writing just like a to-do list. Breaking down your routine just improves your focus and concentration on each individual goal. While completing each task in the routine you’ll see the progress of your ultimate goal.

In the end, how you do anything is how you do everything!

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Author Note:

In all honesty, social media really distracts us from doing productive things (just saying). It can be a good thing and a bad thing. Like 50/50.

People like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey really motivate me to read books on self-love and how to build a successful business. Like the successful people mentioned by Alex, you too can try to find inspiration from them!

And of course, who couldn't forget that to-do list and meditation is the most important when it comes to succeeding your goals? I've been taking on to-do lists for literally 3 years now as well as meditation for 2 years and who knew how it would change my daily productivity?

If you love to read more about self-motivation, productivity and self-improvement, make sure to definitely check Alex out at theRigas. Links below!


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