I Tried The Social Media Detox For A Week

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It's 2019 and technology is pretty much everywhere. Yes, I really mean everywhere! Literally, when I go out all I see are a bunch of people staring down on their phones even while they're walking. Ok, I must admit I do that sometimes too.

But you know what? There are a few posts on people staying away from social media. I thought, maybe I should do it too. And so I did. So when did I try out this challenge? During my mid-term break in July 2019.

I want to share to you my experience of being offline (kind-of) on social media and maybe can inspire you to try it too.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

I Tried the Social Media Detox for a Week

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Before we get into the review, I would like to note a few things. I'm not the "all-social media account" kind of girl so I will only involve the ones that I actually use.
The social media/s I use: Instagram, Facebook/Messenger, YouTube & Twitter.
The social media/s I have but barely use (will not be included): LinkedIn
The social media/s I don't use (which will not be included): WhatsApp, Tumblr, QQ, Flickr, Reddit & Snapchat.
Which social media I succeeded: Instagram & Twitter


Let's start with Instagram first. I use to use Instagram a lot but it became so toxic having to see my feed filled with photos of models, influencers and celebrities having the time of their lives. You know, the usual body image goal and their holiday destination.

I want to confess something. There's this one Instagrammer I follow. I found her through a vine meme that got popular in those days and I became an instant follower. She was so pretty and very popular... by likes and followers. Take note, her photos would be of her with a full-face of makeup and often at vacation destinations like Hawaii. When I would open the IG app, she would often be on the top feed. As time went by, I became very self-conscious about myself. I thought to myself "why am I not as pretty as her?" "I wish I was there".

There are many posts and videos speaking on how Instagram life is not only edited but behind those pictures can result in a not so stunning lifestyle. I even manage to write posts on this in the past.

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We all have flaws. Even if we know that these images may be faked and photoshop, we can't help but feel jealousy and envy. Humans strive to want more and we don't get enough of what we want. That is why Instagram became toxic for me but it was much easier to stay away (as you can see that I've been inactive with posting images on that app).


I rarely use Twitter unless it has something to do with blogging. To be honest, Twitter is quite confusing to me so I don't really bother using it unless I use it to automate my older blog posts. But still, even if the posts are sent on autopilot, it doesn't mean I'm actually using it.

Actually, I'm not really sure if this counts but I watch tea and drama channels like Tea Spill, ItzKeisha, Sebastian Williams etc and they involve screenshots of drama evidence from Twitter. But I can't really say for sure if that is a fail or not so you can be the judge on that.

Which social media I failed on: Facebook/Messenger & YouTube

Facebook (or Messenger)

I failed on Facebook. Well more like Messenger. I'm not really sure if I should separate the two since Messenger uses Facebook. But I'm not gonna separate the two since I go on Facebook on my desktop version just to message friends.

So my reasoning for failing to stay away from FB & Messenger. You know, with having no friends to hang out with in person and just staying indoors all day playing video games, it was really isolating.

And when I was in my hardest times, I usually go on FB just to text my mates and they would always cheer me up.

There were times where I don't use FB & M at all but that rarely happens tbh. So yeah, I failed to stay away from Facebook.


Ok, who agrees with me that they can't stay away from YouTube? No, like seriously, how can you be away from the one and only YouTube? I 100% failed at staying away and I'm not afraid to confess that.

If I did stay away from YT, I'd probably be very paranoid with the videos my favourite content creators are uploading.


As you can see, I have unsuccessfully past being offline on social media. But you know what? It was actually a relief to stay away from the newsfeed. It's more like I'm focusing more on myself rather than comparing myself to others.

So I challenge YOU to try out the "staying away from social media" challenge for a week.

I did a social media detox for a week. Here's how it went. #socialmedia #socialdetox #socialmediadetox #selfcare #mentalhealth #selflove #socialmediacleanse #withdrawal

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~ Ellen