Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0

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Are you having trouble trying to find the best fitting hashtags for your post? Or are you lazy when it comes to finding popular hashtags and having to copy and paste it every time? (All those precious minutes wasted).

Well, I have news for you. I'm the type of person who has trouble looking out for hashtags. That's why I'm going to introduce to you the Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0.

So continue on the post as I explain to you how to use this hashtag tool.

Grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get straight into it!

Reasons why you should Fall in Love with Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0

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There are times where I need to schedule my posts on Instagram through my desktop (because you know, I have more stock images on my desktop).

I can't keep getting up and going on my phone all the time just to use the hashtag app. Next 10 minutes, I'm on Discord, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

That's why you got Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0.

Look, do you really think I should even look up "popular hashtags" from 10 different sites when all I can really do is let Tailwind recommend me some?

Hah! I am not wasting 2 minutes away trying to think about what to hashtag my posts.

I'm talking about the next upgrade of Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0.

I know, exciting isn't it? Make life so much easier for IG users.

Let's talk about Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0.

What is it and how can it help you?

It's an already installed tool when you use Tailwind (Instagram version).

I'm pretty sure you've used Tailwind before right? If you don't know what Tailwind is, it's a scheduling tool to help you automate and analyse your Pinterest or Instagram.

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No need to manually do everything when you're busy. All you need is to stack up a bunch of posts, queue them and you're all good to go!

Ok, back to Tailwinds Hashtag Finder.

This tool can suggest a batch of hashtags for every post, every time. 2.0 Version now suggest hashtags while you type out your description, with or without a #.

Can't find a good hashtag? That's OK. There's always the option to shuffle it and find a newer batch. Umm… can we also talk about how it categories them from popular to unpopular?

Watch this quick video and check it out.

Find Hashtags Fast with Tailwinds Hashtag Finder!

Now when it comes to using this tool, there are other things you need to be aware of.

  • Try out a FREE Trial of Tailwind for Instagram. It limits up to 30 Instagram posts (finally, a trial that doesn't involve 30 months).
  • If you have a Tailwind account for Pinterest, then I would have to say that they are sadly separate. Which means if you bought an upgrade Plus on the Pinterest account, then you have to upgrade Plus for Instagram separately.
  • The Tailwind app is only available for Apple users. Sadly, I'm an Android user and hoping to see a release for the app soon for Android(ers). However, they will still notify you through SMS!

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Step by Step

1. Go to "Publisher" and then upload your IG post that you want to schedule on that day.

As you can see by the arrow, that's the Tailwinds Hashtag Finder. This is where Tailwind suggests you different recommendations on what hashtags to use.

tailwind instagram hashtag finder 2.0

Did you know that when you type out your caption/description, the tool automatically suggests you the hashtags?

Yeah, it can do that (yeah I'm looking at you "Edward Cullen").

To be honest, not quite fond of this because a lot of times, the Hashtags are not accurate (as you can see). But that's OK. If you look at the red circle around the shuffle icon, you can click that to see more recommendations.

Here's my advice to you

It's better to use the "Best" hashtag options and then add a bit of "Competitive" hashtags.
tailwind instagram hashtag finder 2.0

3. Putting down hashtags can also recommend related ones (some not accurate).
tailwind instagram hashtag finder 2.0

4. Schedule your post if you must or let Tailwind randomly schedule it for you.

Your choice on when you want it to be posted!

Click on the small clock icon in the bottom left and then "Set Custom Time".
tailwind instagram hashtag finder 2.0

5. Click on the Scheduler and you're successfully done! You will get notified when it's time to post.
tailwind instagram hashtag finder 2.0


Scheduling Older Posts

Personally, when it comes to me, I don't often post on IG (look, my life isn't as exciting as you think). With this tool, I can actually reschedule my older posts.

Wait, what? You're probably thinking "why would you even want to schedule your old posts?" Umm because I can? I'm kidding.

No seriously, since I started this account in 2017 and have grown since then. Newer followers will never know that these pictures are old (muahaha!)

Unless... Well if you're reading this then my secret is probably out (whoops).
tailwind instagram hashtag finder 2.0

To schedule older posts, go to "Publisher" - "Published Posts" or another direction is to go to "Insights" - "Post Inspector".


Did I convince you yet to try it out? Click Here to get it now for a FREE trial (30 pins) so you can try out that new Tailwinds Hashtag Finder 2.0.


Who needs to spend time writing hashtags one by one when you can simple use a tool called Tailwind's Hashtag Finder 2.0 (yes the upgraded version from 1.0). Here's my review and opinion on this tool. #tailwind #tailwindshashtagfinder20 #hashtag #blogger #blogpost #blog #bloggingforbeginners #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice #lifestylebloggers #pinterest #seo #blogforbeginners #wordpress #blogwriting #branding #blogtopics #blogplanning #ideasforbloggers #blogginginspiration #content #topics #website #blogschedule #blogtraffic #instagram #socialmedia

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