Is Confidence Internal Or External?

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Is confidence internal or external? It can be hard to figure out. To some degree, we may think that nothing in the outside world should ever impress upon our confidence, that this should be some eternal fire within that flames and is always there for you.

But when you purchase a new outfit and it helps you feel better in yourself, we may be surprised just how effective that is.

Additionally, after a long period of investing in your appearance, in purchasing the best makeup, in wearing the best fitting clothes and taking care of your figure, being stood up on a date can shatter your self-esteem, to the point where we wish we weren’t so reliant on other people or things to make us feel secure.

Where’s the middle ground? Is there a middle ground? It’s hard to say. In the following advice, I'll be sharing some warm words to not only help you learn how confidence works but also to help you recognize and appreciate yours when you have it.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

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Trying Your Best

We can often place our confidence in the results that we have compared to other people. We may not be as tall, as athletic, as kind, as cool, as happy, as refined, as rich, as interesting, as exciting, as talent, as skilled or as employable as other people. That’s perfectly fine.

There’s always a bigger fish. But feelings of inadequacy that come along with this can instantly be resolved if you just try your best each day.

None of those things above will you ever be the victor in, but when you know you’re doing right by yourself and those around you by trying, you are doing everything you can. This, in itself, can settle your fears, and you start seeing yourself in a more positive light.

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Accepting The Worst

Accepting the worst is important, because if you accept that you may have dates that mess up, you may embarrass yourself in a public setting, or you may not get that job you hope for.

All of a sudden they no longer have much of a hold on you, and you can focus on actually trying for or enjoying the thing in front of you. This, in itself, is a form of confidence, and will ironically lessen the pitfalls you experience.

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Whether you building confidence internally or externally, you can boost your self esteem #selfconfidence #confidence #selfesteem #selflove #personalgrowth #impowerment #selfesteem

Developing The Balance

The balance between your best and your worst days will add up to a healthy, normal life. This is where you may decide to invest in yourself but not overly, to enjoy the best dental work and wardrobe refresh ahead of a 2020 personal reboot, but not to think this is the be-all and end-all of who you are.

It’s not an easy mindset to achieve, but you’ll know when you’ve achieved it because all of a sudden you can experience life with a confidence that needn’t be verified every twenty minutes.

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With this advice in mind, I'm sure you’ll move forward to your best life. That could be trying your very best, accepting the hurdles in life and developing a healthier, normal lifestyle. Either way, these options are what makes you confident.

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~ Ellen