Why You Should Not Invest In Zoella’s Book “Cordially Invited”

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Don’t get me wrong, I like Zoella. She’s sweet and cheerful. I use to watch her videos when I was younger (like around 14).

Nowadays, I’m getting bored with the same old content she releases.

I use to read her ghost writer’s book “Girl Online” and I loved it! I even bought a copy of the 2nd one. That is until I gave both books away to charity after reading them. But that’s not the point here.

We’re talking about her “newest” book release “Cordially Invited”.

I haven’t heard of this book till I watched JaackMaate’s HONEST and BRUTAL review on it (you can go check it out here or the video below).

I’m NOT going to order this book.

Why? Because of 1. I don’t host parties and why would I try to host a party when I don’t even like going to parties.

And 2. I’m not spending $29.99 at Dymocks on a book that is not worth it based on the 3.2 ratings on Goodreads.


From the title, this is NOT A FULL BOOK REVIEW. This is an OPINIONATED post about the book from what reviews I’ve seen.

Strictly, I’m going to be talking about my thoughts on the book and why it’s umm… pretty bad, in my opinion.

But I’ll also give my good opinions as well just to balance it.

Also, I’m not attacking her PERSONALLY.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

Here are my reasons on why you shouldn't invest on buying Cordially Invited. With receipts. #book #review #youtuber #youtuberbooks #zoella #cordiallyinvited #pinterest #opinions #britishyoutubers #britain

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After checking out Jack’s review, I decided to go check out other people’s reviews.

One video I stumbled on was Hadassah’s Studio’s “IS ZOE’S NEW BOOK REALLY A SCAM?! | Brutally Honest Cordially Invited Book Review”.

She reviewed it in a mature and polite manner and I respect that (insta-subbed).

Thankfully, she showed some pages and read out a bit of it, giving us a good glimpse of what the book is inside.

As I was scrolling through the comment section of the video, I read a few comments of those who actually watch her vlogs.

Note: The screenshot comments belong on Hadassah’s video and I do not have the right to manipulate them in any way!

Let’s start off with, “what is the book about?”

It’s about hosting a party.

Hosting a what now? A party? Did she just create a book about HOW to host a party? (You got to be joking).

Didn’t someone say she AVOIDS social gatherings?

I for one, have social anxiety. That is why I don’t go to parties/gatherings with lots of people or my anxiety hits the roof.

But I am not going to make a blog post about how to host the PERFECT gathering am I?

Zoella’s Anxiety post here

Book Summary

Starting off with what she writes in the book.

I haven’t read the book but some parts got me when I watched the reviews. Like how to write on a chalkboard. Remember to use COLOURED chalkboard (just remember that ok?)

Another one was, “if you’re throwing a birthday party but don’t have enough time to send all the invites out, create an event on social media”.

Oh, I haven’t thought of that! Definitely, need to try that out since we’re living in a world full of social media and not the 1800s. Thanks!

All these simple tips like budgets, number of invites etc are pretty much things that you’re ALREADY doing when hosting a party.


What is the book also trying to aim at? What is the demographics of this book?

The most important part of selling a brand or a product is to KNOW WHO your demographics are aimed at.

From what I can see, her subscribers are pretty much teenage girls. She did state her main demographic was 18-25 in 2016.

It’s odd because I’m 19 and I find this book to be aimed at kids who are learning how to read.

But that’s the problem. Why would kids want to host a party?

Even if I was interested in hosting parties, I still wouldn’t be interested in getting this book.

Girl, my suggestion would be, if you’re going to write up on how to host a party, make sure it’s something not so simple and obvious as “know your number of guest” or “fill up your pantry” (girl I don’t even have a pantry).

Put something like for example, Spring parties, “add a glimpse of green/pink & floral designs with glitter for the decorations just to brighten up the theme etc…”

We love to-do lists yes but it would be much better to add some kind of helpful information on why we should do it or tips that could make hosting a party better.

Something your viewers would learn when they’re done reading your book and something that is actually aimed at your expected demongraphic.

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Oh girl, you don’t know how much tea is already split.

Honestly though, adding basic recipes in order to fill up a page? Really now.


If you haven’t already seen by the video reviews, she has a page on how to make pancakes.

Of course, you can go on literally any site on the internet to find out easy recipes on pancakes. I go on Pinterest all the time and see many recipes on how to make pancakes.

What’s funny is, she legit has a pancake recipe already on her OWN site (her very own site *wince*).

Just recycle your recipe that is already on your blog for FREE and into your book. Genius!

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Ok, off with the negativity and tea spilling, I did not forget about my good opinions!

Book Design/Layout

I love the design of the book with the use of typography, colour, and patterns.

A fresh aesthetic batch of cute, pastel, simply makes the book all so inviting.

It gives me the vibe of Frankie Magazine (an Australian art, design and lifestyle magazine).

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The photographs

Yes, the photographs are aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and neat. Just like going on Instagram or reading a lifestyle blogger’s post.

It gives a personal and friendly vibe because she (Zoella) is involved in them along with her family & friends.

And who doesn’t love visuals?

In conclusion, the book is just plain lazy and recycled.

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So is it a scam?

In my opinion, yes it is and I state this because half the things in this book are either already on her site, her videos or things that can already be found on Pinterest for free.

I either think she is doing this for the cash just by the lack of effort she puts in it.

You can also look back in her “Scamella” history where she used a ghostwriter to write “Girl Online” and that $50 advent calendar with items priced lower than what it actually cost for the whole thing.

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Anyways, what are your thoughts on “Cordially Invited”? Let me know in the comments.

tanacon guest count

I had to include this because it got me and it got me good.

Other video Reviews (where I got my information from);

Here are my reasons on why you shouldn't invest on buying Cordially Invited. With receipts. #book #review #youtuber #youtuberbooks #zoella #cordiallyinvited #pinterest #opinions #britishyoutubers #britain

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