11 Tactics to Overcome Sunday Blues

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Don't you hate the feeling of Sunday's night where you keep on thinking about work on Monday? But why not change that negative feeling on a Sunday and start of the day with a positive impact on Monday?

You're probably suffering from the Sunday blues. What is that?

The Sunday blues is when you have negative feelings (sad, depressed, anxiety) on Sundays. You may feel like this due to Monday (yep, that nightmare days of working that 9-5).

If you don't want to suffer those Sunday blues for your whole entire life, then here are 11 tips to eliminate your fears of the Sunday blues.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Eliminate your Fears and Doubts about Sunday Blues with 11 Steps

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1. Wake up early (with a smile on your face)

Waking up to the sunrise can make you feel like you got more time ahead of you for the start of your day. "But weekends is where I sleep in!" I know, I know but it can keep your sleep schedule continuous and would you rather start your Sunday's short?

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2. Make yourself a delicious breakfast

You have plenty of time to make yourself a delicious breakfast and it will give your start of the day in a positive mood. Who wouldn't want to Instagram what you have made? Have a feast and you'll end up with energy to do what YOU want to do for the day.

3. Go out for a walk

Sundays are a perfect day to go for a neighbourhood walk and get the exercise you need when you don't have the time during workdays.

Smell the flowers, the air, and the sunshine. Also, grab yourself some exercise and stay active!

4. Write in your journal

Write down your thoughts and slap them into a journal where only YOU can only read. Take your thoughts from what you had yesterday and the weekday before and have a fresh start of mind for the first day of the week, not thinking about the problems you had in work or school.

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5. Hang out with friends

This is a great time to chill with friends by going window shopping, shopping spree, movies, library or café. Gossip with friends on something outside of work and have plenty of fun!

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6. Take a mini travel

If you have the full time to yourself or with friends or family, go on a mini journey. It could be going for a hike or taking a road trip. Get the full outdoor experience and fresh air. Just make sure you take care of your items while travelling.

7. Spring Clean

You haven't cleaned up your house in forever or why not organise and clean now? You can have a sense of motivation once everything in your house is organised and you wouldn't have to worry about the mess!

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8. Chill in the sun

It's bright and sunny outside (if it's sunny weather) so go out and tan if you want (don't forget the sunscreen!) or read a book, nap, have some tea while listening to nature. You can also take some nice photos with natural lighting.

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9. Watch the sunset

Sunday sunsets are like summer sunsets except, not really hot. It's a beautiful sight and a great time to end your fun, adventurous or relaxing Sunday.

10. Be prepared for Monday

Remember to plan the day before work or school tomorrow so you could wake up and not having the worry about what to wear or what to eat.

11. Sleep early

Remember to sleep early so that you could get plenty of rest before the busy workday starts!

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Try out these tips to defeat the final boss of your Sunday blues.

What do you do to make your Sunday productive? Let me know in the comments! And remember to check out Simple Truths for all things productivity.

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