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Hey guys


In primary school, my teacher would always ask our class this one question,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I’m pretty sure you heard that one question once or more in your lifetime, right?

Let’s bring it back and discuss your experience with it even if you haven’t heard that question before.

20-Lets talk childhood dream jobs

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I wanted to become a teacher or fashion designer at least when I first discovered about jobs.

The reason I wanted to be a teacher

was that I was inspired by my teachers during my years in primary school.

The way they tell off kids who were naughty, how they instructed on how to do these worksheets, storytelling and help kids in their education really got to me.

So I asked my mum to buy me a whiteboard along with some whiteboard markers and a whiteboard eraser.

My dad helped hung the whiteboard in the kitchen.

And so by then, I pretended to be a teacher in front of my invisible class where no one can judge or look at me strangely.

By then, my mum bought print A4 paper, so I pretended that they were worksheets for kids to write on.



What about a Fashion designer?

Well as a kid, I would doodle females in dresses from my imagination and watched movies called The Devil Wears Prada and Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale which inspired my knowledge on designs on clothing and by then, I used a small sketchbook just to draw random females in clothing from my inspiration from media and my own imagination.

I was so inspired by designer clothing in the front of shopping mall windows that I wanted to become a fashion designer and create clothes for those skinny runway models and create my own clothing designer brands.


I was in high school when I got into gaming and drawing.

So all that teacher and fashion designer went away and that’s when I decided on what I wanted to be when we grow up.

I was so into playing video games that I wanted to become a game designer aka an animator.

But all that shattered when I realised how much hard time and work it takes just to make a character move and detailed the designs.



That’s when I got into my Kpop scene.

Watching all those skinny Korean idols, looking really pretty (eventually, I found out plastic surgeries are very popular in Korea) and having beautiful singing voices made me wonder if

I should become a Kpop star.

It’s possible alright.

Not really.

Especially if I could meet the handsome male idols in real life as a Kpop idol and be in reality tv shows. I was a big fan of Mark Tuan from GOT7 at the time *cough* fake boyfriend *cough*.

So, I started to learn Hangeul (Korean) but I stopped halfway because I wanted to focus on my studies in school and because I got lazy.

Then I tried to dance but damn that was hard as well.

Singing? Well I can’t sing in Korean can I? And plus I don’t like to sing in public.

So my dream as a Korean pop idol came to a downfall.



It was till then that I started to create a blog.

Oh no, it wasn’t this blog right now, it was certainly a different one.

I use to write in it daily but stopped because well, I got lazy yet again.

Then I saw on Pinterest on how you could “make money” while blogging.

But then I also realised that I was not over 18 (at the time) to be able to get a master card or make a PayPal account.

You might be asking, why not ask your parents to use their banks? HA! No.

That wouldn’t work as they know how ‘suspicious’ the internet can be.

But I do have a passion for writing so I created a new blog and continued with it.

But so I stopped it because it was pointless because it looked awful and no one was viewing (I didn’t know how to get viewers back then!)

And now this blog is the third blog I have created and will long to this day stick to it.

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Also during that time, I was in year 10 when I discovered Graphic Design in my pathways class.

Graphic Design? I asked myself.

In the Jobs book, I read the definition and decided that I wanted to become a Graphic Designer.

My idea was to work at home, include anything art or design related and a computer.

So by then, I did research on the job.

Still, to this day, I want to become a freelance Graphic Designer which in case you haven’t know, I’m studying for Graphic Design now along with learning how to use the Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

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By then, I started to bake a lot.

I would buy a lot of cake in a package and started baking sweets like brownies, vanilla cake, cookies, scones and much more.

I get happy whenever I start baking and the food smelt delicious when it’s in the oven. Yep.

I then wanted to become a baker.

But by times go by, I stopped baking.

Because I didn’t want to eat too much sweet food and I became lazy.

I got so busy with online school and studying that I don’t want to cook anymore.

I’ll just stick baking as a hobby.



At the start of Year 11, I started online school.

So, we had to buy a camera for media and art class.

My mum got me a camera for Christmas which was awesome (thanks, mum!)

and that’s when I fell in love with Photographing.

I took pictures almost anywhere and everywhere.

I even posted some on this blog before and on a website for free stock images.

I edit it these photos by using either Adobe Photoshop, Canva or PicMonkey

But it kind of lost touch when there is no point photographing if you don’t leave the house.

By now, I only use the camera to take photographs of my work to send to my teachers or anything that inspires me like clouds for some reason.



So it came to me when I watched some school vlogs on YouTube (it was only because I missed going to public school and my real life friends).

Then I watched teacher vlogs and how much it really fascinates me what teacher life is like outside of teaching.

I love how their classrooms are decorated colourfully.

Most of the terms, primary aka elementary teachers.

It shows how much


are so devoted to their teaching and how loving they can be for their children.

So by now, I wanted to become a primary school teacher.

Why? Because I love kids, colourful things, organising and teaching younger people so when they grow up, they can change the world.



Oh yeah, don’t worry, there’s more.


I started to get interested in, you guessed it, mental illnesses.

I started randomly researching more and more about how the human brain works and how they interact with people.

As I researched, I became really interested in wanting to help and listen to people with mental illnesses.

That’s when I wanted to become a Psychologist in an asylum.

Like you know, Harley Quinn before she went crazy when she met the Joker.

But apparently, you have to go to medical schools to do that which I heavily hate doing maths and sciences.

So that was out of the question but I’m still studying the mental illnesses and still have an interest in Psychology.


20 - Let’s Talk Childhood Dream Jobs

Let’s recap. Teacher, Fashion Designer to Game Designer or animator to a Kpop Idol to a blogger to Graphic Designer Baker to Photographer to Teacher to Psychologist.

Now it’s YOUR TURN! What did you want to be during your childhood?


~ Ellen


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