Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Missing Old Friends

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There are some people that I wish I could see again and then there are others where I never regret leaving them.

Sometimes I get triggering memories from the past and it reminds me of this person. And then I end up missing them a lot. I mean A LOT.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

Have you ever missed a friend before who left you? There are times where friends snap due to moving or changing. Here's the real tea. #missingfriends #friends #relationships #tea #friendships

My Ex-Best friend aka my Ex-Boyfriend.

I’m not saying I want to get back with him but all I’m saying is that I wish we could still be best friends.

He was one (and still is) the type of person who has a chill, caring and kind personality and is always there for people. We get the same interest in humour and music which is the reason why I sometimes miss him. He was someone I could go to if I have any problems, chill out or have a deep conversation with.

Usually, feelings get in the way and we can’t help it. The feelings for him at the time wasn’t the type of love that you felt for when you want to spend your whole entire life with that person. It was the love that you want them to be there for you as a “friend” type of love.

We broke up in good terms but it just hurts knowing that I had hurt him as much as he hurt me a long time ago. Maybe someday we can go back to being friends but I don’t think that can happen anytime soon.

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Public School Friends

I miss them so much because I no longer can see them often in school anymore. I still keep in contact with one of them but the others we don’t talk anymore. Even though we lost touch, I still have them on Facebook.

It’s nearly the end of vacation and I still haven’t met up with them in person because we are so busy with our own stuff like exams that we don’t have the time to meet up.

Sometimes in the future when we ain’t busy we could meet up in person.

Update: We’ve caught up and hung out as 3s. If you know who you are, hi!

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Do you miss anyone you were close to in the past? If you do have one, how will you try to get in touch again?

Have you ever missed a friend before who left you? There are times where friends snap due to moving or changing. Here's the real tea. #missingfriends #friends #relationships #tea #friendships

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~ Ellen


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