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Hey guys

I’ve been watching so many morning routines on YouTube and I don’t know what makes them enjoyable to watch (probably the editing and typical day in a life?)

This inspired me to write down what I do in the morning but in vacation style! Why not?

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

21-my morning routine teenage vacation edition

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The first thing I do is wake up late between 9:50 am or 10 am.

(I mean, it’s the holidays so why not?)

I tend to go on my phone (since I’m still half asleep). Usually, I text either my boyfriend or my friends, watch YouTube or play some app games like Foodpia Tycoon(literally, this game is ADDICTING!)

I then go to the bathroom and then afterward, I go make breakfast.

Breakfast Time!

I’m not a morning person so I make something quick like Mi Goreng noodles or yogurt and granola and maybe sometimes I make coffee or tea if I feel like it.

I bring my breakfast to my room and then watch YouTube while writing in my planner on what my goals are for today.

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Morning Journaling

I write one page on what’s on my mind in my morning pages/Stream of Consciousness (thanks to Lavendaire for the idea!)

I then copy down 2 daily quotes from the 3 apps down on my journal.

Android apps I use: Inspirational Quotes, ENLIVEN & Power Of Positive



Then I exercise by using this free fitness app called 30 Day Fitness. A fantastic free app for doing home exercises and managing your weight.


Course Studying or Blogging

After all of that, I do whatever is on my schedule like study Graphic Design, learn Psychology, check my Blog or write a post.

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21 - My Morning Routine (Teenager Vacation Edition)

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~ Ellen


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