My Morning Routine (Teenager Vacation Edition)

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Hey guys

I’ve been watching so many morning routines on YouTube and I don’t know what makes then enjoyable to watch (probably the editing and typical day in a life) but I wanted to create a post of my morning routine cuz why not?

21-my morning routine teenage vacation edition

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Usually, I wake up late between 9:50 am or 10 am.

(I mean, it’s the holidays so why not?)

I tend to go on my phone (since I’m still half asleep), usually I text either my boyfriend or my friends, watch YouTube or play some app games like Foodpia Tycoon(literally, this game is ADDICTING!)

I then go to the bathroom and then leave the bathroom to make breakfast.

Usually, I’m not a morning person so I make something quick like Mi Goreng noodles or yoghurt and granola and maybe sometimes I make coffee or tea if I feel like it.

I bring my breakfast to my room and then watch YouTube while writing in my planner on what my goals are for today.

Wait! Talking about planners, why not buy the (you guessed it) Erin Condren or Emily Ley‘s planners?

I tend to write one page on what’s on my mind in my morning pages/Stream of Consciousness (thanks to Lavendaire for the idea!)

I then copy down 2 daily quotes from the 3 apps (Android apps I use: Inspirational Quotes, ENLIVEN & Power Of Positive) in my journal.

I take a photo of one of my sketch pages, edit that and then post it on my second Instagram account.

Then I exercise by using this free fitness app called 30 Day Fitness. A fantastic free app for doing home exercises and managing your weight.

After all of that, I do whatever is on my schedule like study Graphic Design, learn Psychology, check my Blog or write a post.

21 - My Morning Routine (Teenager Vacation Edition)

…And yeah, that’s my vacation morning routine.

~ Ellen


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