Pinterest Groups You Should Join To Explode Your Traffic


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Hey guys

You know what’s funny? When I was starting out Pinterest, I didn’t know that Pinterest Groups even existed until a year later! If I knew it earlier, then I wouldn’t be getting constant traffic from these awesome groups.

If you’re new or you’re already a fellow Pinterest expert, you can definitely try joining these Pinterest Groups by emailing them through the email in the board’s description bio or messaging the owner of the board.


Butttt, there are expectations when trying to be a collaborate in the group.

1. You MUST follow the board and the owner of the board. If not, then you won’t be accepted.
2. You NEED to follow the rules or you’ll get kicked out.
3. You MUST not spam the group board and post your pins the recommended amount of pins that they advise you to pin.
4. And some groups highly DON’T RECOMMEND over 13+ pins such as something with nudity, drugs etc.
5. And it is RECOMMENDED to share some pins in the group board, not just your own.


So anyway, since that’s cleared, grab your mugs of coffee or tea and let’s get right on to it!

Pinterest Groups you should Join to Explode your Traffic

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Over 10k followers

Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board
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Female Bloggers Free for All
✿ Pin Your Best Pins ✿
Share All Your Pins (Group Board – No Limit)
Inspired and Mindful Living (Group Board)

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Over 1k followers

Mostly Blogging Group Board
The Best of Lifestyle & Blogging
Recent Blog Post
Awesome Bloggers – Collaboration Board
Continuous Pins


89 - Pinterest Groups you should Join to Explode your Traffic


Those are my few boards that I recommend when wanting to get all those fast repins and traffic. If you got some suggested Pinterest Group boards, then definitely link them in the comments! Oh yeah, don’t forget to share to let others know about these Group Boards.

~ Ellen


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