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Hey lovelies

Before Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend announced to me that he was going to send me a huge Valentine’s day PACKAGE over.

That moment I knew, I was panicking while thinking over and over again on what I should get him for Valentine’s Day.

Until I came across a site with the perfect gift for my boyfriend. Continue reading to find out what it is!

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

64-A gift i sent my boyfriend for valentines day

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliates. I earn a compensation if you buy the product. I only add affiliates that I’ve tried myself and would prefer to you. You do not have to buy the items.*

I was searching on google for the “perfect” gift for guys on Valentine’s Day.

But they were either,

  1. Expensive
  2. Jewelry

Then something popped up in my head… “He likes video games right?” Right.

So I should get him something that is related to a current game he plays constantly, which was Payday 2. Perfect!


Now the problem was, I got to look for something that has anything to do with PayDay2 on it.

That’s when I stumbled upon the PERFECT thing that relates to Valentine’s Day and Payday 2.

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A black T-Shirt that has a clown mask (a character from PayDay2 which I don’t even remember the name my boyfriend told me because I’m a terrible girlfriend) and a pink paint splatter as the background.

But yes, without RedBubble, I literally wouldn’t find a T-shirt nor Valentine’s day gift for my bf if it wasn’t for them.

About RedBubble

RedBubble is an online print store where they sell pretty much anything creative like custom t-shirts, stickers, pillow cases and many more.

If you’re a designer, you might as well upload your prints and RedBubble can literally do all the work for you. It’s pretty easy, just upload your print (graphic design, illustration), choose your item and you’re pretty much done.

Once your item is bought, Redbubble will do all the work and you get your pay! It’s a win, win guys!

I’m pretty much an artist myself (not literally) but I love the things they have in that store as well as my boyfriend (I’d definitely buy there again for gifts, a treat for myself etc.).


The package was fast and got there before Valentine’s Day (which I was surprised of!).

When he told me that package has arrived, I was spamming the fudge out of him repeating over and over “put it on, PUT IT ON!!!” and boi, was I happy with it.


Boyfriend’s review: “It feels wonderful, it’s lightweight but feels strong. I also feel like the colours and print won’t crack or fade if properly taken care of.”

One problem was that I bought him a size way smaller than his actual size: M instead of XL (that was my bad on my part but I couldn’t ruin the surprise! If I had asked him, he’ll get suspicious and figure the surprise out if I did ask him).

But all in well, it all worked out in the end. We both were very happy with our gifts. Most importantly, I was more happy about my thoughts than the actual gift.

So if you want to spend something for your partner but you have no clue what to get he or she, check out RedBubble!

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62 - (RedBubble Review) A Gift I Sent My Boyfriend For Valentine’s Day

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~ Ellen


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