Feeling Stressed from Work? These Tips Might Help!

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Stress is unpleasant, but it’s all part of the human experience. We all have to deal with being stressed from work from time to time.

While you can never completely eliminate it from your life, there are solutions to deal with it so that it doesn’t take too much of a toll on your mental or physical health.

I also made a post in the past of how to deal with stress in which you try out ways to find solutions to managing your stress.

Since you're already stressed out about work, I'll be sharing some quick tips on how to encounter these stress.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

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Consider if there’s a cause of your stress

First things first, it’s worth sitting down and figuring out what the cause of your stress is. Sometimes, stress can be a result of lots of low-level anxieties and issues that drag on overtime, at other times it could be something specific.

If there’s something you can do to stop yourself stressing then aim to do that. For example, if you have an exam coming up then ensure you’re properly prepared and ready for it can help you keep your nervousness down.

Journalling or chatting to a friend can help you to make sense of what’s going on inside your head and stressing you out, and from there you can find direct solutions in some cases.

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Break your usual routine

Is your tiresome routine getting you down? Routine can quickly turn into a rut, and you might find yourself looking around thinking you’re missing out on ‘real life.’ When was the last time you had some excitement, some adventure?

Breaking your routine and doing something different is a great way to have some time away and gain some new experiences.

Whether you want to go backpacking in the Andes, explore some of the best gay-friendly destinations in South America or go boating in California, make the effort to do something different once in a while. Book a holiday, say yes to an invitation you’d usually turn down, just push yourself out of your comfort zone (you’ll thank yourself for it!).

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Practice hygiene at home

Home is where the heart is, it needs to be a place of relaxation and recovery. Your home needs to comfort you, making you feel happy and safe.

Declutter your living space, finding storage solutions for things that don’t have a place. Make it cosy, with candles, soft blankets and pillows.

Make time at least a few times a week to sit down, relax with a good movie or book in the cosiest room in your home. Having that time to just chill can be so therapeutic, you could meditate, paint, craft or listen to some relaxing music.

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Speak to your doctor

If you’re really struggling with your stress levels, it can be a good idea to speak to your doctor.

It could be that you’re suffering from a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression, and getting onto the right treatment will have you feeling like yourself again.


Take these tips into consideration when you feel like you're stressed out from work. If it gets really bad, make sure to attend to a doctor.

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~ Ellen