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My whole house (the inside) was done painting weeks ago, and everything looked so brand new again like the time my family first bought this house in 2002. It’s quite an old house yes, but it can totally be redone and repainted to look brand new again.

We painted it because the old paint looked dull and the paint was coming off the ceiling and walls, which, frustrated me because of the stick on wall hooks (those things where u stick it onto a wall instead of using a nail to pin it) kept falling off!! (I hate when that happens, it’s annoying and pretty much a waste of money!)

But it was also a good thing because I have the advantage to change the way my room looks (which looks better than my old arrangement tbh) since the window can reflect towards my desk and my bed is placed in the middle instead of placing it against a wall.

On Melbourne Cup Day (7 November 2017), since it was my break off, I decided to why not use this break to do something productive? That’s where making a hanging photo wall came into place.

I bought string, photo glossy paper, and paper clips a while ago (a long long time ago). It was the best time to bring them to good use!

If you want to learn how to decorate your own room or house with these easy DIY Photo clothespin display, continue reading!

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

Photo Clothespin Display will always spice up your room. Try making these easy and simple DIY all with a few tools. #photos #DIY #crafts #photoclothespindisplay #homedecor #roomdecor #polaroid

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Things you will need


You can simply buy these items for cheap at Target.


1. Collect your images!

Collect images from your Instagram by using a snipping tool and saving it on to your computer.

I took my images from my personal and drawing Instagram (@Zyrakuma) and saved into a separate folder named “original”.

2. Editing the Images

(Not necessary, then skip to #3) I used Adobe Photoshop CC to crop the images and placed them to fit the photo paper.

If you don’t use or have Adobe Photoshop, you can use browser sites like Canvas or PicMonkey that you could use to edit your images for a more “Tumblr” or “Authentic” effect.


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3. Print out the images onto your glossy photo paper.

The one I have dries very quickly once it’s done the printing. If your one doesn’t dry quickly, I suggest leaving it to dry for a few hours or so, based on the paper you have.

If you don’t have a printer, you should always check out good printers at Canon. I use a Canon Pixar MG6460 to print out these photos and school work

4. Caption it with a marker

(If necessary) Using the black marker, write down the title or caption of your image.

If you want a clean base, then you don’t have to do this. If you feel like it gives it more of a personal and memorable touch, go for it. This photo wall is based on your personality so feel free to decorate it however you like.


5. Cutting the string

Now, for the string. I, however, freestyled the length.

So cut accordingly based on your preference or however long the size of your wall is.

Be sure to cut 3 strings that reach the nearest/same length. This will give you a symmetric clothesline.

6. Taping time!

First hand, cut the tape (6 pieces of tape for 1 line) and stick them on ur arm/hand for an easy stick.

Tape the string from one side, stretch to the other side. Make sure you stick 1 side 3 times and the other 3 times stop your clothesline from falling.

7. Spacing out the photos

Space out the 2nd and 3rd string underneath the first string and repeat #6.

8. Photo hanging

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to hang your photos. Make sure you have your pegs/clips easy to reach along with your photos.

9. Clipping the photos to string

First, clip your photo on the first clothesline (or third if you’re working your way up) in the middle of the clothesline. This way, you can balance out the photos and the spacing of each of them.

When clipping your photo, make sure to clip the end of the clipper between the photo and the string so it can be tightly secured without having to slide around (I found it out the hard way while doing them). The way to do this is to clip diagonally.

For your next photo, start from left to right to balance it out and keep repeating it till you’re near the end. For the spacing, it depends on the size or your preference.


This is what mine turned out. What about yours?

Photo Clothespin Display will always spice up your room. Try making these easy and simple DIY all with a few tools. #photos #DIY #crafts #photoclothespindisplay #homedecor #roomdecor #polaroid

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