Simple Easy Ways To Self Care After A Long Day

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You come home from work and you're all out of energy. All you want to do is soak in a nice warm bath.

In this post, Regularlee explains her routine for self-care after a long day working, including taking baths, cooking, exercise, meditating and a bonus app that could too help you take care of yourself.

She writes tons of posts on self-care, job interviews and college life (literally, right timing because I'm just about to head to university so I could really use some advice).

Grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Simple Easy ways to Self-Care after a Long Day

There are lots of ways to take care of yourself mentally, but some of them can be more harmful in the long run, if your way is to eat sweets or something similar.

It's about finding that balance between enjoying yourself and doing it for your own benefit.

Take a Long Shower or Bath

One thing I enjoy doing is taking a long shower or bath. Especially after a long tiring day, there's nothing better than hot water relaxing your muscles.

Sometimes, when we are mentally in a bad place it's hard to get out of bed or leave the bedroom. It can definitely be tough to want to do anything at all.

But it doesn't take much effort to seep up some nice scents and relax, and even mask afterwards!

I love the scents of Herbal Essence and using various Korean moisturizing masks. It's important to take care of ourselves by not neglecting hygiene.


Another thing you can do is try cooking something new at home.

It doesn't have to be super healthy, but trying a new dish that looks mouth-watering on Pinterest could be rewarding, and cheaper than eating out.

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Even if it doesn't end up the way you wanted it to look or taste, it's a small adventure in the comfort of your kitchen.

I like trying recipes with ingredients I've never used before. It's always fun to be inside the process of a meal you used to take for granted.

It can also be fun trying to make food from other cultures! Not only is it a nice learning experience, but you also get to eat the delicious results!



This one I do regularly. Look up exercise videos on YouTube!

Many instructors are fun and it's healthy to follow along with a video and get your blood flowing. The videos I found were 10-40 minutes long and there are various kinds you could do: yoga, pilates, cardio, boxing, etc.

I personally like following Cassie on her channel, Blogilates.
She has apartment-friendly exercises as well as dances you can try.

The reason exercise is a good self-care activity is because the increase in blood flow and adrenaline will help you get out of a lethargic mood.

I find myself working out to a quick 10-minute video when I can't focus at home.

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It's also good to get up in the morning to do stretches or a meditation video to start your day right.

Everyone has their own tastes and I like doing 30-60 minutes of pilates and do this 2-3 times a week as my workout.

What's good about having it on-demand on YouTube is that you can mix and match what you want to do, instead of having to follow the course and instructor has you do that day in a real class.

Especially after a long sedentary day at work or classes, it's nice to know I'm keeping my health in check and making that a habit.

I also have an app called Year in Pixels where I track my mood every night.

You might not see the need to right now, but it's very therapeutic in seeing your weeks, months, and year in color.

I started using this app when I had a bad day and I felt like I was the unluckiest girl in the world.

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It seemed like I was always upset and it wasn't just a bad day, but another day of my life when everything wouldn't work out. But I had my doubts and wondered if it was just my perspective that was negative.

I started tracking the colours on a 5 colour scale (dark purple for a bad day and light pink for a great day) and for either of the extremes, I wrote a short note on what happened those days.

It turns out, I didn't have bad weeks!

Sure, there were bad days here and there, but it was really nothing to get upset about! It helped me lift my mood and change how I see the negative events that happen to me. Even if I feel like it was definitely a bad day, I can find comfort in knowing that this will pass and tomorrow it won't be so bad.

If you can relate to how I felt in any way, I highly suggest downloading one of the many similar apps in the app store, or even making a physical journal for it and coloring in your moods. Whatever you choose, it's for improving your perspective on life.

Author's Note

This app is similar to the app I usually use called Daylio! And since it looks so cooler in pixels, I'm going to download it right now and try it out.


Look, I can be chill and stress at once. Don't judge me!

And I agree with Regularlee when she recommends checking out Blogilates when you're up for checking out motivating exercise routine (still jealous of her abs and legs though).

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