Simple Steps To Help You Become More Organised

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When it comes to working freelance or running your own business, it pays to be organised. It means that life is a little bit less stressful, as well as making sure you hit all of your targets on time.

But what if being organised isn’t really in your nature? What if you’re always late for everything and leave everything until the last minute? You’re certainly not alone and luckily, there are ways you can turn things around to give yourself an organisation makeover.

Want to learn the ways of those organised people? Follow these simple steps to help you become more organised.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

Want to learn the ways of those organised people? Follow these simple steps to help you become more organised. #organised #organisation #productivity #motivation

Start getting up earlier

If you’re always running late or find that there aren’t enough hours in the day, start getting up earlier. Becoming a lark (another name for a morning person) will help you get your day off to a great start.

You’ll be able to have time for breakfast, a spot of cleaning and even exercise. By the time you need to start work, you’ll be much more awake and energised, ready to get stuck in.

Becoming a lark will mean going to bed earlier, so that means you need to make sure you set a reasonable bedtime to stop yourself from burning out.

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Tackle your biggest tasks early on

Prioritisation is key when it comes to running a business. You’re only one person, with only so much you can do in your day, you need to learn to prioritise your tasks better to ensure the best use of your time.

It helps to tackle your biggest tasks early on, as this will help you to benefit from when you’re the most focused. It allows you to spend the afternoon tackling your other, simpler tasks, which can be the perfect way to wind down at the end of the working day.

Declutter your desk

Is your desk or office space disorganised and messy? This doesn’t make for a good working environment.

A messy desk space makes it difficult to find anything, and you’ll find yourself easily distracted by the mess around you.

Decluttering your office space will help you to bring better organisation to your workspace, allowing you to run your business distraction-free.

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Get help with the admin

Running a business by yourself is tough. You’re responsible for every single task, which can get time-consuming, especially as your business begins to grow.

Hiring services from Virtual HQ could help you out by making sure your phone is always answered and even get help with diary management.

Diverting tasks away from yourself will help you save time, and let you carry on with running the business.

Want to learn the ways of those organised people? Follow these simple steps to help you become more organised. #organised #organisation #productivity #motivation

Make it easier on yourself

It pays to spend time working on processes and templates that will make tasks easier. From creating social media templates to spreadsheets that help you with the maths, there is a lot you can do to free up time and make things easier on yourself.

As well as saving your time and energy, this could help you maintain consistency, which is essential for making sure your business projects a professional image.

Spend a little bit of time developing these processes, it will make things much easier in the long run.

Write everything down

Writing everything down is a good way to ensure that you don’t forget everything.

Whether you’re writing down a to-do list or the details of a phone call, it’s better to write it down than to rely on memory.

Keep a notepad and pen to hand on your desk and start using them, you’ll find your thoughts are much better organised.

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Learn to take proper breaks

If you only tend to grab 10 minutes here and there for a coffee, or your lunch break is usually spent checking and replying to emails, then you’re not really giving yourself a proper break.

This can leave you feeling exhausted, but will also mean you start doing personal tasks and looking for distractions during the working day. Switching off from work can be difficult, but you must take that break.

Fit in an hour at lunchtime to focus on yourself and be disciplined to finish work on time each day. Your free time will give you the chance to catch your breath, meaning you’ll be more focused the next day.

Becoming more organised is not easy, you’ll need to be strict and change many of your habits, but that’s ok. Take things one step at a time and you’ll soon find yourself the queen of organisation, ready to run your business with ease!


Those are many of the ways you can start being organised. Whether it's getting up early, tackling tasks, or decluttering your workplace, always find a way to fit it into your routine to help keep you from procrastinating.

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