Smart Ways to Create a Unique Content Always

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As a blogger or any other content creator, have you ever thought to yourself "how can I create unique content that differs from everyone else"?

You know, you stumble on the internet and you find thousands on millions of content that is pretty similar to others. However, you want to stand out from the crowd right?

In this featured post, Junaid will be sharing some great tips on how to create unique content!

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

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Smart Ways to Create a Unique Content Always

Everyone loves the idea of creating viral content shared around the world. Stimulating sales to become a kind of celebrity, the creation of perfect content that everyone can see is simply incredible. Unfortunately, not all content reaches this level of popularity.

Creating something that has the potential to become viral is quite subjective. This is based on many factors beyond the creation of an item that you thought was perfect. Although you can use advice from advertising company or digital marketing agency Dubai to quickly stimulate social engagement, the content must always be created by you.

Create quality content to create viral content

First and foremost, always focus on the quality of your content. Even if your publications are not viral, the quality will improve your traffic. So what can be done? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Use good grammar and spelling
  • Move away from extremely long sentences and paragraphs
  • Try to avoid the use of swear words
  • Do not fill your content with unnecessary information

Invoke positive emotions

Emotional content is three times more likely to be effective.

One of the best ways to start marketing viral content is to invoke positive emotions. This is when you will need to create a publication to make the reader feel good. Why do you think people are relaxed when watching videos of animals or children?

Love, happiness, joy, and enthusiasm are factors not to be neglected for content to be shared in a viral way.

Keep your publication simple and succinct

Keep the information simple and easy to remember. This is a key element of content marketing. As mentioned earlier, do not fill your publication with information that is not related to your subject. The content you are about to create must be fast. You want to keep your readers' attention.

Create equity securities

Headings are very important for your audience's engagement. If you simply create a publication on the blog or share something on social networks, this will be especially true. Fortunately, there are tools such as CoShedule's Headline Analyzer that can be of great help in this regard.

Titles should be thoughtful and interesting to the reader. The use of things like power, emotional words and keywords often improve the way people share content. It takes a little time to master.

Create information lists

Lists are among the most important shared elements on the Internet. After all, you are reading this now because you were interested in ways to make your content viral. Even if this post doesn't spread on social media like a kind of digital fireball, it's still good content for a website.

Creating lists is an effective way to engage readers. It is about collecting a wide range of methods for a particular topic. This allows people to feel empowered when they learn something new.

Finding the ideal length of content

On average, messages of more than 2000 words are read less often than those of less than 1000 words.

Finding the perfect length for a viral publication requires some trial and error. I know that some experts believe that messages with more than 3000 words are of ideal length. However, I have seen powerful pieces with less than 1500 words.

Here are some elements that will affect this length for content:

  • Industry or content subject
  • Target audience
  • Quality of content
  • The number of valuable data in the content.

If you are looking for a tool to help you develop the perfect content, is an excellent resource. It will break down your content and display all kinds of statistics around it, including length.

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Add images to your messages

Adding images is an extremely effective way to help increase the chances of viral content. That's because it plays an essential role in online engagement.

Humans are a visual species, and the perfect image can easily invoke almost any target emotion. Many of these high-quality photos can be found for free on the Internet.

Use sharing plug-ins for social media

Many content marketers share material on social networks. As most people have an online social profile, the method is valid for reaching a wide audience.

Of course, creating this content has no value if you don't make it easier to share. This is why most websites now have a social sharing button on their pages. People are more likely to share your content if you make it easier to share.

This is an extremely easy process to do, especially if you use content management systems. Tools such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal have additions available that make it easy to set up social sharing buttons in minutes.

For example, the AccessPress Social Share plugin for WordPress is an excellent tool to use. The free version comes with a handful of themes for your buttons and it offers a variety of settings to customize them.

Mention people in your messages

Mentioning people in your messages, whether on the site or on social networks, is great to get their attention. If they like your publication, the individual can share it with their own fans. This is particularly useful when targeting the best influencers in your industry.

Those who demonstrate great influence in any particular field can easily motivate something to become a viral success. However, you still need to create content. These influential people will not share everything related to them.

Offer more things and cite sources

People love the idea of feeling informed. That's why many people will use Google to solve a problem. Producing articles and citing authoritative sources demonstrates your own authority on the subject. As a result, your reputation will increase.

However, it is another of these things that go beyond the creation of viral content. It also contributes to the performance of a publication on search engines. It may not be possible to scan social media like a virus, but it will certainly increase your site's visibility on search engines.

Understand your target audience

Understanding your target audience is another important part of the content marketing strategy. That is why so much effort is put into discovering the demographics of the target audience. Knowing who you are writing for helps to be more engaging.

Understand the audience, can be included when looking for good content marketing tips. After all, there is more at stake than creating viral content.

It is about creating content that resonates en masse. For this to work, you need to know exactly what people are looking for. This means that you have to spend some time studying who is following your accounts and what people like about your content.

Create guides and other practical content

Some 46% of people say that the most effective content is that which makes it possible to learn online.

Practical information and guides are among the most shared elements on the Internet. They are also among the most sought after on search engines. That's because people like to learn how to do it themselves. This is especially valuable as viral content if you can save money during the process.
Many people experience success by just adding the word "How" at the beginning of the article. Of course, you must also insert valid information in order to make your content viral.

Develop more computer graphics

Many people turn to the visualization part. Computer graphics have become exceptionally popular over the years and are three times more likely to be shared. Not only are most of these graphs powered by legitimate data, but they can also be pleasing to the eye.

The best part is that you don't need to be a graphic designer to create one. Sites like Canva can do a lot of design work for you.

Include a call to action

A good call to action is a great way to get people to share your content. You see this on many well-developed pages. These pages have buttons or links allowing the reader to "act now" or "click here to get". This same process can be used to get people to share or comment.

People often respond to a call to action, which is why they are very often used. Whether at the end of a video on Youtube or a question at the end of an article, the focus is on encouraging the public to take action.

Analyze the data of all your messages

If you want to increase your chances of creating viral content, you should review your data. The way people interact with your website, your industry and social publications will help to develop a strategy for greater engagement.


One of the worst things to do when trying to create viral content is to force it. Trying too often to force often leads to problems and can have the opposite effect. However, the above methods have helped many people to develop their content. See how you can change your own content marketing strategies and create something that everyone wants to see.

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Junaid Ali Qureshi is an eCommerce entrepreneur with a passion for emerging tech marketing and eCommerce development. Some of his current ventures include Progos Tech (Woocommerce mix and match),, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.

Note from the Host

These are some really useful advice for when you want a post to gain attention from readers! Even I learned a lot from editing Junaid's post.

One of my older post about self-care apps gained popular attraction just from the simplicity of going straight into what the apps are about as well as the screenshot images I added to go along with the list.

The most important part of wanting your post to gain attraction is to give useful information that helps the reader learn something. That's one way you can make your post explode!

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