The Truth On Why People Are Clicking Off Your Site

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When I say I'm leaving your blog, I'm actually leaving your blog. This could affect your blog's bounce rate meaning the higher your bounce rate is, the more you should start being aware.

Look, when I first started out blogging, I've done half the things on here. But that is an exception because I had little knowledge of the blogging world.

If you have been blogging for over a year now and you're still at this point of having half these items on the list, then you really need to start looking into it.

From a very long post that clumps into one big paragraph to the design theme being *cough* ugly. Pop-ups EVERYWHERE. Paragraph fonts? Can't read if they're too small or a light colour. Posts that sound like robots. Really long loading times and bad grammar or spelling. These areas could affect your bounce rate.

Here are my tips when it comes to improving your blog's bounce rate.

Grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

The Truth on why People are Clicking Off your Site

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A very long post that clumps into one big paragraph

When I first started blogging, I too wrote my blog posts in big clumps and no paragraphs.

Thankfully, a fellow blogger told me to spread the paragraphs in small sections to make it easier to read. So I end up doing that. If no one told me that, then I would be stuck writing out a large essay that no one would want to finish reading.

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Yes, it is hard to read and of course, I get bored easily after reading a sentence or two (unless you get right to the point). Go check out all those blog posts you follow and see how they spread out their post.

The most popular tip out there is setting them in SubHeadings and then spreading each sentence out (1-3 sentences).

The Design theme looks way too "noobish" or "clustered"

I know I know, the most important thing about blogging is the actual post itself. But, as a person who likes anything clean, neat and pretty, I prefer to stay on a blog that doesn't look like a 2003 theme.

Making things pretty belongs to Instagram or Pinterest. For me, a blog theme can really set everything apart and make the visitor enjoy staying.

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Even the fonts and typefaces of a paragraph need to be readable! Most importantly, it needs to load fast and easy to navigate.

You can check out good looking, minimalistic themes at StudioPress. They are easy to install to your WordPress site and they are mobile and desktop friendly.

Niche Pro Theme

Pop-ups everywhere

Placing ads do no harm to your readers because it's like a "treat" for all the hard work you put into a post. Unless you really over-do it by adding ads everywhere.

Google Adsense now has updated their policy as of this year (2019) to make blog sites "reader-friendly". This means Google's changes to how audiences interact with ads.

For the subscriptions, what I'm talking about is, when I visit a page, subscription pop-ups are right in my face. You know how much I hate jump scares!

Like look, I'll subscribe to you if I find your posts helpful or if I enjoy your personality. No need to get upfront in my face when I haven't even finished reading the introduction yet.

Oh, one more thing, those social media bars, yes, those things that block the paragraphs and you have no way to close it because they have no arrow indication to close it. Fix them, please. I can't even read your post if I got that bar blocking half my screen on my tablet.

The paragraph font is hard to read

I've encountered many blogs where they use a really light coloured typeface. Or the font paragraph is way too small to read. Or they use cursive typefaces for their paragraph text.

C'mon now, how am I expected to read this when I clearly can't read it? And no, I don't have eyesight problems! (You can check my Optometrist for that).

Try using fonts that are the medium-large size (like say size 12-17), easy to read typefaces like San-serifs and darker colour that isn't light as the sun rays.

Posts that don't have 'personality'

When you start posting, you really don't know what you want to sound like. I guess it's like a progression thing in the blogging world.

When I first started out blogging, I use to write like I write my essays in school. Now that I'm being more "me" on this blog, I'm not afraid to use my sarcastic tone and personality into my blog posts.

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And if they don't like it, then they can leave! Yes, your long-term readers want to know that you're NOT a robot and I completely agree with that.

It makes it more enjoyable to read instead of reading something that belongs in a dictionary. I'm definitely clicking off because I don't want to fall asleep like I do when I read my school textbooks.

Really LONG loading

One thing I hate the most is the long loading. Like cmon now, it doesn't take an hour just to clear your site's cache or remove plugins that you don't need. I've experienced this multiple of times and if I can't load into your site within 5 seconds, then I'm definitely clicking out.

You should use these WP plugins if you want to make your site run faster:

Bad grammar and spelling

I'm one to have bad grammar and spelling but you know what helps me with this? Grammarly.

This free tool can help you automatically fix your grammar and spelling errors when you're writing your posts. If you haven't gotten it yet, click here.

I mean, if I see an error, I'll still read your post if it's interesting but I'm definitely not going to stay and check out your other posts.


Use this advice for your blog to improve your bounce rate and help Google link your post to the top.

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