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Updated on February 24th, 2019 at 11:36 am

19… This year where things don’t really matter anymore.

18 was your year but 19? Well, 19 is the year where you need to chill out and learn more than you were 17.

This is also the year where you’re trying to figure out what you want to do in life. But you can’t because you’re not at the 30th midlife crisis yet.

Ok late post, I know my birthday was in August but seriously, life is hectic you know? And I had things to do that month.

Same with September with all the studying but don’t worry, I’m still doing this. I remembered this when I was making new Pinterest Graphics for my older posts.
Pretty much this is the year where you still exploring and going into adult life, because the next year, you’re going to turn 20.

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Grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

19 is the year where you're becoming a young adult. Here's what I've learned from life experiences for 19 years. #19 #spillingthetea #lifestyle #thoughts #lifeadvice #life

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1. Not giving a Fudge about anyone except yourself

Remember high school? How you always wanted to be in the popular group and be beloved by many of your classmates?


Well, no one cares about that anymore.


No one cares if you were popular or not in high school. People only care about themselves. You may have embarrassed yourself in those years but suck it up! No one will care years later nor should you.

I’m graduating online school this year and I have life decisions to make like going to university.

2. Your choice

I’m old enough to do legal things like drink (yeah umm no thanks on that), drive on my own, vote and do things without my parent permission.

I mean these revolve around the age of 18 but then again, you don’t realise you got life choices to make once you get to 19.

I’m still here figuring out whether I should go to university or not.

I mean, do I want to be a drop out like plenty of people and be in debt? Or should I not get my bachelors and have a low chance of getting a job in the industry I want to be in?

Who knows?

3. You’re an adult now (kind of), act like one

Let’s just say, young adult.

When you’re not in high school anymore, you’re turning towards something that you need to take care on your own.

You can probably get married around this age without getting judged. I mean, I don’t know if you can have a child either and not get judged.

You can’t follow around people anymore nor have your friends or teachers, babysitting you. You got to make your own life decisions.


4. Looking more grown-up compared to 3 years ago

Oh yeah, so today I looked in the mirror (and no, I’m not a vampire).

I realised that I look way much different than I looked like when I was 15-17. I mean, my face has grown in shape and I’m way taller than I was back then.

5. Self-care is Important to your life

Eating junk food, working so hard and binge-watching movies were my thing back then.

Now, you got to realise that doing these negative habits is going to lead to certain health problems in the future.

Same with working. You always need to have a break from time to time or a day off.

Do something you love even if it consist of 5 mins like meditating, yoga, journaling, taking a warm bath or lighting a candle while reading a book.


All these things can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.


6. Confused about Life

There are things that you think of but you don’t know what you really want to do or take a direction that will lead you to an unknown or possible future.

Take Emma Chamberlain for example. She dropped out of school at 16 and yet she has over 1 million subscribers and is successful on YouTube. All because she was filming her life and sharing it to the world.


For me, I’m not like her.


I can’t just drop out instantly (I mean, I did drop out of public school in 10th grade but does that even count?)

I try something that has a 50/50 chance for failing or succeeding. But the point is, life will take you to any directions and you don’t know what to do.

7. Taking Time more Wisely

Time is so much important.

I realised that time is wise and you need to be strict on what you’re doing in life. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fun.

Of course, you need a day to take a break, but there are times that doing things that don’t contribute to your future will lead you up the slow route.

If you want to go the easier route in the end, then you got to go through the hard route in the beginning.


8. Socialising and Confident

I still have social anxiety of course.

I still can’t go up to strangers without having to mix up my words and repeat myself.

It depends on if they have a lot to talk about because I hate awkward silences and that can lead me to slowly move away.

When it comes to walking up to customer service, you got to think “might as well get it now so you don’t have to come later”.

This way, you’ll start to learn to be more confident little by little. Even if they act like they’re having a bad day, it is definitely not your fault.


9. Transforming into a Minimalist living

Today’s world is more about the minimalist and modern lifestyle.

I’ve watched and seen minimalist things and that motivated me to try having a minimalist lifestyle.

All I can say is, designing minimalist is what I can do but trying to make minimalist into your lifestyle? Yeah, I can’t let go of some things, I’m a hoarder.

I’m opposite to my brother though. He lives a minimalist style while I live the “online” minimalist style and a hoarder lifestyle.


10. Turning a hobby into a business

When I was little, I use to have an enjoyment for small hobbies like drawing, reading, and blogging.

Now, ever since I turned 19, I realised that I can do these things that I love and turn them into a business.

My advice: you shouldn’t have that high expectation. You’ll end up feeling like your hobby (that you use to love) would actually feel like a job. And no one likes jobs.


Nowadays, I try to keep things in perspective.


I can blog as a business but also blog with passion and what I love.

Same with drawing. I can draw and post it up on social media but I also can draw what I want to draw (unless it’s for commissions).

Oh, and reading became boring for me because I had to read 4 novels for school. But reading if you read your own books.


11. Exploring new things

This year is the year where you get to have time to explore the world around you.

You’re not a beginner anymore but you’re still in the middle of finding things that make you happy or bring you joy.
Like traveling or finding new hobbies.


For me, I use to enjoy playing loads of video games and now I’m just like “it’s no fun anymore”. Now my new enjoyment is trying out new makeup, exercising or going for walks during sunny days.

12. Losing old friends, keeping the real ones and finding new ones (probably).

I was talking to my friend the other day and we were just talking about how we met at 13-14 and what our hobbies those days.

During our conversation, he brought up

“you’ve changed, El.”

And I thought to myself that I use to have lots of friends back then but now, I’ve kept the real ones and removed myself from the old ones.

It’s better to have a small friendship group with real people who make you feel happy rather than a large group that never cares about you.

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13. Beauty community has clasped

Oh boy, the beauty community… where can I begin?

Well let’s start from the start- I’m kidding.


All I know is that Laura Lee and Manny Mua are clasping.


Then you got Jeffrey Star, as well as James Charles and Tati, are out there exposing beauty gurus and brands.

That’s pretty much my summary.

14. YouTube becoming more of a place where wars start, climbing to get on top, making an earning

YouTube has become a place where every single individual uses it to communicate and bring younger makers to the public view.

Even my mum watches her tv dramas through the YouTube app.


But what happened to the days where YouTube was fun? Like actually fun?


People nowadays create or even duplicate contents. BuzzFeed for example (that’s the tea sis).


15. Stop being lazy and becoming more productive

Productivity has taken over my life.


You try seeing how I balance my life out with all these organisations and productivity tools. You can get physical planners to organise your life at Erin Condren or Emily Ley.

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16. Expanding Creativity in different ways

The more you learn, the more creative you get.

The more you learn, the more creative you get. Click To Tweet


Your brain along with your body is growing.

When you were a kid, you were more imaginative and creative.

Now you get to be creative but in a way where you can put it into production or product.


17. Still learning

19 is still the age where you continue to learn.

Even though you finally get out of the hell called “school”, you’ll be able to explore and find ways you could learn.

That could be getting a job where you expand your skills and experience. Go to university to study for a degree in what you want now and later find out you’re no longer interested.


Or exploring your identity and self, where life wants to drag you.


18. Social Media

Depending on the person but for me, I find that I take social media not seriously.

I mean, you’re learning that what people post on social media is not really “real” only to gain views and likes.

Yes, people definitely depend on likes.

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19. Music is still Life though

Of course, music is changing for itself but music is the same old same old.

Whether you are young or old, music will be forever in your life and without it, well, I don’t know. I never lived in the historical ages.

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108 - Spilling the Tea on Life from a 19-year-old
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