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Hey guys


I’m going to do my first storytime about my ex-best friend from the start of high school and how she BETRAYED me and my other friends.

This was an inspiration from the storytimes I’ve watched on YouTube so I decided to write my version.

Also, note, I will not use their real name for privacy reasons and as well as that, we’re cool as well.

And we’re cool now so looking back on this, it’s pretty hilarious.


People (reminder, to keep these names in mind throughout reading the story) 

Ex-Bestfriend: Linsey
Her Ex-Boyfriend: Austin
Friend 1: Matilda
Friend 2: Katherine

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Year 7

It all started near the end of year 7.

We met in math class with my other friends.

She was sitting at a table alone.

So what do my friends and I do? Instead of sitting at our normal table during math class, we sat with her so she wouldn’t be alone (and we were nice anyway.)

My friends were talking to each other while I was doing my maths work and she turned to me and started a conversation.

She was sweet and kind so we started to hang out more often.

Which lead to me separating my other friends.



Year 8

When school was back, we hung out more often.

My other friends and I became more distance as Linsey started to hang out with me as often because she felt uncomfortable with the others.

Every recess or lunch, we would go to the huge field in front of our school and hang out near the basketball court.

During that time, we would look under rocks and tree trunks for bugs

I have no idea why we did that, don’t ask.

Although we talked often, we had many things that we had no such things in common (and I do mean we like totally different things).

She liked a band that I don’t  mind but I didn’t really like their music genre.

The thing is she constantly talks about it. I kind of got annoyed because she kept talking about it every single day in school.

She also talks way too much

(mine, mine, mine, mine ~ Finding Nemo)

and doesn’t realize she talks loudly even when we’re in class.

Usually, the teacher blames me for talking when she started it first.

She would also be absent from school or go home early because she was “sick”, leaving me alone in nearly every single class (why didn’t you hang out with your other friends? Well, I was a shy person back in high school. Pretty much I had developed social anxiety but didn’t have a clue that I had it.)

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She had a crush on a guy that bullies us often and got rejected twice by him (I still to this day wonder why he bullies both of us.)

During the time, I had a devastation break up with my boyfriend (the one who I got back together this year but broke up again).

She would always text him behind my back (I found out later they were texting each other.)

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So that was heartbreaking for me.



Year 9

I saw a picture of her and her two friends from her primary school on a year 7 excursion and asked what happened to them.

Apparently, one of them spread a rumour about her in year 7 saying she was a so-called “lesbian”.

The other one just hated her guts saying she lies a lot.

Again, she later had a crush on a kid who was also teasing us who was in my class.

But this wasn’t the crush from year 8.

Oh no, it was a different one. But apparently, she was rejected by him multiple times.

We were doing our career research in pathways and she told me she wanted to become a ‘game designer’ because back then I wanted to become a game designer when I grow up (now I want to become a Graphic Designer or something like that).

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She quickly changed from artist to game designer within a few days.

I told her math was included and she didn’t know so she changed her career choice back to an artist.

I was like, but a moment ago you wanted to become a game designer?…

She also became absent from school every week and she kept going home early.

Is it because of me? Probably.

She was acting strangely toward me.

Let’s get back to history.

Matilda and Katherine knew her really well since they went to the same primary school together.

They were once friends with her until she kept lying, spreading rumours about other people and becoming ‘annoying’.

I once had an argument with my family so I went to her house on a hot day after school.

I was still pissed off at my family so I went to her house for a while. I had to go home shortly before my parents started to worry about me so I told her I had to go home early.

In Year 10, she told one of my best friends at the time that I left because I “wanted too”.

Seriously? I wanted to stay but I didn’t want my family to worry that I was kidnapped or something. My phone was dead anyway.

We had a fight/drop-out over me being distant from her.

I told her she was being very annoying and she kept embarrassing me every time like she was showing my flaws to “the whole world”.

I was very self-conscious about my flaws back then.

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So she told her mum on me and she texted me as her ‘mum’, “please do not text or talk to my daughter ever again”. (Still to this day, I wonder if her mum actually texted me that or her that tried to pretend to be her mum.)

Year 10

Nearly the last year of high school, the more we stayed in our 3 year friendship, the more I knew about her “true colours”.

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She came back to me wanting to reunite with me. I gave her a second chance (because I’m a nice person.)

She kept talking more and more and it started to annoy the heck out of me. Again, with the same drama.

She still had a crush on Austin (the one in year 9).

She confessed to him and they started going out.

The problem was when they were dating, she completely ignored me.

The “popular girls” were surrounding them every recess and lunch.

She completely ignored our friends and hung out with the popular girls and her boyfriend.

During class, she would sit with her boyfriend and his friends and leaves me all alone.

Months later, she broke up with him because her ‘dad’ caught him with another girl talking about using her or something (I still don’t believe that really.)

She would come back running to me. Guess what? crying.

Like just wow.

She started to become more like “me” by changing herself to be exactly like me.

She did the same thing back in year 7 with the girl that had a falling out with her.

Near the middle of the year, we had ANOTHER falling out.

She lied that her mother told her to not be friends with me. I didn’t believe that.

I didn’t give her another chance after that. I started to hate her.

She then reported Matilda to the principal because Matilda playfully texted her “b****” when she was the one who texts Matilda a  “s***”.

We avoided her and ignored her but she kept coming to apologize to us for what she has done.

We gave up on the drama with her.

Personally, I feel like we were both in the wrong and were very immature back then. We’re cool now but I don’t talk to her anymore.

Have you had a “friend” who backstabbed you?


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8 - Storytime – My EX ‘Best Friend’

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