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Hey guys


This happened when I was about 13 or 14 years old (2011-2012).

I had this bully.

(wow. Not surprising at all!)

Let us call her Eve (just so we don’t spill her).

It was a PC multiplayer car game called Need For Speed World.

24-storytime my online bully from hell



Eventually, my other “friend” Nick (not his real name) was her enemy at the time.


What happened was that Nick and Eve had an argument over something and apparently they became enemies.
As Nick’s friend, he told me all the nasty things about Eve.
Nick told me to block her so I did (because I was his friend and immature at the time).


I was also friends with this guy who’s also friends with Eve, let us call him Chris.
Apparently, Chris told me that Eve told him that I blocked her.
He asked me to unblock her so I did.


Chris, however, invited me to his party which involved Eve and their other friends.

I did not know they were in his party.

So I asked him if I could invite one of my friends to the party and he said go ahead.


I invited Nick to the party, and, Eve and her friends were saying really nasty things to both of us because I was friends with Nick.
They were saying things like “get out of the party” “leave we don’t want you here” and then we left but before we left, both of us said nasty things back at them.


And so I blocked her the second time.


Both Nick and I started having a rebel between Eve and her best friend Vanessa.
Days, weeks, months gone past and we still have the hatred on each other.
We’ve gone against each other by getting our crews or “gangs” and driving into her (it’s a game of course so we could drive into people’s other cars just to let you know.)



One day, I’ve become friends with one of the moderators, let us call her Katy.
I introduced Katy to Nick and they weren’t good in terms, and apparently, Nick was also immature and blocked Katy for some odd reason.
And then one day we see Katy with Eve, and as immature we are, we started to hate on Katy for being Eve’s “best friend” because


once you’re friends with an enemy that we hate, then you’ve become our enemy.



The hate went on for many years now (1 year).
Soon then we used other people to gain popularity and hatred on the other which was terrible in my opinion.
We use to call her a racoon because she did her makeup so dull and bold.



So when the game started dying down, it was at the time my bf at the time, introduced me to League of Legends that I didn’t really care for Eve anymore.


That’s when I got banned from NFSW (for many reasons) and then transferred to LoL at the end of 2013.

24 - Storytime My Online BULLY From HELL

~ Ellen


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