Storytime – Neighbours That LITERALLY Made Me Go INSANE

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Hey guys

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many people out there who have suffered more terrible neighbours than me, but I too have also have suffered from TWO neighbours from hell that got me INSANE.

Feel free to let me know if you have also been in this situation where you want to kick- no, punch your neighbours OR if you’re the NOISY NEIGHBOUR (lol at the all caps.)

25-storytime neighbours that literally made me go insane

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Let us get started with the first one.

This is the typical neighbours who enjoy partying like nearly every single weekday and weekend.


They moved along time ago (2011 if I could recall.)
I don’t see them much often but I did see them twice or 4 times when I’m going off to school and going home from school.
There lived a guy and lady.
The guy looked really young maybe between 19 – 25.

Well, of course, they’re going to be the party types.


They’re young ain’t they?


Well clearly, every time it’s 4 to 10 in the afternoon, I hear the loud “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM” from next door.

Oh, you’ll probably guess what that is.

It certainly is karaoke alright.

One thing for sure, I certainly hate karaoke because of either
1, they can’t sing (it mostly ends up yelling out words)
2, the music is so loud that the floor is shaking.


So of course, they play their Asian music




Even the neighbourhood can hear them singing so loud.
Oh yeah, they sounded so drunk as well.


I couldn’t stand them.


Typically, I didn’t have any headphones or earplugs during those days. All I had was to deal with it.
Whenever I do homework, there goes the THUMP THUMP, when I eat, THUMP THUMP, when I try to sleep for school the next day, more THUMP THUMP BOOM.

It keeps repeating.

That one time, I had enough with the ridiculous next door neighbour so the moment they start to play their loud music, I called the police on them.

Sure enough, the police came to warn them to keep to volume down. They did for awhile until the police left, there it goes…

more loud music!

My family and the neighbours from their other side had to deal with this abomination for a few years until they moved.
I was so damn happy that day that I get to finally sleep in peace…


Until years later…

The second neighbour is this one I have currently.
I mean, at less it wasn’t worse than the first one…


This one was 10x more HORRIFYING than the party neighbours.

I have so much to rant about the second neighbour that I couldn’t even keep myself from being angry.

So this one moved in a year while back.
Apparently, they are just renting next door from what my mum tells me.
Now let me tell you the reasons why I seriously hate, hate, HATE the people next door.

One, they talk so loudly.

I too am Vietnamese like them and I could understand everything.
I can’t even comprehend how obnoxious both of them are.
Yes, they’re immigrants but at less keep your talking down, jeez.
Even with the windows closed, I can still hear them yelling at each other and it’s annoying.
Like, I really don’t need to hear your whole entire life!


Second, the guy next door is a home car mechanic.

Should I even try to explain?

At first, I didn’t mind it but I constantly hear the sound of their garage door opening and closing, the sound of a hammer and saw etc.

You know what mechanical business sounds like right?

Or just relate it to a construction site.
Yep, that’s what it sounds like every day.
I can’t even concentrate on my study and schooling.

It’s like having a mechanic business next door…oh wait…


Thirdly, they have a child.

“What’s wrong with having a child?!?” 

I’m not going to lie, I love children (would definitely have one in the future) but…

…It’s more of a loud tantrum child.

Now, I don’t mind children but if I constantly hear a child screaming, violent crying and stomping in their house, I’ll seriously go insane.

It’s more like these “parents” are trying to abuse this child.


Fourth, like the first neighbour, they also play really loud karaoke.

It’s pretty much like the first story I explained but this one is not drunk and also more horrible singing.


Lastly, they are REALLY rude.

One time, my parents went over there to ask kindly if they could either keep it down or do their mechanic business at an ACTUAL business and then the guy went all ballistic, crazy, angry and started swearing at my parents that “he owns this place and he could do whatever they want” etc etc.

If you call renting it, I guess so?

I never heard anyone act so RUDELY to my parents which make me so damn angry.

Still dealing with them currently but I guess I’m so grateful to have earphones, a headset, and earplugs to actually block out a bit of noise.

Until then, I could deal with them until I move to my boyfriend‘s place or either they move out.



You might be asking…

Can’t you soundproof your house/room? Well, I don’t think I have the money to do that. Seems expensive.

Can’t you call the council or police? Tried emailing the council (I didn’t have phone credit then) and we don’t have evidence for it. Also, my family is busy so we don’t have time to go to court. The police don’t really do anything (like last time.)

Tried talking to them? Did that. Ended up being enemies with the neighbours.

Leave a note? Uh if I did, then they would either throw it in the bin like trash or scream over the fence.

Blast back music? I’m not the only one living in this house, you know.

25 - Storytime – Neighbours That LITERALLY Made Me Go INSANE

So, have you ever encounter these neighbours? Or were YOU the noisy neighbour from hell? Leave your comments below!


~ Ellen


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