The Benefits to Link Parties and How to Find Them

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Have you heard of link parties for? Aka link-ups, linky parties or blog hops. Link parties are another way to find traffic and gain new interested readers.

But what is a "link-party"?

A "link party" is a way where bloggers can link their own post through hosting parties in either niche/s or topic. You are able to freely share your links without getting reported as spam (unless you're linking way more than the max limit).

They are hosted based on a day (for example, Thirsty Thursdays), weekly or even monthly.

Link parties have 'hosts' (aka judges) and they look through the links to see which one will be on the next link party "featured post".

In this post, I'll explain the rules, tools, where to find these and benefits of joining link-parties.

A guide to link parties, how you can find them and how they can benefit you as a blogger. #linkparty #linkup #bloghop #bloggers #linkyparties #trafficguide

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Before we get started, I want to credit Katelyn's post on "Link Party 101". This is where I get my info (because I'm still a beginner at Link parties).

The Benefits of Link Parties

Let's start off with the benefits. When you join blog hops, you're able to:

  • gain commenters who clicked on your post
  • find interesting posts based on your niche
  • gain backlinks that will help your site
  • pageviews to your post
  • and probably new readers or social media followers

Are there rules?

Yes. Rules do apply and you must follow them or you will end up with consequences if you obey the rules. Some rules apply such as following the hosts on social media, sharing the link-party through social media, adding a banner to your own site or adding max links.

For example, usually hosting link parties recommend you link max 3 posts. If you link over 3, then you have broken the rule and can have the consequences of your links being removed or probably even be blocked from that future link party.

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A guide to link parties, how you can find them and how they can benefit you as a blogger. #linkparty #linkup #bloghop #bloggers #linkyparties #trafficguide

How to find Link parties?

  • Google search your niche and then add "link party" or the other words I mentioned in the introduction of this post.
  • Twitter with the hashtag. Here are some: #linkup #inlinkz #linkhop #linky #bloggersrequired

Link Party Directories:

What tools do I need to link up?

There are many tools you can use for link-ups. For me, I use InLinkz for adding my links (it's free don't worry!).

In order to start linking, you must make an account first.

The benefits in having an InLinkz account is that you can save your last entries and add it to another link-party. You can also check the link-party history including checking how much clicks you had for that post.

This is a great way to see which post gets the most clicks so that in the future, you can follow that blog hop again.

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Advice for Link-parties?

I highly suggest joining a newly open link-party. This means adding your link to the very first page. That way you can gain more impressions of your links as well as clicks.


Now that you gain some info about link parties, it's time for you to try it out and see if this a great way to find interactions with these tips.


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