The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Beginners

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Welcome to this Pinterest guide for beginners! Pinterest is known for their aesthetic images and is popular among the blogging community.

If you're a blogger or have a business and HAVEN'T created an account yet, then you're seriously missing out on loads of traffic and sales.

What is Pinterest? People mistake Pinterest as a "social media" site when it's actually not. It's actually known as a search engine because, like Google, you're using this site to search up whatever you need to search up. However, you're using images as the "link".

You can try it yourself. Click here to go to Pinterest and look at the layout. All these random images link to a site. Also, when you search, you also get a list of keywords that are related to your search.

In this post, I'm going to give you an ultimate guide on Pinterest and how you can achieve success with a few secret tips and tricks.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

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I've been using Pinterest ever since I started the first day of secondary school (high school) and even before I started this blog. But I didn't use it for blogging. Instead, all I even needed to do on Pinterest was to look for images and save them to my tablet.

Of course, I still pin my favourite things from time to time to my private boards. Yet, I still don't know how to use Pinterest like a professional but I like to consider this site the most used daily.

Here are my monthly unique views as of Sep 2019

But anyways, let's get into the Pinterest guide!


I schedule on Tailwind depending on how much pins I have in my schedule. Tailwind has a feature where they can automatically set a recommended time/day that is best for your audience.

Tailwind Tribes

One of the best things to gain more impressions. One of my pins 8 Self-Care Apps to use Today became a popular post because of my pin being shared through Tailwind Tribes. Remember to schedule other pins.

Sharing is caring

You don't want to spam your account with only your pins. Share the blogging love and support other bloggers! That is also one of the rules when you join a tribe. You can't share ONLY your pins. You must share other pins before you can share your pins to the tribe.

Grab your FREE 30 Pins with Tailwind Here!

Manual Pinning

With Pinterest's current algorithm, it is preferable to start manual pinning. Pin at least 1-2 times a day (when you wake up or before you sleep).

The number of pins to pin? I don't usually count my pins. I just pin over 20+ pins from Homepage and from the people I follow. Remember to pin your own pins (because they don't pin themselves). 1 Of your own boards and 2 to group boards with more impressions.

One trick that I was told was to re-pin your own pin that someone shared. For example, if you got a notification that someone shared one of your pin, you re-pin that pin to either the board of your group. I think this has something to do with tricking the Pinterest algorithm (I really don't remember because I learned this trick a long time ago).

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Pretty Visual Pins

Pinterest is all about visuals! Make sure it looks stunning for your audience or they won't be re-pinning it. You can use tools like Canvas and PicMonkey to create gorgeous graphics in simple steps.

Minimum of 2-3 Typefaces:

If you're thinking of using 4 or more typefaces, make sure it works out together because if it doesn't, it will look like a mess!

Simplicity and minimalistic is pretty much the new vibe here! Using more typography is just going to make it look… well, ugly and overwhelming. I was taught in a Graphic Design course that using less = more.

If you look up on Pinterest, you can see that many pins use at least a decent 2-3 typefaces in their graphics to make it look neat, bold and less overwhelming.

Eye-catching, Large & Bold

Pinterest is filled with millions of pins and graphics. The majority of Pinterest users will just skip through those pins that are hard to read or have no images on them.

If you want your brand or business to stand out, try adding in your main blog palette (brand colours) and use at least a black or white font so it can grab the user's attention.

You can also add in something bold, capitalised and large. Then you would be getting your audience's attention (and a few repins too).

Pastels or Bright Colours

I mean, even though there is a high majority of females on Pinterest, males are starting to go on Pinterest more than you realise.

So go with the flow by using pastel colours that are subtle and feminine or bright colours to create an eye-catching and vibrant visual look that will get your audience's attention.

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Make them Vertically

You can fit more into one by having your pins built vertically and, by using vertical hierarchy (you absolutely don't need to be a professional Graphic Designer to know this).

Vertical hierarchy is building your text or block from top to bottom. This is to guide the audience's eyes on what your message is all about. You can make it easier for your audience to read down instead of having to look at your graphic for more than 6-10 seconds to read what your title is or what your post will be about.

Change it up once in a while

Like learning, the more ideas and inspiration you get, the more beautiful it's going to get.

You'll be surprised when I say this but it's always good to explore more and add things that are unusual and unique that could match your business or blog.

My older graphics were pre-drawn because I love to insert my hobby/interest (aka art) into my blog. However, I wanted to make my graphics in a quicker way instead of trying to upload every clip and typefaces so I decided to go back to using Canvas and PicMonkey.

Beautiful and Clean Stock images for the Background

To make your graphics stand out more, use a fresh and minimalistic stock image for the background. In my personal opinion, I find it more attracting when I see Pins that are neat and simple.

You can get Free Stock Images here or enchanting Pixistock subscription so you'll get all the stock images you need.

You can also sign up to her email subscription to get FREE stock images every month.


Yay! You've completed this Pinterest Guide. Now that you understand the secrets to Pinterest, start making an account (if you haven't yet) and install these tips from this guide into action!

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~ Ellen