Where to Find Royalty Free Stock Images

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So, you're here because you're looking for royalty free stock images am I right? (of course, you are).

That's great because there are tons of free stock image for commercial and personal use. I wouldn't have survived Pinterest without these background pics for my Pinterest graphics.

I've seen many blogging newbies (beginner bloggers) asking for "where can I get the best stock images for free?" or "where can I find free stock images?" Well, you came to the right spot.

However, since I've updated to my personally drawn Pinterest graphics, sadly I won't be continuing using those sites trying to look for the perfect fit for when my next post is coming out.

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Also, for those of you newbies out there, I want you to READ THIS because heck, I don't want you trying to ignore these cautions or the sake of your site getting banned.


  • When looking for images, you must look for be AWARE of the copyright use. There are some images out there which contain additional copyright, property rights, trademarks etc. that need the consent of the owner or a license.
  • If you see a "free for commercial use" then you're able to use the image freely in public without having to have the consent.

Let's get into the list of sites for royalty free stock images!

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

7 Sites to Grab Free Stock Images for your Content

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliates. I earn a compensation if you buy the product. I only add affiliates that I've tried myself and would prefer to you. Read more Privacy Policy & Disclosure*

1. StockSnap.io

The site for first royalty free stock images is StockSnap, I simply adore the images on here. If you ever come across other feminine blogger sites that give away free stock images, then you can find some that are related to that here.

I would prefer bloggers to use a site like this because the images on here are bloggers, business and entrepreneurs related but there are also some images out of the office background.

These images are beautiful, rich, feminine, with a dominance of space and white. You can literally find anything Pinterest graphics like on here to use for your own Pinterest graphics like coffee, laptop, planners, tea, stationery and all things office-like.

Simple easy to download! Click on the image, click on "Free Download" and it instantly pops up your file on where to save. If you want to favourite the image to say "thanks, I appreciate you giving us free images", just by simply signing up and creating an account. Top searches at the moment are business, nature, people and more.

Aerial view of a woman using computer laptop working and hot tea

2. Pexels

Pexels is one of my top favourite sites to use when finding the perfect image for my keyword theme. This is personally the top site I use to use and the images are outstanding and breathtaking. You can find pretty much anything on here like bread, portraits, buildings, landscapes and many more.

With Pexels, you can just click on an image, and simply download it by clicking the "Free Download", viewing the preview and right-clicking to save it.

No need to sign up unless you want to heart the picture and donate to the amazing photographer like for StockSnap. Top searches at the moment are wall, phone, clouds and more.



3. Pixabay

Pixabay doesn't have that much "outstanding" images but it's still an awesome site to get your free images. Remember, we're here for free images amiright? Ok, so like Pexels, they have pretty much anything you might be looking for. The reason why I added Pixabay to the list is that of its use of categorising.

The thing is, you can pretty much look for images, videos, illustrations, vector graphics based on their categories. How cool is that? Just by clicking on one of the topics on the top bar, you get an assortment of free stock based on your choosing.

For example, if I'm looking for a random video to add to my blog post, I can just simply click on "Videos" on the top of the page and then I can scan through all these second videos and download them. And the best thing is, you can choose the sizing based on your suitable choice (just a caution that kb/Mb will add up the bigger the size is.)

Well, how do I pick my size and download it? Just click on the image, click on "Free Download", choose your option of size (I prefer recommended size that has already been picked for you), click view if you want to look at how it will look in pixels, then click download and it will pop up for where you want to save it! But sometimes, you will either get a popup for reCAPTCHA, so I would highly recommend you have an account (it's free to sign up!) if you're going to be downloading there often.

You can also browse by categories by scrolling right to the bottom of the page. Just a little warning to you, make sure you read carefully about the copyright issue. I know, I know, you're here to find free stock image sites, I get it!

But seriously, if you don't pay attention to the CC0 Creative Commons, then you might sadly, get sued for copyright issues. But don't worry, they're still plenty of images on there that are free! Just be careful because one blogger got a fine for using an image that is not commercial-free! Scary right??



4. Unsplash

Urgh! The royalty free stock images on here are gorgeous and beautiful! If you're a traveller blogger or an artist, then this is the perfect site to look up images of travelling and reference pictures. Here you can find different landscapes, buildings, portraits, nature, caves and more images here.

I use to use this site from time to time but when I'm in need of just nature or an image to draw my reference drawings, then this is definitely the site I go on to look for the pictures I need. You can also browse through and look for great inspiration from photographs around the earth.

If you want to browse through the selected categories, just click on the 3rd icon on the top bar. What's awesome about this site is when you scroll down through the selected categories, they also have tags under the main image so that you can find something that is related to the thumbnail image. It's awesome because when I can't think of inspiration, I just look through and explore the different variety of images to inspire me.

By downloading, just click on the image you would like, then click on the green icon on the top far right of the image with the arrow pointing down and it will transfer you to a pop up where you can download it. Pretty awesome right? Top searches at the moment: business, computer, nature, love, house.



5. Burst

On the list, we have Burst. I'm not sure if anyone has heard of this site before but since you do now, you're lucky now! With Burst, if you're looking for portraits or people in the image, then this site is definitely for you.

I don't go on this site much for Pinterest graphics (it would have a contrast between the typography and people) but if you're the type of person who likes having people on your images, then here it is, a dominant of models and people hehe.. (has anxiety) I'm kidding!

Like Unsplash, I also go to this site to look for reference models to draw from and I'm glad to find the site. You can find pretty much anything and girl, when I saw "coffee" in the first category, I literally screamed. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, there's also GIFs on this site. That's brilliant!! GIF for the future yeah!

Anyways, to download, simply click on the image, then pick the photo size and then click "Download free photo". When a pop-up occurs asking you to enter your email to get free images right into your inbox, you can either click on "No thanks, give me the low resolution" or sign up to access the high resolution image that you want by unchecking the tick for "subscribe for free Burst photos", enter your email and then click the "Download" button. Once that's done, a popup will appear with the file on where you want to download it. It might sound complicated but it's well worth it. Top searches at the moment: coffee, fashion, music, travel, food, nature, city.


6. Pikwizard

Who said I wasn't done yet? Pikwizard is a recent stock free site I found. You can find hilarious to realistic images. When I say funny, I mean LOL! Look at this one below. Definitely giving it a heart!


Such creativity. Such talented photoshop.

You can even categories your images on the sidebar "Admin Panel" and easily filter them using the filter drop-down menu near the search bar. What's different than other stock image sites is that you can ACTUALLY edit the images with their tool "Design Wizard".

The best part? It's FREE. You absolutely don't need to install or download it. It will open in a new tab and instantly edit it right there on the spot just by clicking on "Edit Image in Design Wizard".

If you're looking for the most popular free images based in themes/categories such as desktop backgrounds, textures, Christmas images etc, you can always click the 3 dots next to the search bar and click on "Most Popular". This is one of the best ways to quickly find what you're looking for but also find really good ones.

So how can you download it?
Click on an image and a new tab will open. Make sure you sign up to Pikwizard to be able to download the images. Once you've done that, scroll down under the image and click on "download" between "Edit Image in Design Wizard" and "Share". It will instantly download. License CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) but still make sure to check it carefully!

Other Image Site/s:


Enjoy your royalty free stock images and photographs for you own site and business!

If you have any sites you would love to share in the post, feel free to email me at ellen@zyrakuma.com .

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