TreViet Restaurant Review

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I'm going to be sharing you with a TreViet restaurant review. On the 26th of July 2019, my family and I revisited an old restaurant we use to go to. Yes, I've only been there twice in my entire life and there were a few people there during their opening.

Let me give you a bit of a summary of this restaurant. It's pretty much just a casual Vietnamese restaurant that also hosts parties or weddings.

Switch to current now. When we got there, there was only one family there eating. As soon as we got to order our food, they left leaving us being the only customers there. Throughout our whole lunch, we were the only people there eating.

The food although is ok. It tastes the same and it doesn't make me go "wow! Delicious!". I know this because my mum ordered the same thing as I ordered back then and we switched dishes to try it out.

So, I'll be listing the pros and the cons of my experience at TreViet Restaurant along with my final conclusion and my rating outcome.

Note: These are my own opinion and my own experience. Others could have a better experience differ to my family and me.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

TreViet Restaurant Review


  • The soup was alright. No poison or anything but it tastes decent and nothing unique.
  • The waiter was very nice when he double-checked my order and came back to take the wrong order for the new one.
  • The waiters have good customer service, I'll give them that.


  • Β The rice vermicelli noodles and the chicken was undercook.
  • We were literally the only people there (pretty awkward to me).
  • They got my order wrong (and I hate it when I don't get my order or get the wrong order. It's literally irritating!). Instead of the rice vermicelli version with the soup, I got the version that was fried. So we asked the waiter if we can get the right order.
  • The chef there reused my wrong order and placed it in the right order. Why am I complaining? The sauce (with the oil) does not go well with the broth.
  • The employees there and the owner/manager (whatever that woman was) was speaking loudly in Viet about the employee's private matters in his personal life. It made us really uncomfortable because they were talking about private matters out loud.
  • The restaurant closes at 3PM. When the manager/owner left the restaurant, she turned off the lights while we were STILL eating. It wasn't even 3PM!!

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So that's my food review on TreViet restaurant. Sorry, but I tried to think of the pros to balance out the cons but I really couldn't think of anything except for the food customer service from the waiters.

The food there was undercook and the soup taste ok. I mean, I could literally make a better version at home. The manager/owner was horrible and utterly loud.

Would I recommend going here? No, unless you want to eat undercook Vietnamese food.

Review Rating: 1.5/5

Location: (City West Plaza) 484 Ballarat Rd, Sunshine VIC 3020 Australia

Mushroom & Chicken Rice Vermicelli Soup

Mushroom & Chicken Rice Vermicelli Soup


Crab Soup w/ Rice Vermicelli

Crab Soup with Rice Vermicelli

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