Weight Loss Hypnotherapy – How Does It Actually Work

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Anyways, the point is, anorexia is a common problem and it happens to a lot of teen girls. That goes to show, there are some ways to overcome this problem like Weight Loss Hypnotherapy. But what is this? (you may be wondering).

In this special featured post, Alyssa Moylan will be writing about the deep insights on Weight Loss Hypnotherapy, what it actually does and how it works based on scientific facts.

And if you feel like you're suffering from weight loss problems, I suggest you continue reading this.

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy - how does it actually work?

How Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work?

The medical field is expanding and coming up with new ideas all the while. In addition to it, the weight loss hypnotherapy has been included and designed to help you shed extra pounds as part of the weight loss plan.

It comprises exercises, diet, and even counselling. However, remember that this is hard to say that this is not definite as there is not enough scientific evidence to prove this point.

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It can be really hard to fix to the habit of losing weight. But does hypnotherapy work when it comes to tricking the mind into losing that weight? #hypnotherapy #weightloss #psychology #habits #overeating

Better Be Sure Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is mainly termed to be a state of inner concentration and absorption, to be more precise, it is like being in a trance. In fact, it is done with the help of a well-trained individual or hypnotherapist.

They use mental images and verbal repetition to help you get to that mental-trance-like situation.

The attention is always at the prime focal point when you are under hypnosis. You are always responsive to the suggestions, which can be associated with behavioural changes to help you lose weight.

Though there are few studies and concepts available about the notions behind weight loss hypnotherapy, you should know about these things.

These studies have indicated slight weight loss, which is an average of 6 pounds over a period of 18 months. But the quality of these studies has always been questioned, making it rather hard to determine the exact truth behind it.

Does It Actually Work For Weight Loss?

It can be really hard to fix to the habit of losing weight. But does hypnotherapy work when it comes to tricking the mind into losing that weight? #hypnotherapy #weightloss #psychology #habits #overeating

Hypnosis happens to be quite effective in nature when compared to exercise and diet for those looking to lose some weight.

The basic idea is to behind weight loss hypnotherapy is to influence and inspire you to change and undergo a sea-change in some of the habits like overeating, which can result in direct weight loss. Overeating is a big issue and thus should be avoided.

Under this trance-like condition, the person will be given the advice to eat less junk and oily food items and to hover towards the nutritional changes.

Change in Action

Being highly attentive at that time, the patients under hypnotherapy will actually get those words into the mind and will turn those into actions. They will be inspired to bring a drastic change in their life.

  •  There have been previous trials to examine the use of this hypnotherapy for the weight loss in people suffering from OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea).
    These participants take an active part in this section lost around 2 to 3% of the bodyweight within a span of 3 months. Thus, the importance of trials cannot be undermined at any cost.
  • The follow-up session is generally followed by testing the weight of persons who went through weight loss hypnotherapy.
    Normally, they also lose another round of 8 pounds within a span of 18 months i.e. 3 years. So, the researchers in this regard have concluded that the added loss was quite significant and helpful.
  • Moreover, there has been another analysis under this section under cognitive behavioural therapy which reflected that weight loss was relevant in a small amount when compared to the placebo group. These researchers, in addition, have also further stated that hypnotherapy can easily enhance the work of weight loss to some extent.

Thus, it is always mandatory for you to note that there is not much research done in support of the weight loss hypnotherapy alone for the weight loss purpose.

In fact, much of this service is associated with the perfect combination of exercise and diet or even counseling to some extent. The acting of these three elements is to be done necessarily.

It can be really hard to fix to the habit of losing weight. But does hypnotherapy work when it comes to tricking the mind into losing that weight? #hypnotherapy #weightloss #psychology #habits #overeating

Who Should Go For It?

This form of service is well suited for the unconscious and emotional eaters since they have no control.

In fact, they are the prime candidates of the weight loss hypnotherapy services which are also known as therapeutic use of the clinical based hypnosis. Though the entire procedure is time-consuming and the patients have to hold their horses, yet it is effective.

Since they cannot lose weight overnight and it is a lengthy process, they should opt for this and have patience as it might take months to show the final result.

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Author's Note

I have a fast metabolism so it's very hard for me to gain weight even if I eat a lot (it's probably because I drink a lot of water).  But the fact the being hypnotize is really scary to me because your mind is under control and you don't know how to control it.

Even when you're not binge eating, and you're living the active lifestyle (eating healthy and exercising daily), losing weight is not quick. However, this service is actually a cool way to bring a healthier way of losing weight instead of purging.

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It can be really hard to fix to the habit of losing weight. But does hypnotherapy work when it comes to tricking the mind into losing that weight? #hypnotherapy #weightloss #psychology #habits #overeating

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