What To Do If Your Site Is Blocked on Pinterest

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Do you know what's annoying? Getting blocked or ghosted. I recently found out on Monday 5th August 2019 that my site got blocked from Pinterest. That meant that I can't pin any new pins from my own site.

I checked my site analytics and found out that my traffic dropped on the 2nd of August. That meant that I got my site blocked just before I found out about it after 3 days (I get most of my site's traffic from Pinterest btw).

So, what did I get blocked for? Apparently, I got blocked for spam content. I can understand the spam because I haven't been paying much attention to the amount I'm scheduling on Tailwind due to uni.

Anyways, I'm going to be updating about this situation for you guys and what you should do if you got site blocked from Pinterest.

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

What to do if your Site is Blocked on Pinterest

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Day 1+2 (5-6 August 2019)

Me: shooketh and confusion. My scheduled post "TreViet Restaurant Review" was released at 7 pm (Aussie time) and that meant that it was time for me to schedule and share. So when it came to repining my Pinterest graphic, it stated an "error". I tried refreshing the page and I tried to repin it but apparently, there was some problem.

I tried manually adding the pin to Pinterest and then it came up with "users have reported that this links to spam or other inappropriate content." And so, I tried to repin a pin from another site to see if it was just a simple error but apparently not.

No hard feelings. I was confused but not like "oh my god, this is the end of the world!". I learned this based on experience when my Google AdSense started blanking out my ads way back in May-July (and still to this day, I get blank ads).

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Anyways, I decided to search up this problem and found a very helpful guide by Nicole Stone "WHAT TO DO IF PINTEREST BLOCKS YOUR WEBSITE (COMPLETE GUIDE!)".

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Apparently, you can contact Pinterest about your problems through a "hard to find" form which is here: Pinterest Contact

I filled out the form.

Instructions on how to fill out the form

  1. Overview: "What can we help with?"
    Appeals > Pinterest blocked my site
  2. "What's the issue?"
    > Pick "A Pin from my website is blocked for Spam"
  3. About you: "Who are we helping?" (Just fill out your name, username, email address)
  4. The problem: "Describe the issue"
    > Subject (input something like "my site is blocked from pinning new pins due to spam or inappropriate content")
    > Description (add more info or add "stated as above")
    > What's the link to the page or Pin we should look at? (Add your site or a random pin that links to your site)
    > Content Removal Reason (Set as -None- or pick if you know your reasoning)
    > Is this a secret board or a public board? (Pick Public Board)
    > Are you trying to create a Pin, or is the Pin already on Pinterest? (Pick any the results to you. I picked "New Pin")
    > Link to the Pin, board or account (link to any of you pin, your board or account. I linked my account)
  5. Detail: "Tell us about your device"
    > What device are you using (I picked computer)
    > What browser are you using? (I picked Chrome)
    > Did you get an error message? (I picked "No, there was no error message")

And then confirm your details and wait for them to reply back.

I'll pretty much be waiting for a few days or weeks. I'll be lucky if I did get a reply later on.

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Day 3 (7th August 2019)

Haven't heard back.

Day 4 (8th August 2019)

In case they didn't see the first support ticket, I sent another one. That was also the time I looked up on Facebook to see if anyone else in the blogging groups was experiencing the same problem as I was. There were others who were in the glitch too and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was having this problem. It is a bad thing that we were targeted in this situation.

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Day 5/6 (9th-10th August 2019)

Just when I was going home from my friend's house, I checked my phone to find a notification from Pinterest stating that my site has been unblocked.

Is your pins blocked on Pinterest? Here's what to do. #pinterest #pinterestspam #blockedonpinterest #pinteresthelp #bloggers #blogging


The Lesson here

Be patient, have hope and remember to not be mad when sending in your help ticket. People make mistakes, including big companies.

Still, this is also a reminder lesson to follow Pinterest's policy but also focus on your SEO and email list.

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