Why You SHOULDN’T Care What Others Think

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Hey guys

Why should you care how others judge you based on your appearance, personality, likings or opinion?

It’s human nature to judge others, yes, but can we help ourselves or do we do it just because we follow what other people do?


Everyone is entitled to themselves and to do what THEY want to do, not based on what society makes you think what you should do.

58-why you shouldnt care what others think


I’m not one to say that I’m not the only person that judge people based on their traits, ethnicity or race. But that was then when I wasn’t taught about our histories on racism and nationality. I treat people just the same as any other different human beings.


We are all the same human beings but all around, people are still being treated with disrespect based on high privileges or what they don’t/do have.


All my life, when going out in public, I see types of different people based on gender, age, height, weights and all other personal traits. Some may be having a good day or some may be having bad days. We don’t know for sure how they’re feeling because we’re not them, we don’t know them personally nor can we mind read.


My Personal Story

I have a story based on why I decided to write this topic. Every time I go out with NO makeup on, people look or stare at me when I walk past them and it just made me think “does every person react this way by staring at me because I’m supposed to have makeup on?” or “do I really look that bad that I need to put on makeup?”. There are times when people just not acknowledge me when I don’t have a mask over my face. Now, when I feel like it, I put makeup on when I go out, just natural makeup (not the full on types) with eyeliner, massacre, bb cream and all of that jazz.

At the same place, I go out and people just keep walking straight, not staring at me and when they do look at me, it’s just a 3-second peek and then they go on with their life. Employees also great me on the way and one time, one employee touch me behind my back (non-sexual way) to make us customers feel welcome. I have not experienced that in my lifetime but the only time I have was with my makeup on.


I’m not saying that females (or even males) should not wear makeup but all am saying is, it’s pretty rare nowadays to see people have no makeup on rather than makeup on. I wear makeup on to cover my blemishes and to feel confident but some days, I don’t wear it because I can’t be stuffed to apply on a full foundation on days that I don’t need to go out with full makeup on just to buy stationery or groceries.


People are different from the inside and outside yet they’re just plain stereotypical. I really hate that people act that way sometimes just because they have something you don’t or that they’re different. We express ourselves yet people still criticise it and I just hate it. Being criticise just because we have something different makes us feel insecure and less confident inside.


I really think that you should be you wherever and whenever you are. We all are human but we’re different and weird in a good way. Don’t care how people judge you and show your flaws, even if you feel insecure about it. Be whoever you like and be confident.

56 - Why You SHOULDN’T Care What Others Think

Think this:

Being confident in our individuality can actually make your critics jealous or envy. That’s because they’re insecure and lack confidence in themselves.


~ Ellen



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