Winter Music Playlist for the Cold Season

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Hey guys

If you don’t know, it’s freezing here in the Aussie land (yes, I live in Australia) and it’s also my birthday season in August (unenthusiastic “yay”). I know, it’s weird to not like Winter but that’s because there’s no snow here unless we go up in the mountains WHICH is really far away from my hometown although, I do prefer Summer or Autumn to be honest.

Anyways, the point here is, I’ve collaborated a Winter playlist that can be played any time during the Winter. But, you can also play these songs during Autumn.

Just to let you know, these songs are Lo-Fi and k-indie (Korean Indie)/K-pop since I don’t really listen to American pop songs that much anymore.

So, grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into listening to these icy tunes (no pun intended).

Winter Music Playlist for the Cold Season

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KXLD & Rythmatical – One Day (ft. Kim Chi Sun)

Mamerico – Waltz for Hulot

Kurt Stewart – Novacane (ft. Shiloh)

Black Pool – Baby, Please

Eddy Kim – The Manual

Shogonodo – Aoba

Saint Romain – I was All you Needed (ft. Shiloh)

Big Bang – Blue

Kim Ye Rim – Rain

Akdong Musician – Melted

Yoseop Yang – Caffeine


Hope you enjoy the tunes and maybe in the later future, I can make a Spring music playlist for you guys to enjoy during the season!

Oh yeah, I did a playlist last year too so check it out if you’re looking to find new music.


88 - Winter Music Playlist for the Cold Season

~ Ellen


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