Wishing upon a Wish.com Review (Honest Opinion)

Hey guys

I know, I know, it has been long awakening and it took me ages waiting on writing a Wish.com review. I even said it in my IG post long ago that I will be doing a review about it and here it is, 4-5 months later, we get the honest opinion and product review of their products.

The reason why I had to keep a hold on this post is that the products took AGES to arrive and some of them did not arrive so I might as well just review the items that I got and have tried out (as you can see from the marks in these photos). I will tell you some reasonings and issues about their online store after my product review so hold on to that too in the end.

Anyways, if you don’t know what Wish.com is, it is an online shop where they sell items cheaper than other retail stores. You might have seen the ads where for example, an item might be like $87 and the same item at Wish.com is $2. See that price range differences? Well, now Wish.com sells products that are FREE! But it’s not exactly free actually. You still got to pay for the shipping and again, I will tell you what you should be beware of after my product reviews.


So grab your tea or coffee and let’s get straight into it!

Wishing upon a Wish com Review Honest Opinion


Bamas Infinity Cubic Zirconia CZ Stud Earrings 925 Sterling Silver Wedding Fashion Jewelry

I actually like this. It’s not real (of course it’s not real) but it’s exactly what I saw in the image on their site. I really love the silver of it as well as the rhinestones and design. It was quite large (came in a medium), not what I had expected but perfectly fits my earlobes. Would have liked it if it was a little smaller. The earring studs are stable as long as you remember to take it off before you wash your hair. No negative thing about this product came to me, it’s just like one of those jewellery accessories you find in street markets.

Infinity Cubic Zirconia CZ Stud Earrrings.JPG

Gold and Silver Plated Bowknot Shaped with Rhinestone Mixed Trendy Fashion Pendant Necklace

I saw these gorgeous infinity necklaces as well after I bought the earrings and I just had to get it! It came out just like the one in the image. Again, not real, however, I really like the rhinestones on the infinity symbol. The little infinity pendant is medium-small but I would prefer it to be small however it does fit my neck. Now, I haven’t been wearing this necklace (I hate sleeping with a necklace on) but since this is fake, the lace of it might stain or wear out like any other fake lace so it’s better to wear it on special occasions or when you go out. I’m really glad it has an interlock clam instead of the hardest looping thing to connect the necklace.

Fashion Pendant Necklace.JPG

Concealer Palette Makeup 15 Colors Cream Base Palette Matte Contouring Pigment Camouflage Facial Cosmetic Set Contour Palette visage anticernes (??) Gesicht Concealer cara ocultador cara corretivo (????)

I needed like a bronzer because I don’t have a bronzer so I might as well get this. But then again, this isn’t a bronzer, it’s a concealer. The little palettes are quite small actually, I was hoping for it to be in a medium. The good thing is that it comes in all colours for everyone’s skin type. However, my bad on my part because I already got a concealer and I thought this was a bronzer palette. It’s not very pigmented unless you try to dig in deep to get it in there and it’s not really smooth either. Even when you apply it multiple times, it only covers decent dark circles but not the whole thing.

Concealer Palette Makeup.JPG


20 pcs/set Makeup Brush Set tools Make-up Toiletry Kit Wool Make Up Brush Set

I got mine in pink and they’re so adorable! If you want to get the free one, you need to get at least 5 of the brushes, not $20 or you gotta pay an actual price. I love the pink tip for the brushes and the pastel colour. It’s really soft and fluffy. I haven’t tried out the eyeshadow brushes yet and the eyebrow comb is pretty much average. So if you need makeup brushes, I suggest these.

Makeup Brush Set tools Make-up Toiletry Kit Wool.JPG

Fashion Outdoor UV400 Protection Unisex Sunglasses Aviator Metal Eyewear Glasses (can’t find the link)

Sadly I can’t find the link where I bought it from but there are different stores that sell these Aviator sunglasses. I picked the blue and yellow/green one and I like it. However, the sad thing is that they don’t have a reflective metal (glasses that have a reflection on the outside) as you can see, it looks straight through without the metal reflected back from the outside. It’s a disappointment as I wanted the reflective metal. But what can I expect? It’s free anyways.

Sunglasses Aviator Metal Eyewear Glasses.JPG

SMILE 10M 33ft Copper Wire 100 LED String Lights, 3 AA Battery Powered Decoration LED Starry Light For Christmas Wedding and Party

I posted this picture on my Instagram a few months ago and when I first applied them on my old bed, I love it! It doesn’t use electricity (plugged into power plug) just battery. When you first get it, you might find it quite small but actually, it’s pretty long (depending on what you pick) and the lights are really small but it comes out just as bright, however, if you use it often, it will wear out. I’m not sure where you put the battery in because it doesn’t have screws on it to open it. It will only last a month (if you use it often) so I would much prefer to buy the real fairy lights that has a power plug, not the battery kinds or the ones on Wish if you want to use it in the long run.

Copper Wire 100 LED String Lights

Instagram @zyrakuma

L/M/S Plastic Water Storage Soft Brush Drawing Paint Watercolor Calligraphy Pen

I’ve seen many watercolour artists on YouTube use these calligraphy watercolour brushes and I wanted to get them but I can’t find brushes like these in art or stationery stores I go to so this was a great opportunity to get them. It comes in 3 (large, medium to small) brushes. I absolutely love this better than the paint brushes I use for watercolouring. It’s smooth, the brush is silky so when you use it, the paint runs out so you don’t have to clean it, the water that you put in the tank is useful as you can squeeze the tank to use how much water you like. I do not regret buying these at all and for cheap, it’s good quality as well.

Watercolor Calligraphy Pen.JPG

Stylish Flexible Portable Travel Book Reading Light Lamp Mini LED Clip Booklight

I’ve been looking for a small book lamp for a while until I saw this in my recommendation. The clip and the wire are quite heavy and big so I wouldn’t recommend getting this if you’re reading a smaller book. It’s pretty hard to get a full light view of the wire being heavy and it’s not lightly flexible either. The light uses a white light so it is great for reading at night. It’s something alright but I would prefer to get one that has a smaller clipping and the wire was flexible.

Reading Light Lamp Mini LED.JPG

24 Pairs/Box Mini Plastic Earrings Fashion Women Girl Mini Earrings Plastic Ear Studs Earring Charms Accessories

I love these mini earrings accessories (however I lost two of them). It’s great for just going out and switching up your style. It’s small, simple and cute just the way I like it. The best thing about buying these is it comes with loads of ear studs in case you lose some ear studs which is fab! They’re made out of plastic silver.

Mini Earrings Plastic Ear Studs.JPG

20 pcs/set Makeup Brush Set tools Make-up Toiletry Kit Wool Make Up Brush Set +10 Colors Waterproof Lasting Eye Shadow

This came in a set of two. Brushes (6 for the free version) bonus a makeup eyeshadow palette. I haven’t tested the eyeshadows in the water yet since the title says “waterproof lasting”. Let’s start off with the eyeshadow brushes. I bought the free version so I got 6 of them in the colour gold. I love the sparkles in the gold and the black tips. As you can see, I have used them. The brush tips are silky but not soft and it’s rough (if you can tell by the awkward spikes at the end). Would not prefer these brushes but I’m pretty satisfied with the shimmery eyeshadow palette. The eyeshadow palette is great for night outs or casual days since this is a natural and sparkly. It can a compactor brush and an already installed mirror. These, however, are not very pigmented so I would suggest using an eye concealer and apply it multiple times to get the right pigment. Not a recommendation for me but like I said, don’t expect the expectation of a pricey makeup kit.

Brush Set tools Make-up Toiletry Kit Wool Make Up Brush Set.JPG10 Colors Waterproof Lasting Eye Shadow.JPG

Thumb Book Page Holder Marker Finger Ring

I saw this again in the recommendation products on Wish and wanted to get it cuz I hate having to bend the book and use both my hands to hold the book while I read. It’s great and came out exactly what I saw in the image. It doesn’t harm the pages on the book (make lines) with the curve at the end of each side. It came in two with the same size and plastic material. The problem was that I have smaller fingers so it would be great if it came in a small and big instead of both the same size.

Thumb Book Page Holder Marker Finger Ring.JPG

That’s all the items I got. Now, if you’re going to buy from there, here is what you need to be beware of when buying things from there;
> Some of these items that I bought are free. HOWEVER, you still have to pay at least $3-$6 shipping.
> The products might say FREE but some items are limited to be free. For example, if you see an item that is free but when you pick a colour and how much you want, it’s going to bring up the actual cost.
> Don’t expect a good quality from buying Wish products as they’re all made and sent from China.
> It will take a really long time to arrive here. My items took at least 2-3 months to get here. Also I still have missing items that I have not received yet.
> Make sure you check the reviews that have an actual picture or video preview. I made the mistake of not carefully checking out the reviews and ended up getting glasses that don’t have metal reflections.
> If you buy a lot of items, you won’t remember what you bought because some of the names in the packages are different from the actual title of the product (it’s like a little surprise package).
> They are their own individual sellers so if you purchase multiple items from different sellers, they will be sent separately.


Time for my honest opinion…

Now as you can see, I’m not sponsored or affiliated by Wish.com but I just want to cover something about this site.

One reason is that it can scam you. You hear that? Yes, it can S C A M you. Months ago, I purchased more items from there but apparently, they got refunded due to problems with my PayPal. So I asked them if I could still get the items and they said yes of course. But I would have to pay them again. Since the items I got (at least 6), got automatically refunded, I waited for my money for the shipping to get refunded.

Only 1 out of the 6 items got refunded. 5 of those items to this day have never been refunded to me. They literally snatched my money and never gave me the items. I was furious because I bought those items in Jan-Feb this year and now it is May and I still haven’t got the refunded money. As a warning, yes, they are scammers.
Next reason, I was supposed to get my watch at least last month but I did not receive it apparently. I bought the watch in Feb with the same address as the items I just reviewed. Nope, nothing. No package in the mail. Nothing.



Would I recommend buying items from Wish.com? No
Are they a scam? Half no and certainly yes. The reason why I said no is that some items I have received and they came out alright but it took way longer than I thought since it’s shipped overseas. The reason yes is my story of getting scammed, the images have literally been stolen out of someone else’s Instagram or social media, some reviews are not really useful, it’s made in China so don’t expect good quality and they use your PayPal as an excuse to steal money out of you. (ouch)

83 - Wishing upon a Wish.com Review (Honest Opinion)

Hope you guys enjoy the post and don’t forget to share if you like my post, subscribe to my mailing list to receive more of my posts (I post twice a week) or comment if you have any opinions about this store or the products I’d reviewed.

And if you want to know more about this online store, please go check out “Go Best Shops – Wish Review” for more information and experience of this store!

~ Ellen



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